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Zenyatta Video from Official Site
Published on Dec 18, 2012
First Video



  • Zenyatta Video from Official Site
    Published on Dec 18, 2012
    Second Video
  • Zenyatta Video from Official Site
    Published on Dec 18, 2012

  • So beautiful and peaceful. A lovely broodmare, cropping the grass on a sunny December day! Peace on Earth! It can be found!
  • Now, the fanny scratching! That looked like bliss!
  • Wonderful observation, Captainsmistress. So great to see Zenny so contented. Sounds like a windy day. I love the wind; it cleans the air so well and smells so fresh.
  • VA, i think your going to be a horse in your next life ^.^ i think thats the reason why horses love smelling the wind when its windy or a good breeze going. I love it when they do that :) we must of gotten a good freshening here in Virginia cuz it was windy out but now its calm
  • thanks so much for putting these up
  • Awesome videos...Zenny, her paddock and her lovely Ann scratching her back. She's in heaven!
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  • Pati,
    Sorry, found your posts after I had set up these.
    There are so many Zenyatta & 12Z Discussions already.
    Figured I make an umbrella one for each to post future news/videos/updates
    Holiday hugs,
    Mama Keta
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  • This is a look back in Zenyatta's history.
    ESPN did a story on her flight in for the Breeders Cup-her last race
    Uploaded on Oct 6, 2011
    Story about Zenyatta flying in for the 2010 Breeders Cup

  • I just found new photos in the photo section of Zenny. They are awesome.
  • I also checked out the latest Zenny pictures. I especially loved #3 & 5. I never got to see Zenny in person, but by the pictures, she is absolutely stunning. I sure could see what people here on the Forum meant by her dapples!
  • She's starting to show her baby bumpit ^.^
  • Incase your wondering, Bumpit is the name for zenny's tapit foal pregnancy bump xD course now it could be Plumpit xD
  • happy birthday zenyatta and all thoroughbreds. today is when baby z is a yearling and all weanlings turn to yearlings. gong to be an exciting year :)
  • I also want to say Happy Birthday to all thoroughbreds on their Jan 1st. Birthday...especiallyt our beloved Zenny and her "prince".
  • Any new's on Zenyatta dam Vertigineux was to foal around the sametime as Zenny!Hoping for a safe foaling for Vertigineux and foal!
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    Barbara Livingston ‏tweet Tues. June 4 2013 with PHOTO
    Just looking through older photos...the amazing ZENYATTA at Hollywood Park,
    Isabelle Bourez aboard, 2010.
  • That is some beautiful pic of Zenny and her exercise rider!
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    U dont realize how big zenny was til u see her old pics
  • Zenny has it all! Great looks, amazing intellect and personality to spare. I cannot imagine what it is like to be around her every day. Heaven on earth? Probably.
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    That picture... There are no words!

    Speaking of Barbara I really hope she gets a cance to do a photo shoot with Z and 13Z. Her stuff is just amazing.
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