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  • And a happy tear to the eye. PUP!
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    i have an article that is just the cutest thing ever! its from 2012
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    oh my goodness! my heart was racing watching this! this is what its like to be in a steeple chase race. Here is the Queen's Cup 2013 race meet at Charlotte, NC on April 27th. this is race #2. Ill assure you that there are no falls at all during this running. You dont realize how fast these horses are really going til you see this video.

  • i have an article that is just the cutest thing ever! its from 2012
    That IS cute. Thanks for posting.

  • I've been watching live bear cams at and saw this happen live and it was amazing. Watch the mama bear save her babies from another bear after they fell into the falls. Awesome mama!!/videos/player/mother-protects-her-cubs-at-brooks-falls
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    Ahhhh.. to be 5 years old again, eating a big bowl of sugary cereal, early on a Saturday morning before the parents woke up...

  • Too cute
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    here is a Life Is Sweet & Zenyatta video, i teared up when i heard that the song is off of the movie Black Beauty

  • I was interested to note that the bowl from which Zenyatta is drinking her Guinness is the same kind of bowl that Prince (Delimain's colt on Mare Stare) drinks his milk from. Guess the rim prevents spilling and wasted milk, beer, whatever. LOL.
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    Looks like a tupperware bowl too LOL
  • Looks like a tupperware bowl too LOL
    Really? That IS funny. LOL
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    I didn't know Life Is Sweet liked her beer too xD
  • Lave Man at the Classic Horse Show where he won 1st place in both things he was entered in.
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    Wow he looks even better in video and to have his old racing rival there too! Awesome
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    You Dont Lead Dynaformer, Dynaformer Leads You

    Notice how he doesnt touch Dynaformer, he tries to talk to him thru the lead lol
  • LOL, What a guy! He was just the biggest, baddest boy ever! I love it! Sure would have liked to have seen him in person. Big D, I'll miss you always. Thanks Rachel. You could just tell Dynaformer was hoping that guy would stop paying attention for a second so he could get him. He looked good too.
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    has Max seen that clip of Big D?
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    carol. I have seen a similar one, but I love watching them over and over. Big D was just the best. I think that he knew those people were his admirers and he allowed them an audience on his own terms. Video shows just how big, bold and bad in the best way that he was.
  • Max, when I call him big and bad, I also mean it in the best way possible. I just loved him so much!
  • im glad you all liked that video :) maybe i can find some more
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    @Louisecastello. I know that you love Big D. I understood your comment about him being the biggest and baddest, because he was exactly that. I also agree that he was close to nailing that handler. LOL!
    @rachel Always love seeing any video about Big D. The one of him in his paddock is priceless.
  • Adorable. I should have so much fun.
  • Epic music! ;) and super cute foal!
  • This made me laugh so hard!:
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