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  • That is great news carolinarkansas!
  • Definitely a topic that needs addressing, thank you all. You are right if everyone on this site wrote/called legislators, that would be one heck of a lot man power. I know some people are more active than others, they don't mention it on this site though. In fact, an action group started over a year ago made up of people who met on this site. They have been successful in writing/calling campaigns, one of which was putting a stop to a donkey roping event in TX.
    It would be nice if just one farm, one owner, one trainer, one jockey would stand up and make their voice heard (one, as in anyone, I'm not calling out any particular person) or have I missed something? Has anyone prominent in the racing world come out against slaughter and lobbied legislators, asking them to strike down bills proposing slaughter plants?
    The only way to fix the horse (cat & dog) overpopulation problem is to restrict breeding. It surely doesn't take a genius to figure out if you have 35,000 TB's being slaughtered every year, you need to breed at least 35,000 less every year! The same with every other type of horse. It can't just be us that thought of that.
    Now, more than ever calls need to be made, sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but on 3/26 the OK Senate passed a bill to allow a horse slaughter plant. It is now on the governors desk and she has already stated she is in favor of it.
    PLEASE CALL GOVERNOR MARY FALLIN-(405) 521-2342 and tell her you are opposed to a horse slaughter plant. Even if you are not in OK, your tax $ still go to fund the USDA meat inspectors, so it does concern you. I find it helpful to write out a couple of sentences saying why a slaughter plant is a terrible idea, before calling, helps me sound coherent. As emotional as this makes us, it's important to keep your cool and be civil, otherwise we stoop to their level.
    OK is known as horse show capitol of the world, I certainly hope all horse owners will boycott the state, choosing to spend their $ in states that have more compassion for animals.
    For any of you on fb, you can find good info on the pages Ted PeepLover Wells, and, RIP Deputy Broad.
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    Lech was not gelded because he carries valuable Polish bloodlines. There are many talented Arabian geldings. I strongly agree that there is overbreeding and I think this applies to all breeds.
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    Called Governor Fallins' office, they must be getting a lot of calls, because as soon as I mentioned horse slaughter, they asked if I was for or against and if I was calling from intstate or out of state. And, the comment line was full.
  • Just want you all to know that horse DNA has been found in chicken products in Ireland. The government over there is trying to test the products for the presence of any of the long list of drugs that could be present as residue in the products. This is true and not some Internet hype, I belong to a trade organization that reports on such items that could have an impact on the safety of the food we eat.

    I also called Governor Franken's office and I have heard back from the one US Senator in my state and he supports the bill in the Senate to stop horse slaughter in the US. Make 2nd round of contact to my state's Governor, but have not heard back yet.

    Persistence is the key here and when we communicate with our elected officials, we need to let them know that we are concerned horse owners, breeders etc and not a member of a political activist group that has a political agenda.

    I even sent a tweet to President Obama...I think I mentione this last week...we can communicate with our President and they will not come take us away to jail.

    Twitter is a great way to do this as he has thousands and thousands of followers.

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    Not to disagree, but it seems that pro horse slaughter people have an agenda, and are not shy about it.
  • I agree, they do have an agenda and they have political action committees and lobbyists that they pay big money to so as to push their agenda. There are some laws now in plenty of states ( mine has one) that you have to let your representatives know if you are a member of a PAC or a lobbyist.

    That is why I mentioned that.

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    Thank you. You are so right.
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  • I myself do email the White house to weigh in on any subject/situation or bill I think I need to be involved with! I always get a response saying thank you for your email, etc. I have emailed through two administrations now, and, seeing as I am a Citizen of the United States of America, I plan to keep on making my voice heard. Never forget each one of us on this site is one of those "We the People" and the Government of this Country works for US!
  • Evidently the Governor of Oklahoma signed the bill allowing horse slaughter.

    I am starting to worry that we are not going to be able to stop it.
  • The governor of Oklahoma has signed the bill authorizing the slaughter of horses in that state. She was inundated with phone calls, e-mails etc from anti-slaughter advocates, but at the end of the day, the pro slaughter groups won the day.

