St. Nicholas Abbey



  • Ditto.
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    I'm also sending lit candles from St. Nicholas Cathedral for "St. Nicholas Abbey".
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  • Good grief. Let us hope there are no setbacks like this. Poor Abbey is really having a rough time of it.
  • Didn't know where to put this but since we are keeping an eye on SNA here's another that needs prayers.
    "Sad news out of Taylor Made Farm: leading sire Unbridled's Song is current at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital undergoing tests...According to Taylor Made's Travis White, Unbridled's Song started showing symptoms of neurologial issues yesterday...White added "Once they've had a complete evaluation, will consult with us and we'll go from there. It doesn't look real good right now."
  • Headed to light candle for St Nicholas Abbey . I let a candle the 23 of July .

    Thinking about the great vet's that are trying to save him and the owner that's doing all they can to save him.
  • Lighting a candle for St. Nicholas Abbey. Praying for his recovery.
  • Were all praying for you big boy. Power up St. Nicholas Abbey.
  • Power up Nick! The whole world is sending you good wishes beautiful boy!
  • Anyone, any news?
  • I just lit a candle for St. Nicholas Abbey.
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    Anyone, any news?
    I haven't heard anything new.
  • I did see on Coolmore Stud facebook that his surgery was done in consultation with Dr. Dean Richardson of New Bolton who we know did Barbaro's surgery.

  • His situation is so similar to Barbaro, it's spooky.
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    Coolmore made the following tweets beginning at 6:15am..california time

    Coolmore ‏@coolmorestud 10m
    St Nicholas Abbey has made positive progress and is in good form today following yesterday's colic surgery

    Coolmore ‏@coolmorestud 10m
    The colic was caused by caecal shutdown (equivalent to the human appendix), which is an extremely painful condition

    Coolmore ‏@coolmorestud 11m
    His treatment means he cannot have food for a prolonged period - this is difficult for a horse like St Nicholas Abbey who loves his food!

    Coolmore ‏@coolmorestud 11m
    He will get parentral nutrition instead (intravenous nutrition) to fulfill his daily requirements.

    Coolmore ‏@coolmorestud 11m
    Dr Nathan Slovis a medicine specialist from the Hagyard Institute in Kentucky arrived today to oversee his ongoing recovery and treatments.

    Coolmore ‏@coolmorestud 11m
    All surgeons are pleased with the progress he is making with his pastern reconstruction and he is taking weight on the leg well.

    sounds like "nick" had a pretty good day so far
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  • I know I'm being fussy, but can we call him "Abbey" instead? My boyfriend is named Nick and every time I see something about "Nick in the hospital", no matter where it is.... I have a mini heart attack! Lol
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    Here's the latest from across the pond, it's pretty much the summation of the tweets from Coolmore listed above:

    Thank Goodness he's doing much better!! I hope everything continues this way in his long recovery back to health. Please, no more eventful health problems. We're with you Big Boy.
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    Please keep lighting candles for Nick! We need everyone to say a prayer and hopefully we will get lucky like we did with Paynter! POWER UP NICK!!
  • I was terrified he wasn't going to make it through the night! What a fighter!
  • Per HRTV broadcasting today, Nick is doing OK...pastern has been 'fused' and he's come thru internal surgery pretty well. Not out of woods yet, but it looks promising....
  • I'm glad to hear he is doing better but still has a long way to go. Fight St. Nicholas Abbey Fight.
  • Hopefully he will keep progressing towards 100% recovery.
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    coolmore tweeted at 445am california time the following:

    Coolmore ‏@coolmorestud 1h
    St Nicholas Abbey remains in a comfortable condition at Fethard Equine Hospital. The surgeons & veterinary team are happy with his progress.

    Coolmore ‏@coolmorestud 1h
    He is in good form after another good night and along with receiving intravenous nutrition he is eating small amounts of freshly cut grass.
  • Yay! Against all the odds he is ACTUALLY making it... I wasn't certain he'd survive the night after his colic surgery! Keep going Abbey! We're all behind you!
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