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    She is probably back in Kentucky unless they aim to breed her to Euro stallions and race offspring in Europe as well. Don't know. Inquiries can't hurt. She is a valuable mare ,Sia, but not a pet. She will get the best of care because of who owns her and who she is. All the high profile broodmares in the end are valuable commodities. That does not mean people around them, owners, caretakers, et al., don't love them or value them.
  • KMM I guess I've watched too many movies like National Velvet. I'm too softhearted now to be a real horse professional.
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    Sia, she will get great care and love by those that handle her everyday. Not to worry. Horse people from bottom up and top down I don't think are autotans. Horses touch us, and interacting with them on a day-to-day basis, they just touch us. I am sure she is in good hands. My thoughts. K
  • @Sia4215
    I often think of Ebby, too. I find it frustrating that no one can find information confirming that she is in foal to either Frankel or Oasis Dream. I have read that she was purchased as a broodmare prospect --- for her pedigree. She was purchased by Mr. Ian Branwell, St. George Farm, at the Keeneland Nov. 2013 Breeding Stock Sale for $2, 1000,000. While he left her in Shirreffs barn, I believe that was primarily to keep her fit until he had finalized arrangements for shipping her overseas for breeding. He was well aware of her "issues" with being a racehorse. He also has a long standing relationship with John Shirreffs and trusted his care of Ebby during this waiting period.
    Mr. Branwell established St. George Farm as a broodmare farm, but does race some of his homebreds if he doesn't get what he considers their value at auction. He races some solely as St. George Racing, LLC and sometimes partners with G. Watts Humphrey Jr.
    Both of these men have such interesting backgrounds --- here's a couple of links with info regarding each of them:
    If Ebby is in foal, at the very least, we should hear something by March or April, 2016. Hoping for good news when we get it and truly hope Ebby finds her calling as a broodmare.
  • I think she was kept in training in an effort to get some Black Type, not to keep her fit. I believe they had hope she would recapture the early form of her first two races. Believe me if they had known what was ahead in 2014 (as far as her race record) they would have bred her in 2014 for a 2015 foal and they would be waiting right now for her to deliver her second foal; a far greater return on investment then what they received for keeping her in training in 2014.
  • @Especially_Horses
    I defer to your opinion as I respect your knowledge regarding all things horses --- but Mr. Branwell knew that Ebby as a racehorse was a "roll of the dice" and his primary interest is developing a successful, albeit small, broodmare operation.
    He apparently knew who he wanted to bred her to, but those stud books fill up quickly and I've read on other blogs that you have to book pretty far out with some of the elite stallions.
    Like John Shirreffs, Mr. Branwell appears to to a patient man --- He also owns and bred Mr. Commons (2008 foal) and he's still in training. He's close to earning a million --- think he'll retire when he hits that mark!
    I just hope Ebby is healthy and happy and is a successful broodmare in the years to come. She always had a "huge shadow" surrounding her --- following in Zenyatta's horse shoes would have been near impossible for almost any talented filly/mare and the comparisons somewhat unfair. Zenyatta is one of a kind.
  • I’ve never claimed to be much of an expert in equine management, but at times I think we all sound like experts, lol. For expert opinion I defer to @Zenyen who I believe has quite a lot of hands on experience in this Industry.

    I do believe Mr. Branwell bought Ebby first and foremost to be a broodmare and what a fantastic choice. If as you say Mr. Branwell is a patient owner, and I agree with you, then he is also most likely averse to high risk. Using the track to keep a valuable potential broodmare fit until the 2015 breeding season is high risk. If fitness was the sole objective there are safer methods to employ. That’s why I think he had two objectives in mind – keep her in training one more year and maybe get some black type and then off to the broodmare ranks in 2015. I have to believe he consulted with John Shirreffs and was advised it was possible (black type). I don’t think Ebby would have been kept in training otherwise, but would have gone straight to a farm to be bred. In fact I recall reading something about how happy the Shirreffs barn was on hearing the buyer was Mr. Branwell because they did think she would be retired and sent off to be bred. Although, as a racer, she was nowhere in the league as her older half-sis, stallion managers would recognize what she brings to the table and Mr. Branwell could have found an elite stallion for a 2014 breeding, at least that’s what I think.

    Ebby is such an elegant beauty, I hope we hear about her soon.
  • Thank you bleubetty for the articles and the information. I really hope Ebby has a happy future as a broodmare. I'm glad to know KMM that there will be people treasuring her. I would be fun to know if she has been bred and to who so that we could play the name game with her little one too.
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    Sia, she is in good hands and is a very valuable broodmare with great breeding. Who knows, she may have greater success in breeding shed then Zen. It it all a roll of the dice. My thoughts. K
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    Ebby is a very valuable mare, and if she is carrying a Frankel foal, her owner may wish to keep her condition and where abouts very quiet. This maybe a safety issue/concern for the owner. We are so used to the open information we get from the Mosses. It is hard to understand how other owners may wish to keep news away from the public. We can try to get info about Ebby, but St. George Farm may not be willing to share at this time. OR, we may get lucky and get some information if we try, and that would be wonderful! I often think about Ebby, and hope she is happily in foal in a Kentucky green grass field with a herd of other mares. Sooner or later we will get news of Ebby!
    I am not necessarily concerned with where she is at, I just want to know if she is in foal and Who to. Also if a mare is shipped overseas to be bred they usually stay there until the foal is born/ weaned. I am still waiting to hear back.
  • Here is Eblouissante
  • Here is Eblouissante
    Thanks @jnwisconsin
  • Just heard Eblouissante had a filly by Oasis Dream sometime in March!
  • Get us photo, haha.
    Just heard Eblouissante had a filly by Oasis Dream sometime in March!
  • Get us photo, haha.
    Just heard Eblouissante had a filly by Oasis Dream sometime in March!
    I am trying to find out more but nothing as of yet.
  • I looked under every search I could think of and nada. I also tried finding out where in England whe is stabled, also nada. Then I looked for any stable in England owned by Ian Banwell. Again nada. I tried his st. Georges Racing, too didn't get anything other than George is the patron saint of England as well as horses and horsemen.

  • Here is Eblouissante
    Here? Where?
  • Here is Eblouissante

    Here? Where?
    She meant the discussion. She bumped it so i could find it easier.
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    I saw of fb it was a colt...not a filly....
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    Great! Name Mirage:) Oasis Dreamx Eblouissante ( Sparkling in French).
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    Eblouissante Update
    Answer to my question by Juddmonte Farms-FanPage May 19 2016
    Eblouissante gave birth to an Oasis Dream colt in March.
    He was bred by St George Farm LLC. Matt T Child
  • Wish they would post a picture. Thanks for the post, Keta.
  • I hope they bring Ebby back to the U.S. to be bred in the future. I sure would like to see an offspring of her's race in the U.S.
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    I think she will stay in Europe. IMO.
  • Oh darn, that's disappointing. I think Bernardini is going to turn out to be a good broodmare sire and Ebby may turn out to be a better producer than Zeny. Oh well, at least news is virtual.
    I think she will stay in Europe. IMO.
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