    This is typical of government in general....they all do what the big lobbying groups want them to do.

    The advocates of horse slaughter have huge pacs that are supported by big business and millions of dollars.

    We, the common little people, the grass roots organizations can voice our opinions all day long and we are drowned out by big government, big business and big dollars.

    If any of you are a horse owner on this blog, I would suggest that you start taking security measures on your farms to protect your horses from being stolen and hauled to slaughter.

    Evidently the USDA, the Federal lawmakers and the state and local governments are not going to take any steps or measures to protect our horses from the diseases that can carried by those that transport horses across state lines to the slaughter houses or any laws that prevent the slaughter of stolen horses.
  • Dear Lynda K: thank you so much for all your information. I am absolutely sick over this happening! And yes, indeed, it's time to start locking up our horses again! Back when the IL plant was open, there were almost NIGHTLY horse stealing going on, as I live in a county where there are a lot of horses. As most of us owners know, esp. in the warmer weather, the horses love to be outside 24/7 as long as you give them access to get in out of the sun or rain, etc.
    You are so right, the lobbyist's money talks, and the politicians do not care a dam care about these majestic animals! This country, OUR country, is better than this! To think that this horrible action is going to take place within the USA is heartbreaking. To those of us that have worked relentlessly to get this stopped, we got the IL plant closed down, and now to hear this just makes me want to cry my eyes out.
    Have any of you TB owners been getting "romanced" by the stallion reps?? I have been getting almost daily calls for my Metfield (Slew) mare, and my first question to them is "what is your large money hungry farm doing regarding the chronic overbreeding of these horses"? I get some that agree with me, and others just a bunch of mumbling. There absolutely needs to be a limit, drastically lower than what is going on now, to the number of mares bred every year. Something like that needs to happen, whether those big money run farms agree or not! I tell them if you cannot be responsible for the animals you are responsible for bringing into the world, then by all means, geld your stallion, or put a dramatic limit on the amount bred. Most of them, as soon as a mare gives birth, just can't wait to have her bred again, and thus we have a problem. And before anyone says 'well the other breeds are doing it too' yes, I know that, however we are TB owners/lovers and it needs to start with our own doing. They cannot believe that I've only bred my mare 2 times, they almost act like it's a crime! I come back at them quite strongly that we are responsible for these horses and every one we have are in forever homes! I also give quite often to the horse charities, and support those who find their retired horses a new "job" to do, whether its a riding horse, a jumper, dressage, anything, just let our beautiful babies live!! It's not their fault they are brought into the world so often. Perhaps if these same farm reps. would accompany their horses to the slaughter house and watch it happen to a horse they foaled, perhaps it would change their minds....I don't know. I am extremely sad right now over this issue, and Lynda K, I cannot thank you enough for all you do! God Bless!
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  • That nasty Gov. of OK must have her nose up Oblama's butt too. HE could have stopped this, HE signed the National paperwork, and HE is the leader of every state. How do you think he has gotten such a large campaign and presidential trunk?? By the lousy lobbyists for plants such as these! I live not too far away from him here in IL and believe me, he is not the God that everyone thinks he is. Money can anyone allow this horrible thing to take place within our country is beyond me. If the real, true horse people, the big farms cared, they would put a stop to any and all breeding to literally starve the slaughter houses out. But NO, they want that all evil buck in their hands and don't care one bit about this. This OK Gov. needs to get its butt kicked out of office, I'm sure the current Admin. in Washington has lined her pockets well enough. Sickos, pure sickos! STOP THE YEARLY BREEDING NOW!
