Horse Racing Injuries and Fatalities



  • Well bucked shins are caused by hard And too fast running
  • HRTV‏ tweet on Wed. Sept 19
    Saratoga Special winner Spurious Precision euthanized Tuesday following injury sustained during Monday breeze, according to his connections.
    Am devastated over this. I love this horse and was so looking forward to him in the Derby. R.I.P. Spurious Precision.

  • Gosh, I hate hearing these things, especially in such a baby!
  • I thought what happened to Spurious Precision was such a shame. Injuries happen so easily, it was a workout. So sad.
  • Whats sad is that the owners had hope in saving him cuz usually a knee injury can be operated on but further x rays revealed he had so much extensive injury to his knee (he shattered the major weight baring bones in his knee along with the slab fracture) that they couldnt save him no matter how much they wanted to. I cant believe he was led off the track let alone into the barn. He couldnt put weight on the knee, it was totally unsuportive.
  • Paynter Update Sat. Sept. 22 5:30 PM Pacific A. Zayat tweets combined
    Paynter update: paynter continues to make us really happy what an amazing horse!
    He had a very nice day today. temp is normal 101.3..
    appetite is well eating more greens, bright and happy..
    walking comfortably!
    Thats our paynter!! lets hope for another day like this tomorrow!!
  • Keta, thanks for update. Have been out of touch all weekend, so its good to see that he's doing so wwell. Hope his temp stays normal. Glad he's enjoying his greens, and that he's walking comfortably, and seems bright and happy. Praying for continued improvement! Love you Paynter.
  • Paynter Update Monday Sept. 24 8:30 AM Pacific A. Zayat tweets
    Paynter Update: Our star continues to enjoy a perfect weekend his temperature is normal, feet perfect, his blood work is good.
    appetite better, attitude bright and frisky, starting to fight with Dr. Laura for the first time. All in all we are happy.
    Let’s get a few more good days like these and than Paynter can declare his real victory. #Poweruppaynter #star #warrior #Champ
  • RIP Top Debutante.
  • RIP Top Debutante.

  • rachel
    See first comment (or watch video of Harvest Stakes). Not one article mentions her demise.
  • Thats sad to not mention a breakdown but mention the condition of the jockies instead. Both are equally important in this game
  • Rachel, I agree with you. It is upsetting to me when they discuss jockey injuries and not horses injuries or deaths. I value human life, but the horses are just as important to me. They give their all!! They deserve to be mentioned!
  • They dont mention her at all. I was almost lucky with being able to see the replay but track doesnt authorize video on the Horse Races NOW app
  • I agree too that they should include the condition of the horses when discussing any injuries during a race.
  • Rachel, I'm not sure if you've seen or want to see the video but if you do try calracing.
  • ive seen many breakdowns in video replays before, so that i could see what really happened in the race. ill have to catch this replay later tomorrow, just got home been a long night lol. but its so horrible how sometimes they dont give mention to those that breakdown. its like they try to hide it
  • I have a feeling they sometimes do hide it for public relation reasons which I don't agree with at all. Too me it just makes the horse seem unimportant and they are not! As much as I love Mike Smith, it was Zenyatta I wanted to watch, not him!
  • 9 year-old Awesome Gem has been retired. He was scheduled to race again but developed a filling in his front leg.
  • Paynter Update A.ZAYAT tweet this morning Friday Sept. 28 7:15 AM Pacific
    @KetaHagen @justinzayat @midnightlute @zayatpaynter
    we will have a full and detail update later this afternoon MAJOR update

    Keta Hagen tweet to A. Zayat
    @jazz3162 @JustinZayat @Midnightlute @ZayatPaynter
    Power Up Paynter! Thinking of you on Super weekend.
    Looking forward to your return. #FF
  • this is beyond wrong! i think a law suit should be in store for trainer AND jockeys
  • this is beyond wrong! i think a law suit should be in store for trainer AND jockeys
    People who place greed and selfishness over the well-being of the animal should be banned from the sport for life. Someone has to blow the whistle on them and set an example, a precedent, and a standard going forward.

  • Didnt we have this situation before with Life At Ten on live television! Jockey knew something wasnt right disnt say anything and pletcher said she wasnt acting normal either. Thank goodness she disnt hurt herself
  • This article by Marcus Hersh of the DRF barely scratches the surface, but, it does raise awareness about this issue. My "On The Shelf" list and my numbers track with those mentioned in this article. For my list (updated twice in this discussion thread) scroll through older posts here.

    Excerpt from the article: "Twenty-nine horses either won a graded stakes prep for the Triple Crown or finished in the top four in one of the Triple Crown races. By Sept. 20, only seven of those horses were in a racing pattern, though four others posted workouts in September and could start soon (see chart on page 9). Research into a decade’s worth of Triple Crown hopefuls and competitors shows that this crop actually has not lost a radically high number of horses before autumn. But the fact that nearly all the class’s most talented horses have fallen has invigorated discussion about the sturdiness of the modern Thoroughbred and the toll caused by the Triple Crown season."

    I have gradually come around to thinking the causes for the attrition of our runners in the U.S. (I believe we have a higher rate of attrition in the U.S. than those overseas) is a combination of factors, and that "it never is just one thing". It's the breeding, it's the drugs, it's the training, it's the conditioning (training is an art; conditioning is a science), it's the type of races that are run more in the U.S. (more sprints and shorter distances in the U.S.; more route races overseas, meaning horses have a chance to warm up, the don't run all out all of the time), horses overseas are turned out while in training and don't stand in their stalls 22 hours a day; of course it's the drugs -- no one who favors lasix for all horses, including 2 yr olds, has any credibility, as far as I'm concerned. The definition of a "bleeder" has never changed overseas (a horse that bleeds from its nose), while in the U.S. it has morphed into "every horse bleeds" and they use every means necessary to find a drop of blood so that trainers can justify the use of lasix. In very young horses, 2 yr olds, this is very harmful because it leaches out precious nutrients and minerals they need for building tough bone. Horses in the rest of the world get along without it. Anyway, just a few thoughts, as I think we need to recognize that most problems in the sport have many causes, not just one.

    I used to be on the "it's the breeding, stupid," bandwagon, but when I compare the pedigrees of some of our horses with those overseas, I had to ask myself why the same-bred horses overseas don't break down as much as those in the U.S.? Good question, huh?
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