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  • PU, Nicky!
  • Sweet Faced Boy! Saint Nicholas you...All the Love!
  • Hope he is doing well. Such a struggle.
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    Coolmore ‏Stud tweeted VIDEO UPDATE on Monday Sept. 9 2013
    Watch St Nicholas Abbey – Six week update

    St. Nicholas Abbey has lost weight & is thin-but, he is on the road to recovery!
  • Nicky is looking good, all things considered. Still praying for you, guy.
  • He's really lost some condition.... But that's to be expected after what he's been through. All things considered he's been doing VERY well so far! Hope it stays that way.
  • Aww, this makes me sad. He looks so fragile, though I'm sure it is to be expected.
  • He looks very thin but thank goodness he is in good hands and is on the road to full recovery. He is a fighter!
  • Just a thought....thin means less weight on the legs, so this may not be such a bad idea as long its a 'healthy' thin.
  • I was worried when I saw how thin he was at first, but he looks bright and his coat is good. Less weight on those legs is a good thing right now. POWER UP NICK!! Please keep lighting those Healing Candles for him...
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    what looks like "thin" is muscle atrophy most likely. He's not walking much except in his stall, and he's not "using" his body the way he normally would. Also, remember he had colic surgery so his food has been introduced slowly and carefully. Plus he was on IV nutrition for quite a while. We have a filly in our hospital that we had to surgically break her leg and straighten it. She's been in a cast (full leg, no less) for 6 weeks, and she's real thin too. She's eating great, but the weight is only in her hay belly, LOL
  • He does look thin, but at the same time, his eyes are bright, his coat is shiny - I think it could be worse. But he still has a very long way to go, so keep praying and lighting candles.
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    As I said. Considering what he's been through.... It is to be expected that Abbey has lost some condition; given the circumstances. Besides, I think peakishness should be the least of our worries. A peaky pony can be filled up with groceries.... But a pony with lamanitis-stricken sore feet WILL die. And I am HOPING and WISHING that our boy doesn't suffer this fate.
  • You and everybody else. It's what we all wish for.
  • ST NICHOLAS ABBEY UPDATE Coolmore ‏Stud on Mon. Sept 30
    St Nicholas Abbey update – The surgeons at Fethard Equine Hospital couldn’t be happier with St Nicholas Abbey’s progress to date
    Recently fitted with a lighter and less restrictive cast, he is more mobile and is putting more confident weight on the injured leg
    St Nicholas Abbey’s appetite is good and he continues to gain weight. His blood work remains stable and his medication has been much reduced
  • Great News!
  • It's always good to hear positive news about St. Nicholas Abbey. So very happy he's doing so well!!! Yea!
  • awesome!..just waking up so great way to start the day..thx for the news
  • Thank goodness!. This is great news. Continued prayers for his full recovery.
  • So glad to hear that he's doing well. Ditto the prayers for his full recovery, and thanks to the medical staff for the wonderful care he's been getting.
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    Note: St Nicholas Abbey is continuing to do well. This article details how serious
    the fractures were & how they were repaired. Keta

    Coolmore ‏tweet Friday Oct. 11
    Interesting piece on St Nicholas Abbey & Dr Dean Richardson from Pennsylvania University’s Penn Vet Extra newsletter

    Penn Vet Extra October 2013
    Ireland Asks: Can This Racehorse Be Saved?
    By Louisa Shepard
    New Bolton Center's Dr. Dean Richardson Joins Team to Operate on St. Nicholas Abbey
    At dawn on a Tuesday morning in July, world-renowned surgeon Dean Richardson, DVM, opened an e-mail from two equine surgeons in Ireland. Included were two radiographs of a horse’s shattered leg. The questions: “Can this horse be saved? What are the chances of survival?”
    St. Nicholas Abbey, the greatest money-winning, European-trained racehorse of all time, had shattered his right fore pastern while exercising at Ballydoyle, the racing arm of legendary international Thoroughbred breeders Coolmore Stud. It was to be his final exercise before a major race at Royal Ascot.
  • No doubt more horses could be saved if the owners would care enough to try like SNA owners.
  • Absolutely AMAZING what they've done to help Nicky. Thanks so much for the update on his progress.
  • Wow..... Look at all that metal in his leg. But he's recovering! Can't believe what this horse has conquered. But it's a long road yet, I will breathe easy when he covers his first few mares.
  • I cannot even begin to imagine how much all this must cost. I am so glad they are trying to save him, but I can understand how some people would not possibly be able to afford this kind of care. I would hope, if I had a horse, I would be prepared for this sort of cost; however, I imagine many people would never be able to do this. Power Up Nicky!
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