Early belmont picks?

Anyone have any early Belmont picks? I've seen some good works in the horse racing videos section on HRTV, but I don't know if it's enough to make up my mind. Will be excited to see how the draw goes this Wednesday.


  • I liked Palace Malice in the derby and I like him in the Belmont also. Also like oxbow, Orb, Freedom Child, and Unlimited Budget. I will probably make my final choice after the post position draw though or maybe as late as friday?
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    Haskell has interesting commentary on Incognito on the Blood Horse site.

    From what I am reading, there are mixed bag favorites for this one. Right now I am still with Orb, would like to see him redeem himself and take 2 of the three TC races. Not sure the distance will work for Oxbow and in the Preakness there were horses that were gaining on him. At any rate and as always hoping for a safe trip and return to the barn for all.


  • Unlimited Budget Will Get Her Shot at History
    By Frank Angst,

    Read more on BloodHorse.com: http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/78657/unlimited-budget-will-get-her-shot-at-history#ixzz2VFMxJBqY
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    I just don't know....GIRL POWER vs the "O's"....
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    Watched the Belmont draw this morning on the horse racing videos section on HRTV.com. What do you guys think about the positions? I think Orb is looking pretty good in the 5 slot.

  • It has the potential to be muddy (maybe very?) depending on the track of TS Andrea. Orb got it done once in the slop, can he do it again?
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    Well it might be deep, belmont has sand on the track which helps dry it out fast. However if its continuously raining the track will be sloppy like it was when Freedom Child won the Peter Pan
  • Well it might be deep, belmont has sand on the track which helps dry it out fast. However if its continuously raining the track will be sloppy like it was when Freedom Child won the Peter Pan
    Yeah :) wink wink! as Zenny would say!
  • There are several horses that have a good shot at winning this classic, but my top selection is Orb: http://pastthegrandstand.blogspot.com/2013/06/2013-belmont-stakes-field-analysis.html
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    The Os are against U. But I love the girl power team and will be rooting for Rosie on UB.
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    I cant decide between GIRL POWER or my "O".....
  • Just thought I'd share this :) :

    Winstar Stablemates is having a Belmont picks contest, complete with prizes! Just follow the link and instructions. Plus this contest is for ALL MEMBERS which includes those who have signed up for FREE MEMBERSHIP! if you haven't already, sign up for an account ;) oh and the contest ends tomorrow at midnight, so hurry up!
  • I just entered the contest yesterday. Winstar has some fun contests, although I haven't won one yet, but still it's fun.
  • The Belmont is the most quirky of the Triple Crown races. It's a race where jockeys have been known to move too soon because of Belmont's huge mile and a half oval. Even the New York jockeys have given bad rides as this is the only race at Belmont that will use the entire race track, ALL OTHER RACES ON THE DIRT AT BELMONT ARE ONE-TURN RACES.

    That being said and with rain in the forcast, I'm waiting to look at the past performances.
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    I entered Winstars contest today....
    Also....Will Take Charge looks gorgeous but hates the slop

  • I entered Winstars contest today....
    Also....Will Take Charge looks gorgeous but hates the slop
    He probably doesn't want his shiney coat ruined hahahaha
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    WTC and his brother...Take Charge Indy...are both lookers
  • I know they say that WTC doesn't like the slop due to his flop in the Southwest, but he was moving right with Orb in the Derby day slop until he ran right into the back of Verrazano :-/ so IDK.... I'm still hoping ;) plus I like that he got Jon Court back.
  • One thing to recognize is the distance rating. On the top left hand side is the statistics for the horse. The last of the statistics is DST (distance). Since this is a mile and a half race, the distance rating is important. What it calculates is is the horse bred to go the distance, the higher the rating, the better. Surprisingly, Oxbow has the best rating, 330, but others are close. Vyjack has the worst rating, 220, so I'm throwing him out. But Oxbow's rating is only the best by a little, take that into consideration.

    Another thing to consider is the "wet" rating. The higher the rating, the better bred he or she is for the off track. Plus they include their wet record. For example, #1 FRAC DADDY has a record of: 2 0 1 0, meaning he's started two times on the off track with no wins, one second and no thirds.
  • In many cases, the Belmont is won by a "sleeper", or a horse who didn't start in the Derby or Preakness.

    But REVOLUTIONARY'S form pops out. He's never finished worst that 3rd. His wet record is a very good: 5 2 1 2. He has closing style that YOU WOULD THINK WOULD FIT THE BELMONT.

    But don't be fooled. Remember his distance rating is rather low, 256, and many times good-looking stretch runners fade out when they attempt to go longer. I like the fact that he hasn't run since the Derby, meaning he's fresher, good trainer and jockey combo and he's performing in New York City, his home. Overall, definitely a contender.
  • MY PICK is #9 REVOLUTIONARY. I have three live longshots that could get there: #6 INCOGNITO, #12 PALACE MALICE and #14 GOLDEN SOUL.

    I'll probably try a trifecta 9 over 6,12,14 and a Super with the same numbers. And I'll bet on Revolutionary to show.

    That's it.
  • One error I made about Revolutionary, is his wet record is 2 1 0 1, meaning out of two starts on the wet track he has a first and a third, which is a good record.

    This horse is 7 for 7 in the money, so i'll probably play a total of $18 in the tri ($12) and Super ($6), and $60 to show, I project I could double my $60 if he at least shows, showing a $42 profit. If the tri or super hit, watch out!
  • Im going out of state to bet, looking forward to playing the races!
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