How Do You Know When It's Time to Say Goodbye?



  • Take solace in knowing she didn't suffer, I know one day I'll have to do this with my cat..... I must be one of the few who actually doesn't want to cremate my animal. I will take her body, put it in a box with her favorite toys.... And bury her, so her body may return to the soil and all the nutrients it provides nourish the rose bush I plan to plant on top of it.
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    Oh, those roses will be EXTRA beautiful when they bloom :)
  • I had mentioned my beloved Ocicat Tarot. Well his cancer came back in August. His spirits were good and he kept fighting until his 13th birthday on October 7. After that he started to lose interest in food, not that he ever was really big on it. On Oct. 11 he told us it was time, about 2 hours after the vet closed for the weekend. On Sunday he told us that if we were going to keep him from suffering then we went to the Emergency Vet clinic THEN. We did, they asked if I wanted to hold him which I did. Even though it has been nearly a month I am crying as I write this. His ashes are here with us, I have a lovely Angel Cat to put them in.
    On a positive note, we will be picking up 2 kittens in 2 weeks. They are also Ocicats, they will be nearly 4 months and neutered. Life goes on!
  • Aww, I am so sorry you had to let your boy go. There really is nothing harder, they are part of our family. Even knowing you did the right thing doesn't make it any easier. The most important thing is that you were with him until the very end and he knew nothing but love from the time you got him until he left.

    I still cry over my dog who I had to make that decision for in 2012. It still is hard, but I know he knew nothing but love all his life until the end.

    I'm so glad you're getting the new kittens. They will never take your cat's place, but they will keep you busy so you won't miss him quite so much.
  • Thinking of our 4 legged friends, they are entrusted to us but sometimes it seems they grace us with their company for too short of a time. K
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    Pepper so sorry you lost your beloved Tasha. I have made the decision to put many pets to sleep over the years. I have always had dogs and cats that have shared their lives with myself and my family. They brought joy, laughter, and love during lives that seemed far too short. Doing them the greatest kindness by releasing them from pain and the infirmities of old age has been a very difficult and painful decision that I have had to make for each of my old friends. They were all special, and I loved each of them dearly. But, for each pet they let me know when the time was near. I would just start watching and waiting for the moment when they told me that it was time for me to help them over the rainbow bridge. These decisions have been very very difficult for me, and sometimes I have doubted if I did the right thing or chosen the right time. However, as I adjusted from my grief, I realized that my decision was the right choice, and I had done the best I could for my dear friend.
  • I echo your thought. Each pet is different in terms of decision for owner but we do the best that we can for their quality of life and their circumstances. AlwAys a Heartbreaking decicision. Kept
  • I have had an Ocicat. Very fun cats they are
  • He sure was. He did everything with a flair. I am looking forward to the kittens.
  • Sometimes it seems the hardest part is leaving the Vet's with an empty carrier, or just a leash. I always try to hold off the tears until I get home because it's hard to drive otherwise. But I don't always make it. It's so hard. So sorry, Springsmom83. Enjoy your kittens when they get there. They will help.
  • Coming back to this topic today and catching up, my eyes are all misty again. Tears for all the loved animals we have all experienced to enrich our lives. Losing them is always so hard. Springsmom, I hope you will keep us updated on your new kittens. Photos would be great too!
  • I will have to learn how to post pictures but I will try. The breeder has been sending me pictures and 2 videos so I am really looking forward to meeting them. They will never take Tarot's place nor would I expect them too. They will make their own unique place.
  • Would love to see your photos in the forum!
    I've made for first timers...a tutorial for Tinypic on how to post pictures. Tinypic is a free image hosting site. I also have a tutorial for the revised ImageShack but there's now a nominal fee for this site...something like $2 a month.

    Both of these tutorials are in the Tech Support & Tutorial Category.

    But if you need any help, don't hesitate to send me a message when you notice I am on the forum. :oD
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