Horse Racing Injuries and Fatalities



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    Horseracingwrongs is a PITA.... Drayden Van Dyke is an excellent bugboy, has empathy for his mounts. I don't know the trainer, but Drayden on his way to becoming one of the good guys....
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    yea, i dont like the website, but it gives updates on those we've lost. so i take that in to account. i dont agree with the things they say
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    Did not like site.....all negative....very inflammatory choice of language ....
  • Casey, Don't laugh, but what is a "bugboy?" Thanks!
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    A bug boy is an apprentice jockey. They get a reduction i weights on the horses they ride.
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    Hi Louise.....I think its like an apprentice rider.... the horse a "10lb bug" rides gets to carry that much less weight ....after a time the break in weight decreases until its gets to zero....its to help make new jockeys competitive as they gain experience ...but Casey can probably explain it better
  • Thanks wezzie and Carol, I had no idea. Once again, I learned something new here!
  • Me too. Thanks for asking Louise, and thanks for answering, wezzie and carolinarkansas.
  • RIP Noble Causeway the sire of 3 year old Samraat. Noble Causeway's sire was Giants Causeway and his dam was Mimi's Golden Girl, born in 2002 died May 27, 2014. Noble had 18 starts, 3 wins, 6 seconds, and 1 third, career earnings of $360,010. He was euthanized after battling hard against laminitis (which lead to many great racehorses having to be euthanized some being the great Secretariat, Barbaro, & Kip Deville) here is an article on him he was only 12 years old
  • RIP Kissinginthedark 5 y/o mare died 5/30 Finger Lakes, of CV (cardiovascular event?) Trainer R. Ramos, claiming. Poor girl only won $371 for year.
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    Looking at her stats, she wasnt a racer. Her heart wasnt in it, she had 30 races with 1 win. Yet they kept trying, now they have a dead horse
  • I agree Rachel! Poor girl. I forgot to give credit to the Racehorse Memorial Wall worldwide for the info. That's where I got the info.
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    i havent been on that site in a while. theres also In Memory Of Our Racehorses on FB that has alot of info from the US as well as other countries
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    RIP Kissinginthedark. Sounds like she was used to fill claiming races. She should have been retired long ago.
  • If there is one thing that is going to turn me off from this sport, it is the way these claiming race horses are treated. I've seen some recently raced 4 and 5 times a month because "they can't find enough horses to fill the cards." And they push them and push them until they either die or cannot be retired soundly. It makes me sick.

    I've seen two friends on twitter just this week say they aren't going to watch anymore because of the way these particular horses are being treated.
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    I can't blame your friends for the way they feel, louise. I feel the same way sometimes. Guess I've just accepted the downsides even though they can make me sick and haunt me for a long time.
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  • I still feel so bad for the connections of Noble Causeway he was such a young horse
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    i dont think we have that option, might be something we could ask to have added in. would save sooooo much trouble lol
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  • Thanks guys!
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    i dont like the forum changes, certain ones. some make sense others seem meh. im looking around and theres COUNTLESS threads that are not being talked in anymore and are not closed out.

    bah nvm, this is the horse racing injuries and fatalities thread. people probably think something really bad happened with all the comments now LOL sorry
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    Wekiva Springs dead at 23. Euthanized after he was found to have cancerous tumors. He was pensioned last year. He was the broodmare sire of the late Turallure.
  • RIP Wekiva Springs.
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