I'm a big Giacomo fan, so much in fact that I choose to portray him for a Triple Crown art contest. I wanted to post it for you all and looked for a thread about him. When I couldn't find one I thought I'd start a thread for him.

Giacomo stands at Adena Springs, here's his stallion page:

Here's some nice photos of the grey in his younger years:
Working with exercise rider Steve: Giacomo workout

A nice portrait
Giacomo portrait

Look at this face!
Giacomo portrait

And with his half-brother, Tiago
Giacomo and Tiago

And a video of his derby win:

And this is a nice video of him having fun in his paddock:

And finally, here's my entry for the contest, featuring the wonderful Giacomo;


Now let's see your Giacomo art or hear your Giacomo memories!


  • I LOVE him as well. I didn't pick him for the derby however. Wasn't his exersice rider Steve also Zenyatta's?
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    speaking of Giacomo, here is a filly in the under tack show about to breeze right now, out of a mare called Alice. this filly is a bay, she worked in 10 4/5 seconds
  • love the running drawing
  • He is just gorgeous! I've always loved the way he looks and it's nice to be reminded of him! Thanks!
  • Beautiful horse. I gather that the Mosses still own him. I also think I remember he would be a bad match with Zenyatta for breeding. Too bad.
  • Beautiful horse. I gather that the Mosses still own him. I also think I remember he would be a bad match with Zenyatta for breeding. Too bad.

    They rate a C on truenicks. and i read that he crosses well with mr.prospector line mares.
  • We sent a mare to him about three weeks ago. Beautiful guy.
  • We sent a mare to him about three weeks ago. Beautiful guy.
    I bet you will get a cute baby.
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  • Your picture is so pretty.
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    QueenZFan20: Yes that's Steve Willard on Giacomo and he was also Zenyatta's exercise rider. I believe he is just one of the reasons she became as good as she did.
  • He's such a pretty horse. I had him in the Derby when he won. I played an exacta, and won a lot of money that day. Funny, I can'r remember who was second. but it was an exciting race; I was thrilled with his performance. I think he's beautiful. Your portrait of him is magnificent!
  • He looks so happy and full of life running around his paddock. I enjoyed his handlers narrative about him. What a delightful horse!
  • The Mosses know how to pick good horses and ones who have great personalities.
  • Interesting that he's standing stud back in KY after being in CA for a while. Maybe more requests for his 'services' were coming in from the east? Giacomo is a beautiful horse. That video of his playing in his paddock seems to indicate he has some 'arabesque' qualities...a more refined head and high tail carriage. And his personality; reportedly very good. It would be great to see more of his kids running.
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    he is beautiful...but his
  • yes tiago and giacomo are like the best
  • I love your artwork! what did you use to make it? :D
  • I'm a huge Giacomo fan! I was blessed to see him last October the day after he returned to Adena Springs KY. I love Tiago too. They are both very sweet. If you go to Lexington, Adena Springs is one of the best farms to visit. They book every half hour and usually it's just your party for the half hour. They a the most lenient about letting you pet them. They also have Ghostzapper, Awesome Again, Einestein (amazingly beautiful horse), If you go early morning you can see them running in there paddocks.
    You are a gifted artist. Thank you for sharing. Stanwcyk is also out of Set Them Free, by Empire Maker. She is very beautiful.
  • Thanks for the compliments! I'm currently working on a new drawing of the Queen herself with her new Tapit boy! There was one photo in the latest update which I couldn't resist to draw. I'll upload it as soon as it's finished.

    BTW, if anyone would like to print out a copy of my art I can point you to a large, high quality scan to save and print.
    I love your artwork! what did you use to make it? :D
    Thank you, I used Copic Markers which are professional quality ink markers. They are amazing, the inks are transparent so it's easy to layer color with the colors beneath shining though.
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    I use Copic Markers for architectural hand renderings too! Aren't they great! The series I use (probably you too as well) are the oval grip pens that have a chisel edge on one side and the brush on the other. I've had my set of pens since 1999! All I have to do is refill the pens when it gets dry. As you already mentioned...I too love these pens as the results can look so much like watercolors...depending of course on what style of media effect you want to create with these pens. They also work well when you blend pastels and gel inks as well!...great for Manga (cartoon drawings) too! :)
    I love to layer different shades of color and blend them as well except you don't have to wait for it to dry unlike watercolors! Great Stuff! ;)
  • Oh, Copics are amazing, I'm totally in love with them! I just bought 10 new ones, bringing my collection to over 220 markers. I have had them for 3 years now.
    I love the fact that they're made to last, with refill inks and replacement tips available.
    I also have the oval pens, the Sketch marker. Though I started out with a complete set of the Ciao's, the round pens. But I prefer the Sketch because they sit better in my hand and don't roll around on my desk!
    I'm experimenting with water color baselayers (for big underwater scenes especially) and adding watercolor pencils or regular colored pencils for texture and richer color which seems to work very well. I also use inks with them, especially white ink for highlighting!
  • Every time I look at Giacomo, I remember my mare she was the exact same color as he was in his younger years. I never got to see her grow old because she colicked and unfortunately we had to put her down, she was only 8. I would like to think that she would have eventually grayed out just like Giacomo has. Honestly looking at the pictures of him in his younger years he and my mare could have been twins.
  • Sad story about your mare. 8 is quite young in horse years; definitely younger than a similarly aged dog or cat.
  • There is a good chance I'll be seeing Giacomo this summer.

    Giacomo.JPG 44.2K
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