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  • Found this in the additional selections on the site after the orca video from lauraj__cinncinnati. It's beautifully done and brings a smile. Should appeal to all my fellow Mare Starers:

    That was so sweet with that little baby tail sticking out. Great video!
  • I like how mama dolphin helped her baby up to get a good gasp of fresh air and that his/her dorsal fin was still a bit floppy just out of the womb. Amazing beauty of mother nature at it's best!
  • In Las Vegas at the Mirage, there is (or's been a while since I saw the dolphins) a dolphin exhibit. No shows with them. They have video of a mom giving birth and boosting the little one up to the surface for air. Beautiful to watch.
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    not a video but photos, and they put a smile on my face. here is one of Doug O'Neil's horses called Smoove It and Title Contender. they have something in common

    Sea Horse blazes! Title Contender's has a mane xD

    Smoove It

    Title Contender (not an o'neil horse) titlecontender.jpg
  • Those are great!
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    i love the look on this owls face and the dogs face as well. but then again Frenchies are so expression able. and then a sneak peek at the defense tactic of a owl lol

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    and this is wicked awesome! i remember seeing this video a long time ago, this owl is the same species as in the above video and its doing the same thing as it was to the bulldog with the wings puffed up forwards. but then watch what it does to an even bigger predator to scare it off xD and no this video is not photoshopped or digitally enhanced to make the owl look like that.

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    oh dear, i done got stuck watching all these vids now
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    This is not a video to make you laugh...but shows excellent sportsmanship by our beloved Edgar Prado! He helped a fellow jockey, Javier Castellano when he lost his reins in the midst of a race!!

    You should read the comments under the video! Now Edgar is a person that is definitely GOOD for racing! A wonderful individual who cares for others (man or animal)!
  • Edgar is great! I love him.
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    massive deer herd jumps over a fence one by one...wait til near the end of the video lol
  • OMG...I didn't watch the whole vid, but what's up with the deer only jumping over in that one spot??? Strange.....
  • That's hilarious! For a second I thought the tape started going backwards!
  • I finally got to see the entire vid. Still strange. Something spooked them....
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    I was thinking that maybe the owner of the property looked out and saw all them and thought "oh h3ll no!" And scared them away lol
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    I hope u all can see this, horse keeps taking the halter off the hook and dropping it then the little kid comes back and puts it back up
  • That's really cute. I wonder why the little guy didn't yell at the horse or something. Maybe it's a game they play frequently :)))))
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  • Oh my gosh, so cute. At first I thought it was one cat looking in a mirror. I wonder how they taught them to do that? Really cute.
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    lol that was so funny xD
  • I think the cats invented the moves themselves and enjoy playing the game with each other.
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    Z reigns supreme!

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    Hmm it looked like a dead heat for 3rd tho ;)
  • This race will always put a smile on my face.

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