A Road To Greatness (Completed)

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Ever since I heard of Zenny and Rachel's births I've wanted to write this story ^^ Enjoy!

The Prince walked around the paddock, people cheered and waved as he passed them by. He was excited, for today was his first race. He wasn't used to so much enthusiasm or attention, never the less he straightened himself and perked his ears, strutting along the paddock. Cameras flashed and people yelled, but his mother, Zenyatta, had told him that these were simply other pets who marveled and loved him. He remembered other tips as well, such as staying in the back for awhile. He was led into his area to be tacked up, he heard someone next too him "Hey!" whispered a voice.
He looked to his side and saw a chestnut colt calling too him "Hey!" he called again. The Prince cocked an ear back "What?" the colt smiled "You nervous?" The Prince had not thought on the question, and then defiantly answered "I don't know if I'm as anxious as I am excited" the colt seemed amused by this comment " I could say the same". He turned his head in attempt to nip the person who was tightning his girth, but his handler corrected him with a few stern yanks of his lead rope. The Prince studied him, he was a sizable colt, though not as large as he; like The Prince, he had a star on his head, unlike The Prince, he also had two bold socks on his hind feet. He had a substantial amount of muscle and was incredibly well balanced; whoever this colt was, The Prince knew he was going to be a fierce competitor. "So....What's your name?" The Prince asked, after finishing a little bicker with his handler, the colt looked up "Who? Me?" he asked, then answered "King Alexander! Or Alex for short, what's yours?" It was now The Prince's turn to be amused by the proud colt, nodding his head to his name "My name is 'The Prince' or just Prince for short". The colt stared in thought for a moment "Prince, huh?" he paused "Nice too meet you Prince" The Prince responded "Nice too meet you as well, Alex".
Once the two were mounted and tacked, the colts were led out to the starting gate, the large, dirt path before them seemed itnimidating...The Prince's heart pace quickened. Behind him, King Alexander survayed the scenery, seemingly having the same anxiousness that he was developing. The Prince was set into a tiny inclosure with his jockey, before the metal gate in front of him was the ominous dirt path, he remembered his mothers' words "Do not go for first until your jockey pet and you feel the time is right". The whole world seemed to slow, he looked around him, this was his first race, which in of itself is the most signifigant. He turned to King Alexander, he heard him whisper "I'll let you win, but only by a nose" The Prince was a bit shocked at this curious young colts' generous offer, though he doubted it to be true.
Suddenly, a bell rang, and the gates flew open. The horses galloped off and pure chaos insued, all The Prince could hear around him was the thundering of hooves, dirt filled his lungs as the heavy afternoon sun beat down upon him. He went around, one, two turns, then...as his mother had told him...The time was now right. He felt the mighty sting of a whip on his thigh and he galloped faster, the jockey manauvered him to the outside on the next turn. Another flailing sting to the thigh and The Prince galloped even faster, passing all the horses like a breeze. He could feel the wind in his mane and the earth under his feet, as he was passing all the other horses he felt a breath of pure freedom. The whole world seemed to disapear and all he wanted to do, was run. He galloped even faster, not even taking notice of a chestnut horse within the galloping crowd.
He was first, and felt brilliant, He felt born to do what he was doing, he looked to his right and saw King Alexander galloping by his side. He too looked like he was having the time of his life, "Having fun yet?" he called to The Prince against the wind, The Prince laughed. King Alexander looked ahead of himself and slowed down just a notch, his jockey gave him a firm whip. Then The Prince felt his reins tighten and he slowed down to a modorate canter.
His handler hooked his leadrope on him and he headed too a circular area, all of The Princes' pets gathered around him and smiled joyfully. He saw one of the flashing devices invented by the pets and stood as tall as he could with his ears perked up. He really didn't know what was going on "Did I win? Did I lose?" his jockey dismounted and removed his tack.
He was taken to be given a bath, the cool, rippling water did wonders for his now aching muscles. He pawed and shook his head in enjoyment, until he heard a loud "Hey!" come from next too him. He shot his head up and looked next to him, King Alexander was also getting a bath "What did I tell you?" He asked triumphedly, The Prince was confused "Tell me what?" King Alexander smiled "You won....By a nose".

Little did these two champions know they would meet eachother in other, bigger races, and with each race would form an even stronger bond of friendship. However, in each of those races, each time they raced together, The Prince always won......By a nose.

Sorry for the terrible grammar and spelling ^^" And if the story sucks I'm sorry about that too.

Next part coming soon!



  • How fun! Thanks for sharing! It is cool to imagine what the future might hold for our dear prince.
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    Ever since I heard of Zenny and Rachel's births I've wanted to write this story ^^ Enjoy!