  • Looks like it is going to take what our group here in IL did, go to the slaughterhouse itself, as gross as it was, and stand in front of the trucks! It was a lot of work to get that nasty place closed down, but it was every bit enjoyable as we did what was right. Later on, after the place was shut down, the plant just "somehow caught fire and burned to the ground" Either it was God doing justice or it was the money hungry plant who pulled a "Greek Lightening" stunt and burned their own place down to get the insurance money. And anyone guilty of killing these horses are also going to have to answer for what they are doing when they get old and ready to hopefully meet their maker. I really do not know how they can sleep at night. I'd rather starve and live on the street as opposed to killing an innocent animal that did nothing wrong but be bred by money hungry farms. These politicians are so far left it is disgusting and I will be calling once again to let them have it again. Sure, everyone oooh's and ahhhhh's over a new foal, yea, that foal will be growing up very fast and another will be right along to take its place AGAIN. Not one of them is safe from this horrible act, now that we have it within our borders again. It's a real dirty feeling, isn't it?
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    Don't think that you can't make difference, because you can. The lobbyists and the pacs WANT you to give up, so don't.
  • Thanks everyone for all your help on trying to end horse slaughter and exposing the truth on what really going on behind those walls of the plants. Never give up/never surrender the fight to stop the inhumane treatment of horses! Yes we all can make a difference, just call, write, email you locals .gov officials to help put a top to it, it's the least we all can do. Donate to horse welfare/rescue groups, anything you can spare does help.
    I have three mares and time to time I get folks to say: "Every gonna breed your mares?" I say NO never, I just don't want to risk them and don't want to see my girls go through that. ON TOP of that If I wanted to have another horse I'll adopt a horse.
    This is why I adopt and not breed any of my girls, cause of horses like my Sierra. A sweetheart of a thoroughbred that was rescued after she was deemed unworthy for the track I guess. One day I saw she had numbers tattooed under her upper lip and ran the numbers. Found some history of her track life, and short run on the polo circuit. She world rather cuddle with you, getting brushed and hang out, racing is not in her heart. When I saw her, She was in poor shape, skinny, scars on her head and a huge scar/indent on side of her belly, she was really depressed. Took her home filled her belly with food, put a roof over her head and nursed her back to health. She has a huge heart, she's a sweetheart. just having to tell her story brings tears to my eyes, I hope she have little to no memory of her past treatment from whoever did this to her. 11 years gone by already since the first day we met and brought her home. We bonded so well, I love hearing her knicker when she see's or even hears me. Her happy face and when she paws at the ground. I tell all my girls how lucky they are and I bust my butt to give them a good home. I would go hungry before my horses. I'm just a horse loving guy that all and my heart is big for them.
    "No one knows true love, untill they have the love of a horse in their hearts." is my motto.
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    Read the posts on CNN in response to article on Oklahoma. Most are really informative. Be sure and read the one from the former kill buyer.
  • I have emailed Rand Paul, my new Senator in Kentucky; new to me, being from Michigan. I also emailed my Senators from Michigan too. All emailed back that they found horse slaughter basically deplorable. Rand Paul specifically mentioned he is behind passing the anti slaughter bill, and gave a lot of details. I like this man, he speaks his mind, much like I do. My goal this year is to be politically incorrect every single day; if that is what it takes to get horse murder/slaughter stopped, then it is what it is.

