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  • Lol Louis xD come to think of it I think I might of saw someone call him that somewhere but i forget where.
  • I never said you should call him by his full name. Go back and read what I said, and if you see anywhere that I said you should call him by his full name, I'll eat my computer. Additionally, if you see anywhere that I say you can't call him whatever you like, I will likewise eat my printer. I come from a different place and time than you Rachel; a time where there was more formality, and, dare I say it, more dignity. I said it is MY OPINION, that it is impolite to not call someone by their given name. My opinion, and I'm entitled to have one, even if it differs from yours. You don't have to share it, just recognize that there is the possibility that someone will disagree with you. This is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy. And Louise, if I were not engaged in this discussion on a personal level, I would do the same thing as you. I love you too. I call him Nick because everyone else does, and as you say, Rachel, everyone knows who we're talking about because we're all on here talking about him. Rachel, I have great respect for your knowledge of horses and your calm and friendly demeanor on this blog. The fact that five sentences in which I was careful to say it is "my opinion", and you guys can call him anything you want to, got you whipped up to this level is astounding to me. And disappointing also. No one has to do what I do, or agree with what I say, and I never said they did. I would apologize to you, but I can't apologize for you not understanding what I meant, nor can I make it any plainer that I call the horse Nick because that's what everyone else does. That, my dear, is going to have to be your problem.
  • lovehorses, I hope I didn't offend you. I was just being silly and didn't mean anything rude to either one of you. Both of you are important to this site and I just was trying to lighten up the mood a little. I'm sorry that you got upset with each other because you are both good guys.
  • As I said, the only reason I call St. Nicholas Abbey, "Abbey". Is because I can't tolorate the image of my boyfriend, Nick, in the hospital..... Just a personal issue of mine, beimg the complete worry worm I am. I don't care what anyone else calls him, that is their choice.... Unless someone calls him something derogatory or offensive to him or his connections. But otherwise, anything is fine.
  • Lets just forget it and go back to doing whatever we wish. I'm over it.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • Of course truce. Happy Sunday!
  • Louise, I'm not offended. Never was. I know why you said what you said, and it was funny. If I wasn't in defensive mode, I would have said the same thing. Its a beautiful day here in the Midwest, I intend on enjoying myself. I hope you do too.
  • Well gang, so much for enjoying myself. I went to pick up an elderly neighbor for church, and she fell on her front porch. Bad bump on head, bad cut on hand, and more injuries that will declare themselves eventually. I called 911, and they eventually showed up. The woman has a bad memory, so she couldn't tell me her daughter's phone number. An EMT went into her house and found it. They transported her to hospital and I followed them down in my car, because I didn't know how long it would take the daughter to get there. She is in a lot of pain, but the daughter was there, and that's what was my main concern; that she wouldn't be alone until some family member could be there. The EMTs were very good, and they were very kind to her. She is a trouper, and I hope she'll be alright.
  • lovehorses, Oh my gosh, so much for a nice day! Isn't it always something? Your neighbor is lucky to have you there and I hope she will be alright. I also hope the rest of your day will be much nicer. I'm glad you and Rachel have a truce, too. Yay!
  • Wow, thank goodness you were able to help
  • Yeah, I felt really sorry for her. The outcome of the whole mess is that she had 8 stitches in her hand/wrist, a bump on her head the size of a large egg, (they did a cat scan, and thank God, there was no bleeding into her brain), a black eye, and a broken shoulder. They're keeping her in the hospital a couple of days. She's going to be real sore tomorrow. You know how that goes, so I think its a good idea she's in the hospital. Sometimes injuries need time to declare themselves. Anyway, I'm exhausted, and going to bed even though it's only 9:30. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I hope so.
  • well, you were there to help that lady. i can be happy for that and the fact she will heal in time :) you were a godsend to that woman, you were there to help her and you stayed with her until her daughter came. you will be rewarded for that with good Karma :)
  • I hope you're right about the healing Rachel, but at 91 years of age, I think it might take longer than usual. I don't know about being a godsend; I just did the right thing. I would like to think that if I were in that lady's place, someone would be kind to me. It was scary not having her remember her daughter's phone number. I kept thinking, "how am I going to let her family know"? But the Emts solved that problem. Have a great day.
  • AlexAlex Member
    PLEASE light a candle for our boy across the Pond! He very much needs the prayers from all of us who Love Zenyatta so much!! The Power of Z!! HUGS TO ALL
  • I hope he pulls through...a long career, great family. He is what the breed needs. Candle lit!
  • I wonder if that procedure used on Nick could have been used on Barbaro? Was it known during that time.
  • it might of been, but Barbaro had gotten laminitis really bad and thats why he was put down
  • Still praying for Nick.
  • Actually Nayrod, the doctor who operated on Barbaro's leg was there to assist in St. Nicholas Abbey's operation. The x-rays of his leg look similar to Barbaro's x-rays. You can look at his injuries on you tube. Doctor's name is Dean Richardson. Nick has a long way to go yet, and many complications that I hope he doesn't get. Like laminitis from not being able to evenly distribute his weight on all four legs. That's what did Barbaro in.
  • Power up St. Nicholas Abbey!
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    I believe Dr Richardson may have actually done the surgery, I know he was brought in for a reason. He IS the best
  • And because of Barbaro, Dr. Richardson has experience with those types of injuries that require a lot of screws, plates, etc. I didn't know he did the surgery, but it doesn't surprise me, after all, as you say Casey, he is the best.
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    St Nicholas Abbey Remains in Good Form
    By Claire Novak, The Blood-Horse Updated: Friday, August 9, 2013 3:20 PM
    Multiple group/grade I winner St Nicholas Abbey remains in good form at Fethard Equine Hospital and recently had his fiberglass cast replaced, the latest update from owner Coolmore Stud said Aug. 9.
    The 6-year-old son of Montjeu underwent two major operations—one for a life-threatening fracture and one after colicking due to caecal shutdown—after injuring his pastern on trainer Aidan O'Brien's Ballydoyle gallops July 23. He had surgery on the fracture July 24 at Fethard and underwent an operation for the colic issue two days later.
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