    Dear ZNotLast1:

    Really enjoyed your story. You captured the exciting essense of a race perfectly. Please give us more chapters in the life of Prince. Hugs, JB

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    I loved reading your story. I hope we get to read the next installment very soon.
  • Znotlast1, Thanks for the storytelling. It was fun to read and I will look forward to the next episode.
  • Great story! I loved it! Can't wait for the next part! It is great to see other people taking interest in writing stories about Prince.
  • Great story! I loved it! Can't wait for the next part! It is great to see other people taking interest in writing stories about Prince.
    I'm glad to see you taking intrest as well ^^ I enjoyed your story very much! It was very touching.
  • @ZNotLast1 - I loved the story. Can't wait till you post the next part. I could picture the both of them running around the track while I read your story.
  • Fun story, thanks ZN.
  • Okay people I've given myself some time to develop on my next installment, and -drum roll- ....Here it is!

    The Derby

    "Alright Prince my man" Heard The Prince from his handler, The Prince had just woken up from a beauty nap. He gazed up at his handler lazily, then slowly got up and shook himself clean of hay. He walked over to his handler, "Today is going to be a BIG day Prince" The Prince could sense tension in the atmosphere. By now he had met world records and borken them all, won every race he was in.....So why was there tension? His handler went into his stall and put his polished leather halter on, on the side of the halter a gold plaque read "The Prince" in bold letters. He walked out of his stall too his groomer, who went around and brushed and cleaned him until his dark chocolate coat was as slick as glass and shimmering like a clear brooke. His green show blanket was drapped over and sacured on his body. Now he knew what was going on, another race! He still could not ignore the unusual tension and lack of confidence in the air, it made him uneasy. He also remembered that, instead of a three week break like his trainer pet usually gave him, he had four weeks off racing. Indeed, something unusual was going on here. The Prince was led too his trailer but backed as soon as he got near it "What is going on?" He wondered. His handler calmed him down and petted him reassuringly, and he proceeded, if somewhat hesitently, into the trailer.
    He actually enjoyed being in the trailer, through the windows on the sides of the trailer he could watch the world fly by. Blurring scenery of green grass and towns passed him by, as he did the horses and crowds at the races he participated in. Different scents filled his nose as well, the smell of lush fields and aromas drifting from pet eateries. He also enjoyed the excitement of never knowing which race he was going to next, and if his long time friend; King Alexander, would be there.
    He entered an unfamilier place, with familier smells, but unfamilier all the same. He exited the trailer and was met by a spectacular sight. Giant spires several stories high greeted him accross a field of flowers. Large crowds gathered around with signs and memorabilia bearing his silks, his name, his image; or all three. He assumed a photogenic pose as cameras flashed and news stations chattered away in front of live video cameras. He was led closer to this magnificent structure and brought inside to the racing stables, he was led to the 4th stall, in the 5th stall he saw King Alexander. "Heey! How are you?" The Prince asked him. Like The Prince, King Alexander had made a name for himself, beating everyone he faced except The Prince himself, and that was always on purpose.
    "Some place huh?" King Alexander asked The Prince, The Prince snorted in agreement "I know, what is this place anyway?" King Alexander shook his head "I don't know, I do know something though, never in my life have I seen so many pets make kissy faces at me than today." He curled his upper lip and stretched his neck in mock of the facial expressions he had witnessed. The Prince laughed "Seems like you're having a good time, say, haven't you noticed the odd tension in the pets around here?" King Alexander stopped mocking and breathed a deep sigh "Yeah....My bet is something big is about to go down." The Prince nodded in silent agreement "Well, better get some rest, whatever's up tommorow will need it. The Prince friendly smiled at King Alexander "You should too" he said, King Alexander smiled back "True, I am trying to give you a hard time after all".
    Both colts were given dinner and they both fell asleep.
