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I want to express my hope and desire that the Zenyatta store will reopen. I would like to have the opportunity to buy Zenyatta and Z13 photos.

Thank you, Team Zenyatta. Hope you read this.

Take care,
Mary in Boone


  • I bought many pictures when Z12 was born. I need more to add to my wall.

    If anyone has info about shop, please share !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That's all the info we have about the shop, what keta posted
  • DRWADRWA Member
    I received this 4/7/13 in response to my question regarding The Zenyatta Shop.

    Thank you for your note. We are sorry to say that the Zenyatta Team elected to close the web store and it is not expected to re-open. The good news is that we do have some remaining inventory of select products and if you can provide a list of the items in which you were interested, we may be able to assist you.


    The Zenyatta Shop Team
  • This makes me sad. I sure hope this doesn't mean something for the future of this site.
  • very upsetting, there are some paintings that i wished to purchase along with the fleece jacket ive been saving for :( wonder why it closed?
  • I wonder, too. It is upsetting. Where will we be able to buy paintings and prints of her foals. I have one I got for Christmas of Zenyatta and 12Z that I just love and was hoping to get one of Zenny and 13Z and all the future Z's! This is upsetting!
  • DRWADRWA Member
    Email them at:

    The Zenyatta Shop Team

    You may still get the items you want,
  • I imagine it is a great hassle to run a shop because it involves money and sales taxes, and credit cards, and probably Pay Pal. Probably not in their best interests and a bit out of their usual line of work. Maybe someone with business experience could take it on and start a shop to which artists could consign their work. Zenyatta.com or whomever would have to get a commission for using the logo, etc. Maybe one of you Zsters could take it on. Just a suggestion.
  • AlexAlex Member
    I am going to need another Z hat at some point and I would like the Z mug also....Please Team Z open the shop again.....Thank You, Alex
  • 3Horses3Horses Member
    I agree, I hope the store reopens as I would LOVE to buy more Zenyatta stuff. I was glad to get Zenyatta's Plushie at least. I love to get some shirts, jackets, stickers, poster/paintings, etc. Hope to see it reopened or even licensed out to another shop. I need to fulfill my Zenyatta addiction!
  • DRWADRWA Member
    Where are going to get our posters of 13Z and Mama?
  • AshtonAshton Member
    Agree with all, I'm hoping the store reopens!
  • candicandi Member
    I want to buy photos of Z13 and mama.
  • I would love to have a set of Z ears to use at Christmas instead of moose. And then wear them on all the appropriate birthdays of her offspring...
  • I would love to have a set of Z ears to use at Christmas instead of moose. And then wear them on all the appropriate birthdays of her offspring...
    LOL. You'll be happy to know that two items I brought with me when I evacuated my house yesterday were my Zenyatta baseball cap and the lap robe I am hand looming in dark turquoise with a pink Z in the center.
  • RachelRachel Member

    all thats in the shop right now is the photos
  • Thank you for making us delighted with the reopening of the Zenyatta Zstore!!!
    Not only have you brought it back, you are offering a Derby Day Deal!!!! Just ordered. It is a rainy, windy, cold Derby Day here in Boone. I will second your wish, Team Zenyatta, that all the horses and jockeys remain safe today!!!!

    You rock, Team Zenyatta!!!!!!!!

    Love to All,
    Mary in Boone
  • Thank goodness it's back! Thank you Team Zenyatta.
  • We have been waiting so long for the video on Zenyatta's life; it was suppose to be last Christmas, then we thought after Z13, then the store opening, but we haven't heard anything; do you think they have forgotten about it? We all appreciate what everyone on Zenny's team does to keep her in our lives, but some of us couldn't get it with (is it HRTV?) We get TVG, and I can't find the video anywhere else. Does anyone know anything about it?
  • Although I'm newly registered here, I've been following the website since the diary began. I am SO thankful that this wonderful resource has continued, but I too miss the opportunity to buy Zenyatta "stuff". (Luckily I ordered my Zenyatta shirts & hat when they were still available) BUT......here's a TIP......I found the miniature pewter Zenyatta sculpture that was originally offered in the Zenyatta shop at http://secretariatcom.stores.yahoo.net/papefi.htm
    There were only 250 made, so I thought if anyone else was interested, you might want to get one while you can! You can also custom order the leather halter tag bracelets that were formerly available in the shop with ANY name at http://secretariatcom.stores.yahoo.net/halter-tag-bracelet.html
    No, I am not affiliated with the Secretariat website, although I read that the Secretariat Foundation is funded from the sales of their merchandise, and they support a lot of great organizations such as LOPE, TRF,RRTP, RFE, PDJF.
  • Hi SallyT, Welcome to posting. Thanks for these links. I couldn't see any prices. That usually means I can't afford to buy. ha ha
  • SallyT. Welcome from me too and thanks for posting the links. Virginia, the pewter sculptures are $95 and the bracelets $24.95. Thanks again SallyT!
  • VA & Louise, I really couldn't afford the little pewter Zenyatta, but have been looking at it for ages. When I didn't win one of the visits with Zenyatta :0( I tried to look on the "bright" side-which was; I just saved a lot of money on airfare, dog boarding & hotel, (so it was kind of like a consolation prize.) And the other bright side was the great news that Ebby got to stay with John. You can only wish for so many things at a time!
  • Good reasoning. Makes sense to me.
  • It makes perfect sense to me too. Someone on twitter tweeted to Team Zenyatta that they would donate $500 to Old Friends if they could visit Zenyatta! I thought that was a pretty good idea and can't wait to see if they accept.
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