Cozmic One *Zenyatta's First Foal*

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Zenyatta's first foal by Bernardini was a beaut as is his new name 'Cozmic One'. What do you think of the new name? I love it because no one thought of it.


  • I like it, very original and I'm also very glad he didn't get a name which sounded like a second-rate magician or something, with Zendini, Zenardini etc. being suggested. Horrible...
  • I'm not into astrology, but I'll get used to it ;) at least he finally has one and we don't have to call him Z12 anymore... lol
  • "Cozmic One" doesn't necessarily have anything to do with astrology.
  • He was born on a full moon, the Z is cuz of Zenyatta and one is cuz he's the first. Sort of does has astrology in it
  • Astronomy.
  • lol
  • ANYWAYS, I like his name. I like how they put the Z in instead of an S like a nod to Zenyatta :)
  • Cozmic One?

    Wow. I sure do miss Dottie and the Diary.
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