    The next morning they woke up to breakfast of oats and grains. The Prince felt a substantial amount of tension now, today was something big, something historical. He was right, for he was at the Kentucky Derby, one of the Triple Crowns, his pets knew what this meant and he could tell. While waiting in their stalls, The Prince and King Alexander sparked wonderful conversation, things like the best oats, racing tips, and their lineage were just some of the topics they happily discussed together. As well as more sensitive topics like what lay ahead of them today, and what all the fuss and tenstion was about.
    "Guess this is an important race, and we thought that our first race was busy" The Prince remarked, King Alexander nodded. King Alexanders' handler arrived at King Alexanders' stall and opened the stall doors, leading King Alexander out of his stall. The Princes' handler soon followed, The Prince was led too the tacking area to be tacked up. Even in the shade the afternoon sun was formidable, the heat filled every corner of every room and filled his lungs and irritated his eyes. The Prince imagined it to be like being inside the one of the pets' strange wheeled grumbling beasts. The girth didn't make things any more comfortable for The Prince and even less so when the Jockey got on him.
    The Prince was led by his handler out to the track, The Prince was awestruck, gargantuan crowds roared as they filled the massive bleachers of this grand track. King Alexander was in front of him, the massive scene startled him and he jumped back a little bit. The Prince laughed, "You nervous?" he asked sarcastically. King Alexander glanced behind him towards The Prince, he cocked his ear back "Hah, you wish" The Prince laughed in amusement. Even though he himself was actually nervous.
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    He was taken by a lead pony to the starting gate, for the first time, the question had crossed his mind "Is it possible I might lose?" as he stared in awe at the track before him. He loaded into the starting gate with the elegance of a practiced pro, he looked next to him at King Alexander in nervousness. "Don't worry, you'll do fine" He assured him, The Prince laughed weakly, then looked towards the track. He remembered all the manauvers and ques he had practiced. His heart pace quickened, and in a split second the bell rang and the gates flew open. The other horses were faster then he had anticipated, he galloped off after them and caught up in a matter of seconds. These horses were in a different legue, they were faster, stronger, and had more stamina than the previous horses he had faced. The sun beat down like the galloping hooves of the horses, the crowd roared as he passed them by, he had never had to work this hard to keep up with the group.
    He went around one, two, three turns, but he did not stop, his Jockey had not whipped him yet. Never the less he knew whatever the case, he had to win. He galloped and galloped and his feet started to hurt, his muscles stung and his heart pounded. Dust irritated his eyes and filled his nose, he started coughing "You okay?" He heard from behind him. He had been focusing so much on getting to the finish point that he hadn't noticed that he was now in first place, King Alexander appeared next too him "Are you okay?" He yelled. The Prince coughed one more time "I'm fine" The Prince replied, King Alexander laughed "Just do this like usual" he said. He fell back by a nose and finally The Prince felt the reins being pulled, he slowed down and the crowd roared and cheered as his Jockey gave him a firm pat on the neck.
    He coughed up some of the dirt he had inhaled into his lungs and looked back behind himself. One of the horses had gotten hurt, his leg had broken and he was panicking frantically. "Sad deal right there" He heard King Alexander say as he walked up to him "Better hope that never happens to us for now" The Prince nodded. "That was some race!" The Prince exclaimed, King Alexander snorted "Easy for you to say, you won!" The Prince stopped for a moment, he had forgotten everything, suddenly he remembered that he was in a race, that he wanted too win; and he had.
    His handler led him to the winners circle, where a giant boa of flowers was wrapped around his neck, the crowd cheered and for once, The Prince could feel the true enthusiasm of the crowd, he stood tall and proud and a picture was taken. His pets were given some trophies and they spoke about something that King Alexander couldn't understand. However, their voices radiated through the entire place, just like the love of The Prince was radiating everywhere. Once he was finished in the winners circle, he was led off by his handler, who patted and talked to him in a complimentry tone. He was given a bath, in the hot sun this felt like a dream. King Alexander approached "Good job Prince" he complimented, "Same to you, Alex" The Prince replied.