    I am also alarmed about possible bills being passed concerning whistle blowers; this is a serious business. They bills apparently make it a crime to REPORT cruelty, such as in horse slaughter facilities, chicken facilities, pigs being mistreated, dog shelters,etc. I sometimes wonder what we are becoming in this great Nation..that we would actually sit still for someone trying to pass legislation to silence those that speak for defenseless animals that are being abused, not allowed to die with dignity, and are put through much cruelty. And people wonder how a person can pass someone on the street being mugged and do nothing..think about the correlation here for a minute, what a slippery slope.

    In any event, if each one who reads this site emailed their Senator and Representative in Washington, it may just turn the tide to stopping horse genocide/slaughter. Please get the word out, lets stop this practice once and for all.

    In memory of My girl, Shy Shirl, foaled in 1965 at Calumet Farm , who died brutally in an Illinois slaughterhouse, I will never give up working to stop the wanton slaughter of our horses.

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  • You are exactly correct, the driving force behind that re-opening of horse slaughter plants are most Republicans, especially from the big cattle producing states in the West and Mid West.

    Thanks for the info on Steven King...I will be sure to let him know what I think of him...
  • On almost a daily basis receive alerts from not only the United States Department of Agriculture but I also receive from the meat industry political action committees.

    Today I read something that is somewhat alarming, at least it was to me and I wanted to share this with you. I did check with my vet and as of today they have not been advised of this new policy, but that does not mean that it is not coming soon.

    This is a rather long post, but I would encourage each of you who has horses to read it and send along to your friends that have horses.

    Some of you may or may not be aware that several years ago the USDA/NCIS wanted all livestock and poultry (including game birds ) and farms registered in a national database and this included "back yard" horses. The outrage from the industries, farms and "pet" owners resulted in the USDA backing off from a mandatory program to a voluntary program. The reason given by the USDA for this registration was to be able to contain contagious diseases such as New Castles in chickens for example by quarantine of those flocks in an area hit by an outbreak. It also would have given the USDA the right to come in and seize and destroy any livestock in the quarantined area if just one animal tested postive for the disease. This was not communicated by USDA/NCIS at the time. This little tidbit of information was given to me by a friend who is a USDA Meat and Poultry inspector.

    Fast forward to today. I am sure that all of you are aware of the start-up applications from several slaughter plants in about 4-5 states for USDA inspection of horse slaughter and horse meat to be sold for export to other countries. THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEING FOR OR AGAINST HORSE please do not stop reading.

    I am sure that you are all also aware of the horse slaughter and horse meat fiasco that has happened in Europe in the past few months. Two things happened: Horse meat was sold for human consumption that tested postive for banned medications such as Bute which can cause sickness and health issues in humans. The 2nd thing was that some unethical slaughter house or food processor mixed horse meat with beef and sold it or made it into processed foods without declaring horse meat on the label. This is against international food labeling laws.

    The European Union and Canada and possibly Mexico are coming out with strict new laws regarding the medications that are in horse meat. Since most of the horsemeat that will be produced in this country will be exported, this has forced the USDA to put policies in place whereby the horse meat from this country has to meet the new standards for those countries as to the allowable and the restricted drugs and medications that can be present in horse meat and at what levels.

    So as to cut to the chase here...from what was reported today, the USDA/NCIS will start requiring that all horses that enter interstate commerce be that as the result of horses being bought and sold or sold for slaughter must have a health record from the veternarian that has a list of all medications that have been perscribed by the vet for the horse, up to and including wormers that has to be transferred with the horse at time of sale.

    This documentation will be required for all horses and ponies over the age of 6 months.

    This will also be away for USDA/NCIS to "register" all horses in their data base system and in the event of a disease outbreak, they will be able to communicate quarantines in those regions where there is a disease outbreak and know where all of the horses are located.

    There will be, however, black market movement of horses around these regulations...but as things so often go, the ones who will suffer financially will be the law abiding horse owners.

    At first thought, you might think, hey this is a good thing, but if you think about having to get a farm call for a perscription just to administer a wormer or apply nutroflorozene or other medications, supplements, home remedies etc that heretofore could be picked up at Tractor Supply or Southern States, it will become cost prohibative.

    We do not yet know what classifications of medications or drugs etc will be covered. If and when I hear more, I will let you all know.
  • Didn't know where to place this amazing story...
    If is about an Amish plow horse who had lost his usefulness and was to be sent to the slaughter house back in the 1950s. He was rescued by a young Dutch immigrant/riding instructor named Harry de Leyer. De Leyer used all the money he had which was a mere $80 to rescue this unassuming white horse. It was during winter when this plow horse arrived at de Leyer's home and the snow was falling. Harry's children named him "Snowman"!
    Please read this amazing story of a plain, unassuming horse that turned heads in the international jumping show ring! It is so humbling and will touch your heartstrings! Be sure to have kleenex at the bittersweet end of the story.
    I'm not sure if they've completed making a movie (documentary) of "The Eighty Dollar Champion"...there was mention of it during 2012.

    Below is a 2011 update on Harry de Leyer’t-Lost-Its-Legs
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