Horse Racing Injuries and Fatalities



  • Hopefully they are able to save the horse. That seems like it was purely a freak accident
  • Hope Gemologist makes it to the PA Derby. Sounds like his lungs are cleared up. About the time I got on his bandwagon things sorta went to pot.
  • Street Life

    There's another one from the TC trail off with a soft tissue injury.
  • Oh dear, I thought he ran rather poorly for some reason
  • It's not life threatening tho so he will just need time off to heal. Hopefully they will take that time
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    Jockey Eswan Flores pulled from mounts in Del Mar by racing board [Updated]
    By Eric Sondheimer LA Times
    August 26, 2012, 10:36 a.m.
    Apprentice jockey Eswan Flores has been removed from his mounts indefinitely under orders of the California Horse Racing Board, spokesman Mike Marten said Sunday.
    Flores was taken off his mounts on Saturday at Del Mar and was scheduled to ride in six of 11 races on Sunday.
    Marten said "no comment" as to the reason for the CHRB decision.
    Flores' agent, Joe Griffin, said Sunday Fores had "a couple of personal problems" he's working out. "He thinks everything is going to be fine," Griffin said. "I have all the confidence in the world in him."
    Flores has won eight races at the Del Mar meeting. He finished sixth in the jockey standings at the Santa Anita meeting with 54 victories.
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    It's Tricky Update! She's doing well Beldame next?
    Teresa Genaro‏@BklynBckstretch tweet
    It's Tricky doing well this morning; a few scratches, nothing serious.
    McLaughlin: "She was the best."

    Brian Zipse‏ tweet
    Great news - It’s Tricky is doing well after her very eventful third in the Personal Ensign. Her connections are looking at the Beldame next
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    Paynter Sick Again!
    A.ZAYAT tweet today Tues. Aug. 28
    Paynter got sick again , very high fever did ship yesterday from saratago .
    Dr Cheney attended to him . We sent him to clinic 10 mins away
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    Paynter found to have colitis; vet expresses great concern
    By Jay Privman DRF
    Paynter on Tuesday night was described as being seriously ill by Dr. Mark Cheney, the respected equine veterinarian who is overseeing his treatment, who said the Haskell Invitational winner has colitis - an inflammation of the colon - and that a principle concern now is also founder.
    "I'm worried to death," Cheney said in a telephone interview. "You've got to keep your fingers crossed. Just hope and pray."
    Paynter was taken late Sunday to the Upstate Equine Medical Center in Schuylerville, N.Y., nine miles northeast of Saratoga. He had been at Saratoga for several days after arriving from Belmont Park. This is the second time in less than a month that Paynter has become so ill that he needed to be sent to a veterinary clinic.
  • I left a link on the blog about Colitis. It's not good.
  • Salmonella?! He could ACTUALLY have Salmonella?? I seriously hope he's okay...
  • What ever Paynter has, just hope it's treatable. Colitis can be lethal. Very worrisome. Get well, Paynter.
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    A.ZAYAT‏ tweet Wed Aug. 29 at 10:15 am (Phoenix/Pacific time)
    Paynter update.; just got this from Dr. Javsicas "he is eating fresh grass and more playful " whatever works!

    Paynter Update earlier on Wed. Aug. 29th
    David Grening‏ DRF tweet
    Paynter showing signs of improvement this morning, according to Doc Cheyney

    A.ZAYAT tweet:
    "fever is still there diarrhea still there , his feet are comfortable this morning .stable .only good thing his attitude is better #pray"
  • Street Life has been retired after "soft tissue injury" to his left front pastern which occured during the Travers............. Another 3 year old to join the ever growing list to be retired .
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    What’s happening with Paynter–Thurs Aug 30
    I am trying not to overthink this, but I am concerned
    There was a tweet by Ahmed Zayat this morning saying that
    Paynter did not have a good night.
    A. Zayat said that he was driving to the facility today and
    would provide an update this afternoon.
    When I get further info, I will share.
  • Uh-oh =( I hope the worst hasn't happened..
  • Poor thing =( I wish I could help somehow.
  • Poor thing =( I wish I could help somehow.
  • I'm sorry to have to add another miserable story:
    Bauer has become a very popular horse here, particularly for his gutsy performance in the Melbourne Cup. So more fingers crossed for a safe return to health.
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    Justin Zayat did a series of tweet updating the visit to Paynter. Thurs. Aug. 30th
    this was dictated byAhmed Zayat my dad as he is driving.
    We are doing this for his fans
    So again next 24 hours are critical that this nightmare scenario doesn't happen. I am very comforted that the best vets and equine Care from all over the country so please #pray
    Our main concern is that his white blood cells go up so the infection and bacteria that are now in his Colon and intestines don't travel through his bloodstream and infect other organs. And his body becomes septic. If that happens that is the End of it.
    So again next 24 hours are critical that this nightmare scenario doesn't happen. I am very comforted that the best vets and equine Care from all over the country so please #pray
    As we were petting and kissing him. He started looking at us with his sad eye kind of saying I know you are here for me. Justin tried to feed Him when we first got in an he refused. After 2 hours he rubbed against Justin and was ready to eat.
    As you would expect his appetite Been horrible. So he started eating fresh grass from benjamins hand. As time went on. He for the first time since Monday he went to his hay
    Bin and dr. Laura was very happy since it was his first time eating hay since Monday.
    She had been trying to give him treats he didn't want.
    Hope we gave him the love and care and encouragement to do that.
    With all your good wishes and prayers we will pull through that
    Positive side. His feet are perfect no discomfort at all. He is in critical condition the next 24 hours are crucial. He needs to fight.
    He has been an unbelievable patient. Full of class and very easy to work with. He looked sad to me and depressed. I can feel his body temp And how high it is. When I was touching him. His head was low down. Totally heartbreaking. I can see Benjamin totally tearing and trying
    Have been there. Dr. Laura Javsicas. You can tell that she genuinely cares. She warned us that he lost around 100+ pounds since Monday.
    We are driving back from Saratoga. Tough day. Very sad. We are very emotional. Our only console and comfort
    We are still with paynter in his stall. It will be a 3 hour drive back home. Will update on the drive back
  • Poor guy =( I didn't think it was possible for a horse to lose that much weight in such a short amount of time.... Paynter REALLY must not be feeling good.
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    More info on Paynter. FYI-Thursday was Ahmed Zayat’s 50th Birthday
    A.ZAYAT‏ tweet Fri Aug. 31
    Omg omg the power of prayer. Please keep praying his white blood cell is 9000 which is 9X of what it was. Good sign. Appetite improving cont

    A.ZAYAT‏ tweet Fri Aug 31
    Best birthday gift. Will send more updates as we get them today #PowerUpPaynter

    Justin Zayat‏ tweet Thurs. Aug 30th
    Happy 50th birthday to the best dad/mentor/boss/I know in the world @jazz3162 you have given me the most amazing life I can ask for #loveyou
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