    Next up - The Belmont
  • Love these stories. You and Sierra should write a book together!
  • MartyMarty Member

    I'm totally hooked. I can't wait for the next one. Hope we don't have to wait long!!!
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  • this is so fun......I just love a great story......
  • O: Are we skipping the Preakness? I am liking this!
    Well I'm just going to say that the Preakness went very much the same way ^^"
  • I'm looking forward to the Belmont Stakes story - the race that separates the "men" from the "boys" - I'm on the edge of my seat waiting with anticipation. I just love your stories, such detail, it's as if we are there with him.
  • Dear ZNotLast1:

    Wonderful. Love this. Hugs, JB
  • Exellent writing! Can't wait! Please make it a dead heat, couldn't stand for The Prince to lose by a nose, nor Alex not to get his day in the limelight!
  • What a cute story. Loved them. Keep up the good work!
  • Exellent writing! Can't wait! Please make it a dead heat, couldn't stand for The Prince to lose by a nose, nor Alex not to get his day in the limelight!
    Haha, I assure you, you will like the next story ^^
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  • Hmm..should I smell a consipracy theory?? ;-)
    I find it interesting that your nose smells such things! But no =)
  • Okay! Get ready everyone! The next story starts in 3....2....1!!

    The Belmont [Caution, may contain sensitive material]

    The Prince was being driven in his trailer, but he did not gaze outside to simply see the world pass by. No, he was reflecting on the Preakness, he had quite a bit of a stumble at the starting gate but he still managed to win by a nose. He thought about it over and over, trying to find the reason he tripped; he finally came to the conclusion that he didn't take a long enough stride. He took note of this as he headed too his next race, waiting with anticipation about what was too come. He gazed out the window in deep thought, for some reason he felt today would be the last of the difficult races. If it was too be the last of these very long, difficult, challenging races he knew he needed to step up his game.
    His anxiousness rose as the setting sun lowered itself into the purple horizon. From the way he figured, the only way he could prepare for his upcoming race, was to race in the previous races. He breathed a deep sigh as he was driven off too his next race, and wondered how King Alexander felt about the matter, for he was most deffinately going to be there as well.
    It was early evening when he arrived at his next race, he could see not but the massive sillhouette of a building before him. He was led too the racing stalls where he met the dozing King Alexander. The Prince tried to make himself as quiet as possible, then stuck his head outside his stall and yelled "HEY!!" King Alexander reared and yelled in suprise. He then looked at The Prince "Prince! Don't scare me like that!" The Prince laughed at the sight of his very flustered best friend. Then King Alexander laughed "You jerk" he teased and bumped his nose on The Princes' neck. When they stopped laughing, The Prince asked King Alexander about the upcoming race "You think this will be the last big race?" At this question, King Alexanders' mood suddenly darkened at this query.
    The Prince had never seen King Alexander so suddenly deppressed by a simple question; he was not himself. After a long pause, The Prince spoke "Hey, what's wrong Alex?" He seemed too break King Alexanders' train of thought, he gazed up at The Prince "Oh, nothing....You had a pretty bad stumble in the last race, glad it didn't hinder you." He smiled. The Prince smiled back "I assure you, whatever you think is going too happen, it will be fine" King Alexander let out a unconfident "Heh..." and went back into his stall too sleep. The Prince found this unusual, he found him dozing in his stall, and when he asked about the upcoming race, King Alexander seemed too clam up. He didn't ask him about it though, however; if there was anything he knew about King Alexander, he knew he wouldn't talk about it because he wouldn't want to burden anyone with his worries. The Prince went back in his stall and fell asleep as well, dreaming of the race that would await him the next day.
  • He woke up the next day and ate his breakfast, then he stuck his head outside his stall too greet King Alexander.....Who wasn't there. The Prince knew that something was wrong now, King Alexander loved food and always woke up early before breakfast. The Prince called into his stall "Hey...Alex...Alex!" He heard some rustling of hay within the hay and a very disoriented King Alexander poked his head outside his stall, covered in hay. "Hmm? What? What did I miss?" He asked, The Prince looked around, it was a bright, sunny day "Other than breakfast, nothing really" King Alexander shook the hay off himself and put his head back in his stall too eat. Once he was done eating, he finally began talking too The Prince "You know, you should be at the races I'm in more often, it always gets so boring without you" The Prince cocked an ear back "Really? How so?" King Alexander looked up at him in utter disbelief "What do you mean 'how so?' you're the only horse out there who's able to give me a challenge" The Prince was glad too see that King Alexander was apparently back to being his normal self "Aw, come on, I'm sure there's some horse out there who's better" King Alexander chuckled "Perhaps, if there is we'll probably see them on the racetrack"
    Later that day King Alexander and The Prince were led out of their stalls and into the paddocks, once again, massive crowds greeted him as in the previous two races he participated in. He assumed a photogenic posture and walked along the paddock too be tacked up, King Alexander followed. As he and King Alexander got tacked up, he once again asked King Alexander about the race, this time King Alexander answered with "I'm sure everything will be just fine" Though seemingly unconvinced himself.
    As he was led out by his handler too the track, he was greeted by the largest racetrack he had seen yet. It seemed to stretch forever down from where he stood, he was taken by his lead pony too the starting gate. Once again, he loaded into the starting gate, preparing himself as much as he could for the indefinate track before him.
    He looked too his side at King Alexander, who didn't look back, he seemed daunted by the massive track as well. The Prince faced forward, the whole world seemed to stop, all he could hear was his own breath, this could be the race that would determine the winner. He felt a sudden change of tension in the air, he poised himself for the race....The bell rang! The gates flew open and The Prince lunged himself out of the gate, he ran and ran and the only thing he could think of was getting too first and staying in first. He ran and ran and ran past the horses and the crowd cheered him onward, all he could think about, all he wanted to do was win. He heard his Jockey try to calm him down but he didn't listen, a sudden scream from the crowd rippled throughout the track. He simply ran, all he could do was run, his muscles burned, sweat poured down his body, his lungs and throat filled with dust, the afternoon sun cooking him like an oven....But he had too run, he had too win, he didn't know why but he had too. The wind was sharp in his eyes and whipped his mane furiously, his legs burned and his hooves hurt.....Run.
  • Oh, how fun!!! M-m-m-m Good! Just skimmed these and can't wait to print them off and settle down to a nice read!! Love these "what if" stories! Keep them coming.
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