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  • He also is a fighter. PU St. Nicholas Abbey
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    St Nicholas Abbey 'Best He Has Been'
    By Claire Novak, The Blood-Horse Updated: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 3:15 PM
    Nearly one month since St Nicholas Abbey underwent major surgery to repair a life-threatening fracture of his right foreleg, Coolmore reported Aug. 21 that the multiple grade/group I winner is "the best he has been" since sustaining the injury.

    "The veterinary interns who are with him 24/7 described him today as the best he has been, and the veterinary surgeons are equally happy," Coolmore reported on its website. "Recent radiographs look good, his temperature remains normal, and his white blood-cell count is good."
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    awesome !!!..glad to hear it...thought you guys might like this one from november at the BC..j.o.b. had the mount

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    Great photo. Thanks for sharing
  • Sounds like all is well with St. Nicholas Abbey at the moment. I pray he continues his recovery. PU, St. Nicholas Abbey!
  • Wow..... What a tough guy! Horses may be fragile sometimes but they can also be surprisingly resilient.
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    ST NICHOLAS ABBEY UPDATE Coolmore Stud tweets
    A major complication in St Nicholas Abbey’s recovery arose on Monday evening
    as he appeared a little uncomfortable.
    Radiographs showed the steel weight-bearing pin in his cannon bone had broken and after consultation, the surgeons decided to take it out.
    The damaged pin can be clearly seen on the radiograph.

    This procedure was done Monday night, the leg has been re-cast and St Nicholas Abbey is now bearing weight on the fractured leg.
    This development has come sooner than we would have ideally liked, so the next week is a very tentative period for us.
    This morning St Nicholas Abbey is comfortable and is walking as well as can be expected
  • Still praying for a great outcome for Nick. Power up, boy!
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    Uh oh, come on Abbey boy! You can pull through! Seabiscuit did it, and so can you!

  • My heart beat just stopped when I read the article. It reminded me of Barbaro all over again. I do hope and pray for Abbey to recover and live a long life!
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember candles daily for him...he is a strong soul...he can do it
  • Praying for this great guy. It just amazes me that our Zenny stayed so sound, with her height and weight, all these years. Thease magnificient creatures are so powerful, yet fragile.
  • I'm praying so hard for this big boy. You can do it St. Nicholas Abbey! Power Up St. Nic!
  • Hoping St. Nicholas Abbey pulls through this set back. Praying and lighting candles.
  • I don't think I could stand another Barbaro.
  • Any news of St. Nicholas Abbey?
  • Hopefully no news is good news.
  • True. Can't help thinking about him.
  • I'm thinking the same: No News Is good news. He's got a long road to recovery, but we will keep him in our prayers.
  • Keep a good thought - no news is good news!
  • Coolmore ‏Stud tweets Update on St. Nicholas Abbey Sept. 4, 2013
    While still having a guarded prognosis St Nicholas Abbey has had his best week since his initial surgery!
    Since the pin removal his weight bearing on the injured leg has improved gradually and he is walking as well as can be expected with a cast
    St Nicholas Abbey seems more content, lying down several times a night to rest and his appetite is excellent so he is starting to thrive
    His temperature has stabilised and blood work has normalised
    Surgeons Dr Kelly & Dr O‘Brien are more upbeat on his prognosis however there are many weeks to go before St Nicholas Abbey is out of danger
    Pictured this morning at Fethard Equine Hospital
  • seems to know that laying down takes weight off and is good for him, seems too be a very smart horse..keep fighting nick!!
  • Love that picture! All bright eyed and bushy tailed.... Ready to start the day. (Even though he still has some time to go, before he can "start the day" =))
  • Power up St.Nicholas!!!!
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