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  • I remember The Green Monkey as a baby. He was bred at Padua and I have nothing against the owners. I thought of him b/c of his price tag and the ridiculous of it all. Now, if we were talking about Paynter breeding then I would be all for it. This animal has shown such strength and longevity. This is a horse that would influence the breed.
  • Here is his pedigree Profile. It includes how to bet on his future offspring and also bloodlines that might work well with him.
  • Here is Shanghai Bobby's pedigree profile. Includes how to bet on his future offspring and some bloodlines he might do well with.
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    Maybe some of these horses truly don't need to race as 2 year olds? Everyone has good points about Shangai Bobby, but I have to wonder if he hadn't been raced until 3 or 4, perhaps he wouldn't have been so unlucky. I don't fault Pletcher so much as he gets paid to do a job, but I question the people that pay Pletcher. Bobby won a lot as a 2 year old, didn't he? Connections push the trainers to push the horses, almost no matter what! Maybe if his skeletal system was fully grown, he wouldn't have been injured so much. This DOES NOT mean I don't love the horse. In fact, I love all the horses and hate to see them pushed so hard at age 2. But there are many more at fault than just the trainer. Maybe horses could race longer if they didn't start so young.
  • I thought $16 million was a bit too much myself. As far as strength, although, Bobby's injury was not life-threatening, it does take a special horse, a 3-year-old colt, no less, to tolerate being confined so his pelvic fracture could heal. I'm sure he would have preferred running around in his paddock or jogging on the track, but that's not going to make the healing go any faster, just the opposite. Longevity - suspensory injuries are common injuries in horse racing. It's not as if Bobby had a say in whether he wanted to retire, from all reports I read, he was looking forward to racing again, as well as his connections, but sometimes you need to go with your head and not with your heart. I guess it's all in how you look at what you consider longevity and strength means in breeding. As in horse racing, breeding is a gamble.
  • I don't think anyone is doubting he's bred really well and he is a nice horse. My point is not every stallion is meant to be bred. I know of owners that have great champions but never breed them. Why, b/c they've only raced and won periodically. Zenyatta is the perfect example of breeding an outstanding horse with longevity. You know and hope her offspring races for a long time. I wish Bobby the best in his new career and maybe he will prove us all wrong! It's all about the horse's and keeping them strong.
  • Nayrod: you are so right. Not every TB needs to be bred. Lot's of them should be gelded before they are ever put on the track due to bad conformation faults that do not need to be passed on period. It doesn't matter who they are out of, bad structure is just that...Bad. I believe it would help the breed so much more if this were done. If they are geldings and don't run well, they have a chance at being retrained and other career's. JMHO. It would make for more soundness in TB's
  • Nayrod, what do you consider as being a good stallion prospect? Other than longevity, does class enter into it, does the horse have to win, place or show in graded stakes, or any stakes? Are there any stallions currently that fit your criteria?
  • As far as gelding them goes, having been involved in racehorse rescues, unfortunately it is the geldings who end up racing at 13 in low claimers, breaking down, or sold to slaughter. There are not enough people interested in geldings once they aren't making any money. Monzante is one example and he has a half-brother, age 13, racing too often even after being vet scratched or trainer scratched twice in one month. There are so many problems, it's mind boggling to think about. This is Monzante's half brother currently being raced to death.
  • My point to the above post is that gelding has its own issues for the horse because too few people actually give them a good retirement.
  • If Zenyatta was a stallion the stud fee would be over 500k. Sadly, she isn't but hope she passes her amazingness down to her children. I'm not really impressed with stallions of today. There will never be another Mr. Prospector or Seatle Slew and Storm Cat. Breeding thoroughbreds is a gamble and you just never know. Secretariat is the best race horse ever but a dud in the breeding shed. I think be made a small dent as a broodmare sire. It's too bad Wise Dan, CIgar, John Henry and Lava Man weren't able to produce. I wish Bobby much success in the breeding shed!
  • I don't know much about keeping TB's all Stallions, ok most of them. I deal with Quarter and Paints and Warm Bloods. I just know if the conformation is wrong they are gelded and used for what ever each person wants to use them for. I myself do not own any geldings. Only Mares and Stallions. So in TB maybe it is entirely different. I wish Bobby good luck as well, as I have always liked him. It is sad however what happens to TB geldings being raced to death. Very sad. :(
  • No matter what my opinion, I sincerely wish Shanghai Bobby well. He's a beautiful horse.
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  • Lesliec, It makes me so happy when someone else cares about these poor horses. Thank you for that. There is a group of people who have taken on the job of watching "at risk" horses such as Blue Mon, above. Basically, they make it public knowledge they are watching to the race tracks where these horses are raced and publicize the trainers that are doing the racing of these horses. The word is spreading, but unfortunately it doesn't save most of them. Some of the trainers have put the horses "for sale" but are still racing them in the meantime. Some of the horses that have been watched still broke down on the track including Jacob's Dream who was watched and was euthanized. But at least each race, each injury, and each death is being noticed and reported on which is making some tracks try to make changes to avoid the bad publicity. You can go to twitter if you are interested and search for S.O.S. (@NotCloudyAllDay) to see what they are doing and see all the horses they are watching. It's very interesting. None of it is near enough, though, and still very overwhelming. Okay, guys, off the soapbox for now.
  • In thoroughbreds it's about money. Even a gelding can make 10 times more than a show horse. Confirmation is one of many criteria's in choosing a TB. Unbridled as one of the most famous of all TB stallions. Yet, he was knocked knee, swayed back and had poor hind quarters. That didn't stop him from breeding amazing and outstanding racing stock. Warm bloods stallions have testing that they have to go through. The ones that do well are bred and the babies have a better chance to be branded by the breed type.
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  • Lesliec, In Blue Mon's race on September 28th he came in 7th of 8 horses. Is the trainer you talked to Timothy Hamm? As far as we know right now no one has told anyone he retired Blue Mon, though I hope to God he is retired. I'm going to check.
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  • lesliec, I can't find the comment on that page, maybe looking in the wrong place or it was taken down. I just don't know if it is true or not. If so, I would love to know where he was retired and if he was retired to his original owner or a new owner.
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