• Happy birthday Z!
  • Happy Birthday Zenyatta~ Enjoy your day. Maybe before it is over you will have another little one at your side!
  • MKernMKern Member
    Happy Birthday Queen Z!!! I love you always!
  • Have a wonderful birthday Zenyatta! Love you lots and lots sweetie pie!
  • Happy Birthday, Zenyatta and many, many more! Drosselmeyer's birthday is April 1st, as well.
  • Happy Birthday Zenyatta dear friend from barn 55 and hello to all Team Z. May you have a lovely birthday present today (this evening, of course) of a birthday baby boy or girl, grey, chestnut or bay/brown--just a happy birthday baby for you
  • Happy 9th Birthday to our Lady Z, our Dancing Queen, the one and only Zenyatta! Hope you enjoyed the party with your family and all your Lane's End Team. I'm in the "Waiting Room" anxiously awaiting news of the arrival of your little foal.
  • Team Z Twitter says he's here!
  • I will not believe until I see physical PROOF of said boy Z13 with a picture!
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    After what happened last week, I really don't think Team Z would have sent that tweet if it weren't true
  • Kylea just posted on the Waiting Room that the news is authentic. :-)
  • A Poem for Zenyatta on the Occasion
    of Her Third Birthday at Lane’s End
    (April 1, 2013)
    --revised from earlier years

    You’re our heroine horse with a glowing coat,
    Dark bay or brown, spangled with dapples,
    Who pranced and danced straight into the heart
    Of every fan
    Before each race’s start,
    And when you then ran,
    With your final flying motion
    You filled us all with awesome emotion.
    Naturally, after the race,
    YOUR number shone FIRST on the tote!
    Zenyatta, we soon learned
    To love you,
    And before your days
    On the racing scene
    Were through,
    You had more than earned
    Our highest praise
    And our deepest devotion
    Along with the title Queen.
    Dearest Z,
    You have given the world a noble son
    And a second precious little one
    Is on its way,
    Arriving perhaps even today.
    For all your feats,
    Dearest Queen,
    And simply ’cuz you’re a gift from above
    Who shares with us so much love,
    It is meet
    That you receive today
    Many a sweet treat.
    For you we hope there’ll be
    Luscious apples,
    And juicy pears would also be dandy.
    Carrot cake with icing
    You might well find enticing,
    And surely peppermint candy
    Will for you be kept handy!
    This final wish we now loudly proclaim:
    May you, sweet Queen, long reign
    At the farm at the end of the lane!
  • VA_in_CAVA_in_CA Member
    edited April 2013
    You have truly been inspired this week, Trina. We thank you for condensing our thoughts and joys into your wonderful poems.
  • http://www.hrtv.com/videos/zenyatta/

    In honor of the birth of Zenyatta's second foal, HRTV.com is sharing the wonderful story of this super mare. It's 25 minutes well worth spending. Lots of race clips and interviews with the people who know her best. And it's free.....

    Tears!!! What great memories from years past.....
  • MKernMKern Member
    edited April 2014
  • Happy birthday Zenyatta and 13Z!!
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    edited April 2014
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Zenyatta and 13Z!
    Wishing you both a basket full of carrots and bag full of peppermints!
    And a Guinness on me.
  • well zenny cant drink...maybe sniff at it LOL
  • Happy Birthday Zenyatta and her little 13Z!!!
  • EJMEJM Member
    Happy Birthday beautiful Zenyatta! We love you special one.
  • Hail to Queen Zenyatta on her Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Zenny hope you get a lot carrots peppermints
  • JanDJanD Member
    Happy Birthday Zenyatta and 13Z!!!
  • Couldn't be happier to share my birthday with such a great lady! Happy birthday to us (and possibly Z13?) beautiful girl!
    Happy Birthday, Reborn Ruffian12! Happy Birthday to dear Zenyatta!!!!
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