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  • Paynter Update Wed. Sept 5 at 11:30 Pacific A. Zayat tweets combined:
    Paynter morning update: We still have Paynter in our lives for that we are blessed. Paynter continues to go through a rollercoaster sickness with significant complications. Ironically today he is having a decent day, he is one tough horse!

    It is admirable but heartbreaking. On the positive side, he stays comfortable in his new cast fitting, unbelievably so that according to Dr. Laura says he is actually walking around comfortably in them. What a star!! On the negative side he continues to fight his colitis hard.His fever is higher today than we would want it.The protein levels continue to be low. He still has diarrhea, but amazingly enough his attitude is better and his appetite continues to improve.

    He is fighting and we will keep praying for him to fight as long as we are secsitive to his needs. Again, our primary concern is his comfort
  • This is just an FYI
    Zayat Stables does have a web site.
    Updates on Paynter are on it--the current one is today (Wed. 5th) from DRF
    Here is the link
    They are also on Facebook & Twitter
    Thought you'd like to know
  • Paynter Update Wed. Sept 5 4:20 pm Pacific A.ZAYAT‏ tweets combined
    Paynter update: Paynter continues to amaze his vets by his resilience, class, charm, determination, what a horse. Indeed he is so special. .
    Paynter has been walking comfortably all day. This afternoon his diarrhea resolved and he passed formed manure. He was mildly uncomfortable when defecating, which is not uncommon in horses with colitis as the diarrhea resolves He has had an intermittent low grade fever but his blood work continues to be normal. He continues to be treated aggressively.
    Please keep your good prayers and energy coming our champ is fighting and fighting hard
  • Paynter Update Thurs. Sept. 6 8:30 a m Pacific. A. Zayat tweets combined
    Paynter update: Paynter was comfortable overnight and has been eating well. He continues to pass soft formed manure He is walking very comfortably in the stall. He continues to have low protein levels but his edema has improved dramatically.
    that was just a brief update on paynters medical situation. On a personal basis. I've heard from numerous people that it is impossible to beat laminitis particularly while fighting colitis! It's a lethal combination but I have hope because I know that paynter is SPECIAL and will get through this
  • Animal Kingdom continues to make progress for his return (Breeders Cup?)
    By David Grening DRF 09/06/2012 5:01PM
    Animal Kingdom, the 2011 Kentucky Derby winner, continues to progress toward a return to the races, posting his third workout in 16 days Wednesday at the Fair Hill training center in North East, Md.
    Trainer Graham Motion said Thursday that if Animal Kingdom continues to progress, he could be ready to return to the races in late October or early November. While Motion said he is not under any pressure from owner Barry Irwin to make a particular race, nor has he picked out a specific spot, he has not ruled out anything, including a Breeders’ Cup race.
    When asked if it would be ridiculous to think about the Breeders’ Cup, Motion said, “I don’t think anything is too ridiculous with this caliber of horse.”
    Keta Note: Animal Kingdom was diagnosed with the beginnings of a stress fracture in his pelvic region in early March.
  • Be exciting to see him back on the track
  • Paynter Update: Brief but Positive!
    Fri. Sept.7 7:40 am A. Zayat tweets combined:
    Paynter continues to gradually improve . He is passing manure and eating .
    He remain comfortable in his casts And walks freely around his stall .
    His fever is under control . His protein levels have stabilized #star #warrior#champion
  • 6 yr.-old BC Juvenile Fillies Turf Winner, Maram, Dies. Her first foal by Giant's Causeway born this year is okay.
  • Paynter Update- Progress Continues!
    Fri. Sept. 7th 4:00 pm. A Zayat tweets combined

    paynter up; our BIG boy countinue to show his class ,he is fligthing hard ,stable this afternoon.he is much brighter and it is hard to pull him away from the grass and his special food that Dr. laura Javsicas has has got him.
    i am happy to have day like today. thats good news super roller coaster
    toughest horse in america
    have a nice weekend #star #champ #warrio

    Keta Note: Reading the closing “Have a nice weekend” makes me think that there will not be tweets unless there is change. So, please do not be alarmed if there is no news.
    I will be checking Twitter to see if there are any tweets.
    Happy Friday!
  • BklynBckstretch tweets Zo Impressive Update on Sat. Sept. 8
    Good news this morning on Zo Impressive from Tom Albertrani.
    Had successful surgery & is healing well on the farm in Florida

