Birthdays March 24

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Happy birthday to Omaha and to Sue Fredrick!

A Birthday Poem for Sue Fredrick
(March 24, 2012)

Our Sue Fredrick in Wisconsin
Did clearly adore her cocker Opie,
Who was as sweet as could be
Though he had known abuse previously
Before Sue had taken him in.
Opie was the epitome
Of loyalty
And showed Sue
His enduring gratitude
With amplitude.
When Opie at the last
Necessarily passed
From temporality
To eternity,
Our dear Sue Fredrick
Felt heartsick,
Dare I say,
Their days
Of loving companionship
Seemed so cruelly brief…
But Opie in so many ways
Had Sue taught
Even in grief
To open one’s heart
For others to care,
So Sue Fredrick
Did start
On the Petfinder page
With her mouse to click,
And saw there
A darling photo
Of a rescue cocker,
And that did the trick,
Though that little cocker
Was nowhere near her bailiwick,
Our dear Sue Fredrick
Did then and there know
She had to go
And adopt her!
Her application did submit
And her heart commit
To this new rescue.
Sue waited
With breath bated
Till the group did agree
That this adopter and that adoptee
A good fit
For each other would be.
’Twould require a nine-hour trip,
But that long drive
Would not Sue thwart—
Sue was totally up for it!
And that’s how Amazing Grace
(Gracie for short)
Came to Sue’s place
Where she her new northern digs
Does embrace
And every day does face
Joyful to be alive.
Thank you, Sue,
For all you do
To give canines
And equines, too,
In need of rescue
The benefits
Each is due.
And speaking of horses who race,
I predict
Our Sue Fredrick
Will thrill
To hear that Tapit’s
Been chosen to be
The next mate of Z—
Sue will say he sure fits the bill!
After all, he’s
A grandson of that stallion
To whom Sue would personally
Give the gold medallion–
The great A P Indy,
So handsome and sweet,
Who, Sue does maintain,
As a stud, at his peak
Was not to be beat!
When Sue Fredrick
Indy at Lane’s End did meet,
Her joy she could not contain,
Nor did she refrain
From hugging his dear neck
(He did not in the least mind!)
And Sue also was quick
Him to kiss
On his soft nose,
Leaving behind
A smudge of rose
From her lipstick.
’Twas for her a delight not to be missed!

Happy birthday, Sue, and many, many more!


  • Love the poem. Very nice birthday tribute. Happy b-day to you Sue and hope you enjoy many many good healthy years with your new companion, Gracie. I am partial to collies and 2 years this June our boy, Chipper passed on. Most horrible, sad day for us. Now we have had Missy for a year and a half. They have such individual personalities and steal your heart. They certainly make life fulfilling. Love the rescues, wouldn't get a pet any other way. Love all rescues. Rescuers are God's angels so you must be an angel.
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    And the happiest to Sue Fredrick!!!!
  • Happy Birthday, Omaha!
    Happy Birthday, Sue Fredrick!
    And thank you, Trina! I feel a little disjointed having to look for things on this new site, but I guess we will adjust.
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday!
    Good job Trina, you are so very thoughtful!
  • TRINA! Doing a Z dance that I found your poems! Dumplings are landing all over and it is like reading a book without a Table of Contents. I'll keep practicing and maybe I'll locate all of us.
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