Bob Baffert Heart Attack in Dubai Updates

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Jay Privman of DRF (Daily Racing Forum) tweeted today Mon. March 26
Bob Baffert suffered heart attack in Dubai, reports Game On Dude co-owner Bernie Schiappa.
He is OK. Had stents inserted
Second Tweet said:
Schiappa says Baffert will remain in Dubai "8-10 days" after World Cup to recuperate.
Incident happened 3 am Mon. Dubai time
Third Tweet:
Sheikh Mohammed "got the best help in the world to take care of Bob," Schiappa said. Sheikh Mo was in his room just now

Keep Bob & his family in your thoughts & prayers!


  • Gods speed Bob ......... feel better soon. Glad your ok :)
  • That's terrible & so far from home. Feel better soon!
  • So sorry to hear this news but he'd probably in the best place in the world to receive good help. Speedy recovery Bob, we want you in tip top shape again.
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  • I am so glad Bob was able to get help. It can be scary to be so far away from home and be in a hospital.I am sure he will get the best of care..Sherry
  • I am so sorry to hear this, but I know they have excellent healthcare in Dubai. Putting in stents was exactly the right thing to do. I know Sheikh Mohammed will make sure he has everything he needs. My very best wishes that Bob gets well soon. Take care of that heart and stay on top of it Bob.
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    Our thoughts and prayers are with Bob and his family. Here's to a speedy recovery.

    Lou in Tx
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    Wonder what the impact will be on the Derby?
    Will doctors recommend that Bob scale back for awhile?
    We will have to wait and see.
  • I hope he'll be able to train stil
  • How old is he just wondering
  • MKernMKern Member
    @ Summerize: He is 59.
    I hope for his speedy recovery.
  • Best wishes to Bob and his family. I hope he has a speedy recovery and is soon back doing what he loves.

  • Wow. So far from home. Thankfully Sheikh Mohhammed could arrange the best care for Mr. Baffert. The horse racing community can overcome "rivalries" on the track to help out each other. Kudos. And, Mr. Baffert has his "army" of assistants to take care of business while he's on the mend. Hoping for a quick and full recovery.
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  • wow that is young, did he have any underling issues with his heart that could have triggered it?
  • Oh man, that's awful news. Glad to hear he's on the mend, though. Stent can work wonders on blockages. My mom had some in her mid 70s and they've worked remarkably well on her and she's still going strong!
  • well I hope he is fine, glad the stent will help
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    We wish him well. He is such a great competitor and a gentleman
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    Here is the story from the Daily Racing Form
    I posted excerpts from it
    Bob Baffert said to have heart attack in Dubai
    By Jay Privman
    Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert had a heart attack early Monday morning in Dubai and was resting comfortably in a hospital there Monday evening after having stents inserted into two arteries, according to Bernie Schiappa, a co-owner of Game On Dude, who is scheduled to run on Saturday in the $10 million Dubai World Cup.

    "Bob had a heart attack," Schiappa said. "He had two blocked arteries. The main one was 100-percent blocked, the other 90-percent. He had two stents put in one artery, one stent in the other.

    "Sheikh Mohammed," Schiappa said, referring to the ruler of Dubai, "has gone out of his way and got the best help to take care of Bob. He will stay in intensive care until Tuesday, and is expected to get out of the hospital on Thursday. He will have to stay eight to 10 days to recover before he can fly home."
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    Jay Privman DRF just tweeted
    Bob Baffert was still training his horses (by phone) as he was going into surgery after heart attack, wife Jill says

  • Wow, thank you for the news. Haven't been to yet today. I hope that Bob has a speedy recovery and, that he'll be his blissful self again!
  • So sorry to hear this, but feel he will be fine! So far from home but getting the best care. It's great they can do so much with stents these days. Get well soon.
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  • Get well wishes to Bob Baffert and all the best to his family. I wondered about his reaction when Castaway didn't do well yesterday in the Sunland Derby. I'm sure he was disappointed, but he's a pro! I've always wondered if these great trainers take as good care of themselves as they do their horses. I'm thinking maybe not. Greens and grains for all! Come home safe and sound, Mr. Baffert!
  • Get well soon, Bob. We need you in the race for the roses. By the way, could you stop in Japan on your way home and bring back your Derby/Preakness winner, War Emblem?
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