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A page at my blog I did last year....it is appropriate still. You will recognize the video at the bottom of the page to be from our beloved Kari.


  • What an awesome video...Kari was the BEST!
    Zenny, happy birthday, sweet girl. Perhaps today you will "gift" us with the arrival of 13Z. You are and always will be my horse of a lifetime and I thank you for everything you have given me.
  • Wishing you a happy Birthday Zenyatta. Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you we wish it were our Birthday so we could party too. yay.
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    Couldn't be happier to share my birthday with such a great lady! Happy birthday to us (and possibly Z13?) beautiful girl!
  • Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!!
  • Happy birthday to our dear Queen! Please have your foal soon 5 late nights is too much for us to take!
  • Happy birthday Queen Zenyatta!
  • Happy Birthday Beauty. It's a perfect day to welcome 13Z into the world.
  • Happy birthday zenyatta :D and happy birthday rebornruffian12! :D
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    happy birthday my queen take care and be safe always we love you.
  • So Zenyatta is 9 now. Happy Birthday big Z. Hope the newest little Z arrives soon.
  • Have a glorious birthday, Zenny! Hope you feel all of our love on this special day.
  • Happy Happy Happy Birthday Zenyatta ~ hoping you foal today, that would be an awesome birthday gift for you ~ with all my Love Gloria Jeanne
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    Happy Birthday Zenny...have a wonderful day....still pacing
  • Happy 9th Birthday Zenyatta hope you get a lot carrots and mints and also Happy Birthday rebornruffian 12.
  • A big Happy Birthday, Reborn Ruffian!! Wishing you the very best of beautiful days.
    Well, today was the day I was thinking the new baby would be born, I still have until 12:01 tonight to have him/her born LOL But she just might hold on until she's good and ready, so who knows at this point!!! Happy Birthday Reborn and Zenny!
  • Happy Birthday Zenny!
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  • Happy Birthday Queen "Z" !!! Hope you have a very relaxing day filled with all of your favorite treats and much love. :)
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    Happy Birthday Queen Zenyatta!!! Hope you have a beautiful day with lots of love from your family with special treats just for you. Love you sooooo much! Lou in Tx
  • Happy Birthday Queen Z!!!! Happy Birthday RebornRuffian12!!
  • Happy Birthday, Zenny! I'm sending you love, hugs & kisses from a very wet & rainy Montreal. I'm certain there will be pears & peppermints on the menu for today.....and, just maybe, a new foal.....
  • Happy 9th Birthday Zenyatta kisses on your soft nose and peppermint candy ! Be safe and have a wonderfu day with Ann & Jerry !
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    Happy 9th birthday Zenyatta! Can't wait for the arrival of your foal!
  • Happy birthday sweet girl! I hope you get another wonderful carrot cake, a bg yummy basket that you can share, and mostly just a fun day day.
  • Happy birthday, Queen Z! You are not racing, but you are still in your fans' hearts.
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