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Hi everyone and I thank you in advance for reading this. As you can tell by my forum name, The Great Ruffian IMHO, was the best ever, but sadly never had a chance to live to old age. Her beauty was unmatched. Her speed and stamina was stated even by Secretariat's trainer, that she would BEAT Secretariat! Wow! Anyway, with the very quick unveiling of the beautiful Zenyatta statue in California, we are trying to get perhaps the same sculptor or another great one, to make and have Belmont Park in New York to commission a Ruffian statue. The Barbaro statue is so beautiful as well at Churchill Downs. If ANY of you can provide some infomation you may have to help us do this, I would be so appreciative. There are 2 facebook pages for this, I'm trying to get them to come together. I've written Claiborne Farm, but they seemingly ignore emails and calls. I've contacted Belmont Park, where Ruffian lays at rest in their infield, and have not heard from them yet. There are more than enough people to contribute to the cost of this commemoration of her, which is the least she deserves. In what actually amounts to part of a 2 year old career and part of a 3 year old career, she won over ten allowance and stakes races and won the filly Triple Crown in record time each time. We would love to "see" her again in the form of a life sized colored statue as they did for Zenyatta. I love that they put color on that life sized one of her out there. Thank you in advance for any info., suggestions, anything. I am listening. Thanks.


  • I would love to see this through! Unfortunately I have no useful advice to give other than, BAND everyone together and all march in (in a manner of speaking) and petition a statue! Lol....Ruffian was a great mare, she deserves to be honored in such a way.
  • The statue would be just as beautiful as Zenyatta's at Santa Anita i believe. Yea, im not sure what advice can be given for something like that to happen other than what RR12 said
  • The challenge is finding images of Ruffian for an artist to work from.

    Remember Nina spent countless hours with Zenyatta and had unlimited pictures of her from which to work. By comparison there is only a handful of pictures of Ruffian and most of them are poor quality at that.
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    There are plenty of her going out to the track....
  • (I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.)

    In your place, the first thing I would do is talk to the New York Racing Association. I believe they manage Belmont Racetrack. If they don't, they will know who you should talk to.

    Then, I would form a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for the purpose of financing and executing the design, creation, and placement of a Ruffian statue. Call it the Ruffian Memorial Foundation or something. Belmont's much more likely to okay the project if they know it can be funded. People are much more likely to donate if they can write off their contribution, and if they are assured that financial controls will be in place. I'd make certain that I had solid financial controllership.

    Next, I would do some research to find out how much the project is likely to cost, from concept through installation. I would also want to know how long the project might take. I'd talk to individuals involved with similar projects, including the Zenyatta statue at SA and the Secretariat statue at the Kentucky Horse Park.

    I would try to enlist the help of a few prominent individuals and/or organizations to back, or at least endorse, the project. I would present them with a well-thought-out, professional looking proposal detailing the scope of the project based on my research, including as many specifics as possible. It would have to include details on how the project was to be managed and funded.

    I'd get as much competent help as possible. I would want good legal advice, an accountant, and someone with an art background to be involved at the least.

    Once my ducks were in a row, I'd get a commitment from Belmont to allow the placement of the memorial, should sufficient funds be raised.

    Then I'd start fund raising and initiate the design process.
  • I found something on Ruffian, would have to be a different pose but heres a sculpture that defines her beautifully. Its a small porcelian (i believe) figure. It was created off of one of the photos where shes on the track and has that sort of gate. Beautiful work, i want it.

    Hope u can view it,!/photo.php?fbid=242774792523197&id=100003720348068&set=a.116640698469941.19490.100003720348068&relevant_count=1&__user=0
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    Nina Kaiser is on Facebook- she did Zenyatta's statue & the John Henry one at SA. I think LauraJ gave you excellent advice as far as setting up. As far as finding pics, Barbara Livingston is also on FB, she might be able to give you some places to get good photos (or if she has some)

    Nina spend hours measuring and photographing Zenyatta which is why she is SO realistic
  • cool but sadly i cant go on facebok!
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    im reposting my Ruffian porcelain figure link, youll be able to see it now. this would be a great sculpture for her statue

    here is a better view
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