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    5/15 - Bold Fashion - Fell during training, euthanized several hours later due to ataxia at Golden Gate Fields (Unraced 2 year old)
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    WTF is going on at Finger Lakes. So many fatalities there. And I'm not just talking about the most recent ones above.

    Had been wondering about Beholder. Wonder if she was bothered by being cut up and it cost her the race. Am very happy at the performances of Close Hatches and PoS but not happy if they won at the expense of Beholder being injured. At least there's an explanation about what might have happened to Beholder in the race. Hope she's okay.
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    i do think they won at the expense of Beholder being injured. she came into that race in top form and shes still maturing. Beholder is a 2 time BC winner (Juvenile Fillies 2012 and BC Distaff 2013) unbeaten in 5 races coming into the Ogden Phipps. It was set up to becoming a showdown of champs, but she got injured :/ which is something thats never happened with her.
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    Per Palace Malice Facebook:

    Palace Malice
    8 mins ·
    Eclipse 3 year old champion filly Beholder will miss 6 weeks of training after sustaining a deep gash in her right hind pastern while placing 4th in the Ogden Phipps on the Belmont Stakes undercard.Get well soon Beholder!
  • Get well soon, Beholder. Doesn't sound like any ligaments were damaged, else something would have been said.
    Gee, she and Jr on injured reserves.
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    California Chrome trainer describes Belmont injury
    Jennie Rees, USA TODAY Sports 10:33 a.m. EDT June 9, 2014
    Excerpts from article:
    California Chrome also sustained a cut on his foreleg. That's where Sherman said they really dodged a bullet.
    "He had a cut by his tendon where they hit him. That's what scared me the most. It wasn't deep; it was superficial. Gosh, that's the worst thing that can happen to a horse, hit his tendon. But we got lucky there. It just went down to the bottom of his foot, by his pastern."
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    Beholder Injured in Ogden Phipps
    San Diego Horse Race posted by redbird June 9, 2014
    California Chrome was not the only one gashed in a race at Belmont Park last Saturday. Two-time Eclipse Award winning filly, Beholder, will miss up to six weeks of training after she came back from her run in the Grade 1 Ogden Phipps with a gash to her left hind pastern.
    Trainer, Richard Mandella, said it was “pretty deep” and that the whole pastern was “rubbed raw.” He added that there was large flap of skin that is too jagged for stitches and will probably be removed once everything’s healed. They washed out the wound and put a bandage on it and so far it “looks fine.” Mandella says fortunately nothing more serious was damaged, like ligaments or tendons. His biggest fear… at this point is infection but she’s been treated with penicillin and antibiotics.
    Mandella said he doesn’t know when the injury occurred but that it appears to have been created by a toe-grab on a horseshoe. He has watched replays of the race and, while he can’t pinpoint when his prized filly was hurt, he told the Paulick Report that it appears to have occurred when another horse’s back foot came down on Beholder’s leg, cutting a deep slash from top to bottom. He also acknowledged it could have occurred in the starting gate.
    Rider, Gary Stevens, is also perplexed as to how and when the injury occurred. He said he just thought Beholder was having trouble handling the Belmont track. They finished fourth in the talent-ladened, Ogden Phipps, behind the winner, Close Hatches, and runner-ups, Princess of Sylmar and Antipathy.
  • What is going on at Finger Lakes? Really upsetting to hear about all the injuries and fatalities happening there. Heat stroke seems like a stretch as it hasn't been that hot up here in western NY. Hoping the newspaper picks up on it to let the pubic know!
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    horseracinghl ‏@horseracinghl · Wed, June 11 2013
    Belmont runner up Commissioner found to have small chip in his front left ankle Monday, scheduled this week for surgery.
  • Get well soon, Commissioner!
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    Hope for the best for Commissioner.
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    California Chrome Taking it Easy at Los Al
    By Jack Shinar The Blood-Horse June 11, 2014
    No news is good news for California Chrome, who is healing up at trainer Art Sherman's Los Alamitos Race Course barn following a courageous Triple Crown bid that ended with a defeat June 7 in the Belmont Stakes (gr. I).
    Since arriving back at his Southern California racing base on the night of June 8, California Chrome has been taking it easy while receiving treatment for a grabbed quarter to his right front foot, which Sherman said is improving. He sustained the injury shortly after the start of the 1 1/2-mile Belmont when he bumped with Matterhorn, the horse to his outside in the starting gate.
  • Aww, RIP Commendable
  • He was a good-looking horse and the second video shows that he had a prancing kind of gait. Damned Colic!! claims another horse too young,
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    The horse he beat, Aptitude, is dead as well. He died a long while back tho
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    RIP Commendable. Remember his Belmont well. Dreaded colic.
  • Such sad news. I just read on Twitter that Starlight Racing's 'Intense Holiday' has succumbed to laminitis. Run with the angels sweet boy.
  • Oh my God! Is this the horse who was going to race in the Belmont? Oh my God! Wasn't he just hurt? This is so shocking to me unless I've got him confused with another horse.
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    Intense Holiday HAS died. I didn't know laminitis could kill so fast. Horrible!
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    RIP intense Holiday. This is unbelievably sad. Seemed to happen so quickly. Just plain shocked.
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