What a wonderful gift!!!!!

caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
From Mr. Zayat
"With gratitude to the Almighty and thanking all Paynters fans for their prayers and good wishes. Paynter is giving us our best Christmas and New Years gift. Paynter has made it very clear to me, my family and his vets and all his caretakers that he is ready to go back to his trainer @Midnightlute to resume what he love as a Throughbred which is racing and being around all his friends. After getting the green light from all his vets and him passing yesterday's physical examination and ultrasounds that was done at the New Bolton Center with flying colors. It was decided that he is ready to ship to California. After searching for all possible flights. We found out that the best direct flight will be on December 29th from Newark airport to LAX. My my family and I are extremely excited and proud of our warrior. We have made plans to personally travel to CA to be the first o welcome our special colt back to his old home and to make sure that he is settled safely and happily"

A very Merry Christmas present to the Zayat family and all racing. I hope I can somehow get to see him at SA!!!


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