    She's retired but expected to make a full recovery. (2/2)
  • Former Golden Jubilee Stakes winner Society Rock defied odds of 10-1 to secure the Betfred Sprint Cup at Haydock, with pre-race favourite Ortensia finishing out of the top four. (BBC) Sat. Sept. 8

    Paul Messara‏ her trainer tweeted updates:
    Ortensia sustained an inch long cut to her right fetlock today at Haydock. cont/..
    It wasn't the way we planned on finishing our preparation in Europe, but we could not be more pleased by what she has achieved.
    The cut was right on the point of the sesamoid and certainly would have been painful enough to restrict her action.
  • Paynter Update on Sat. Sept. 8th by Justin Zayat—Good News Continues!!
    Paynter update: Doing well. Protein stable. Feet comfortable.Temp 101.3.
    We are stopping the iv antibiotic and will monitor fevers.
    he is stable and comfortable.He has a long way to go but this is a step in the right direction. He’s fighting hard
    keep praying for OUR star. He can pull through this!!

    Surprised and happy to spot the Tweets & share them!
  • Paynter Update-Sun. Sept. 9 at 4:00 pm Progress Continues to be Good!!
    A. Zayat tweets
    Paynter continues to improve gradually today he is having a great day in fact he had an excellent weekend. He is stable his temperature has been totally normal for the last 36 hours.
    He is eating well. He likes his new grain , his protein level is stable.
    His Edema continues to gradually improve. His manure is soft, his feet are very comfortable
    All in all a very positive and upbeat report from his angel Dr. Laura. Paynter has served us notice, I WILL BEAT THIS.
    He is brave and courageous and total class. He is a super horse, He is the toughest horse in America. #steelhorse
    I think we have won the battle with his colitis but we are still fighting the war.
    Keep your prayer and good wishes the champ will be back! #poweruppaynter

    Mr. Zayat was asked by tweet: How long will he wear casts? Hope his feet stay comfy.
    His tweet answer: another 10days
  • Paynter Update: Mon. Sept. 10. More Great News!
    A. Zayat tweets 6 minutes ago at 8:50 am Pacific time
    Paynter Update: We continue to be blessed by a special horse, he continues to defy the odds.
    We have a happy horse today, no fever, all blood work is good. He is comfortable stable and eating well. His protein level is good all in all looks like painter continues to turn the corner and winning his battle with his colitis.

    On his fight with his fight with his laminitis, Let me explain more in detail…
    Paynter has 3 of his legs with casts to support his feet. He has no had any rotation at any point since the start of his illness in any of his feet. None of them have shown any sinking ever since the beginning of his diagnosis. It is fair to say that we caught a very mild laminitis in the first stages. We have taken today for the first time new sets of x rays on his 3 feet since he has been in the casts since last Sunday. Dr. Laura was extremely happy to see that there was no radiological changes from last week in fact there has been much improvement from the way his feet looked before being in the cast.So she feels very hopeful and encouraged that if we continue to have comfortable feet and we feel blessed that this courageous Paynter, not only beaten colitis but he has a very good chance of beating laminitis.

    Miracles can happen; I am very heartened and encouraged that not only Paynter will survive as a stallion but in 10 days when his casts are off. We can be in for a surprise that we have a chance of seeing him back as a racehorse in 2013.

    Please god answer our prayers. I feel today like dancing and crying but this time out of happiness. #warrior #champ #special
  • At least he was retired 1-year older than everyone else....
  • Paynter out grazing!
    Update Mon. Sept. 10 in afternoon
    Justin Zayat‏ tweet to A. Zayat
    Just got news that Paynter went outside to graze for his first time.
    Loved it
  • In an update a few days ago it was said he couldn't be pulled away from the grass
  • That's a great sign of a healthy appetite. He's probably lost so much weight that he's VERY eager to put some back on.
  • Sorry to have to post a depressing piece on one of my favourites:
    Whobe was a lovely horse, and his jockey and trainer are great fellas. Very depressing.
  • Skysportsradio has reported as follows:
    Ditto to that.
  • What'd he die from?
  • Rachel: No official reports so far on cause of death, but one source says "natural causes".
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