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I don't like to start rumors, but I just saw on the official Jockey Club website that the name "Zenadini" has been reserved... Could it be that's the name the Mosses have picked for Z12?? Very curious... who else could that name be for?


  • Every time I see the name "Zendini" I keep thinking of Zucchinis! Lol!
  • Hmm. I have no opposition to the name Zenadini, but I did think the Mosses would come up with something more creative and unique. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  • Oh please, I hope not. I'll take Ann's Dream over that. LOL.
  • Oh please, I hope not. I'll take Ann's Dream over that. LOL.
    I second that. No offence to anyone that likes them, but the Bernardini/Zenyatta name mixes just sound like corny magician names to me. Or names of pasta. Personally I think the Mosses will come up with a much more original and more fitting name for Z12 than "Zendini".
  • I still like Zucchini........
  • Same here, no offense to anyone but I hate any combo of Zenyatta and Bernardini's name. Zendini sounds like a magician to me. It makes me laugh and I can't take it seriously. It could be any number of other Bernardini offspring or not even related. I think the Mosses will come up with something more meaningful. Either way i'll still follow and love Prince Z no matter what.
  • Whatever they choose, I will embrace fully, but...I hope the name the Mosses choose will be beautiful, unique, and dignified.
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    I think the name when chosen will be unique to Z12.... as is only right
  • I like the name as thats the one I picked!! During the first Zenyatta Celebration at SA they served a drink that matched the Moss silks. The name came up as a combo Zenyatta/Martini!!!!!!!!
  • I'm sure the Moss's will pick a fitting name for Z12 when the time is right. I wonder if they have somebody scanning thru all the suggestions for names on the Forum ...
  • My phone chooses to autocorrect zenyatta with zabu, what do u think about the name Zabu? Lol
  • My phone chooses to autocorrect zenyatta with zabu, what do u think about the name Zabu? Lol
    Made me laugh out loud that your phone did that! Kind of cute, though.

  • Lol I guess it wants in on the fun xD
  • If that isn't the name they picked out, I wonder who else reserved Zenadini??? Zabu is cute :D lol and Zensberation or Zenagain
  • Back in January I made the following comment on the Blog:

    I’ve been seeing some posts asking about “when is “12Z” going to get his name?” Just out of curiosity, and because sometimes I like to play detective, I thought I would see what names starting with Z have been “reserved” in the Thoroughbred Registry. I’m not saying these were reserved for anyone we love (and I wouldn’t say it is a “given” that the eventual name will even start with a Z).
    So just for fun, here are a few I found.
    Zen Guru
    Zen Meister
    Zenarty Bones

    I guess we can now add Zenadini.

    I also said:

    Let's pray we never read…

    "And the name is…..............Zenarty Bones”.

  • OMG!!! This is sooo funny!!!
  • Still going with Zen & Jerry's....
  • Yes! That's too good! An ice cream flavor could be created for the entrant to the KD presented by ...we know who! Perhaps, chocolate cherry, or a kind of rocky road! The possibilities are endless for that name, I love it!
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    I'd rather have the derby be presented by an ice cream brand rather than a meat company. Yuck! 139th Kentucky Derby presented by Ben & Jerry's! We'd all be eating our ice cream while watching the horses and sipping our mint julips hehe. What flavor would it be named? Horse tracks? Julips & Stirrups? LOL
  • So many possibilities! A mint julep flavor is the foremost choice, and would be most popular; we are getting really off the thread! LOL!!! But, Zenarty Bones started it!!!
  • Zenadini?! OH NO!! That horse needs to have an entirely different name other than something as pure silly as that! Many people will 'reserve' names ahead of time and there's probably some silly person out there that actually wants that name! I have several one word names on reserve just in case.....my co-owner has a hard time when she goes to the auctions at Keeneland and not picking up a few good fillies!!! LOL But seriously, this fellow yearling of Zen's needs to have an entirely different name all of his own. They seem to follow the band The Police, and there are quite a few key words in their collection of work.
  • I still like Z's to Bern
  • I have a Webster's Unabridged; you would not believe the words in that 5 inch thick book that would make incredible, dignified names for one of God's most beautiful creations; I can only hope the Mosses have a Webster's circa 1990; those single word names always knock my sox off! LOL! ;D
  • I personally like the name "The Boss" for Z12. It is a powerful name and it keeps with the music theme because that is what (in my mind) one of the greatest musicians of all time Bruce Springsteen is called. You can all feel free to laugh at me for the fact that I love Bruce Springsteen. When I get another horse I will probably name him "The Boss" or at least name him after a Springsteen song like "Glory Days". Oh I just came up with another name for Z12 "Born to Run" a fabulous song by The Boss.
  • In keeping with the music theme, how about sonata, only spelled as Sonyatta because he is also the son of....
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