St. Nicholas Abbey



  • Eventually I can take the long view; that his death, and that of others, while tragic, does serve a purpose. That purpose is finding a cure for laminitis, and the dreaded colic, which as you say Lynda, is unforeseen, and not related to the laminitis, or the initial fracture. It's good to remind everyone that he hasn't died in vain. But for now, I just feel incredibly sad that he lost his battle in the end, in spite of all the loving and cutting edge care he got, and in spite of his fighting spirit and incredible heart.
  • KetaKeta Member
    Cheltenham Festival ‏tweet on Friday March 7, 2014
    St Nicholas Abbey is to be honoured at Epsom this year by having
    the Investec Coronation Cup named after him.
    He won the race three times!
  • Oh, that's nice!
  • So sad! He was a hero to the end. :'-(
    Thanks for posting Rachel.
  • He tried so hard, and was improving but then that last bout of Colic did him in :(
  • Such a beautiful resting place...worthy of him, he was so beautiful! Noble Boy!
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