RosebudRosebud Member
I have a QH and i ride it alot! i,m going to start barrel racing soon!
but i,m o0nly 12 soo maybe in na couple years!


  • Work hard and practice a lot. Good luck, Rosebud.
  • Thanks i,m working on it!
    what about any of you guys do you have a horse or ride one?
  • A lot of folks on the Forum do, but many don't. I would have given my eye teeth to have had a horse, or even the opportunity to ride one, when I was your age. But alas, my family lived in New Jersey, in the New York Metropolitan Area. After I grew up and moved away, circumstances kept me from ever getting a horse. But I did take riding lessons for over a year when I got to California. Never had enough money to afford a horse, so I enjoy them vicariously through a friend who now has 3 rescue horses and a burro. I envy her and all you others who do have close and daily contact with horses.
  • RosebudRosebud Member
    What a shame arent you old enough to get a horse?
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
    My last horse I got as a yearling and had all his life which was 20+ years. I had to put him down last year due to cancer.
  • RosebudRosebud Member
    And again what a shame
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
    It's a part that comes with having and loving them.

    He was a gray Appendix Quarterhorse and I did show jumping, trail riding, track ponying and simple pleasure riding with him.
  • RosebudRosebud Member
    Was he a stallion?
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
    No, he was a gelding.

    His sire was a Quarterhorse and his dam was a retired Thoroughbred race mare.
  • RosebudRosebud Member
    Oh cool! :)
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