RIP Unbridled's Song

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"Sad news out of Taylor Made Farm: leading sire Unbridled's Song is current at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital undergoing tests...According to Taylor Made's Travis White, Unbridled's Song started showing symptoms of neurologial issues yesterday...White added "Once they've had a complete evaluation, will consult with us and we'll go from there. It doesn't look real good right now."


  • All of our prayers are with you My GOD in his infinate wisdom spare the life and soundness of such a treasure.
  • Prayers and the angels for Unbridled's Song.
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    No! Not Unbridled's Song! PLEASE be it ANY horse than Unbridled's Song! He is one of my absolute favorites! I was even hoping Zenyatta would pay him a visit sometime! Seriously hoping Rood and Riddle can save the snowy boy =( I would be mortified if we lost him in such times of controversy, death and sadness in racing.
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    edited July 2013's Song Web 1.jpg him in the snow, gorgeous gorgeous horse. but he has LOTS of sons and daughters representing him
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    Barbara Livington's article of him from last year
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    hes only 20 years old :( he was 19 when Barbara Livingston took those photos last year
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    RIP Unbridled's Song! horseracinghl ‏tweet
    Unbridled's Song was euthanized at age 20 as a result of a large mass present in multiple sinus cavities and around the optic nerves
    Claire Novak tweet
    Sad to get the news Unbridled's Song has been euthanized at age 20.
    Brain tumor was the cause of death. #RIP
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    aww crap.....
  • RIP dear boy. A huge loss to the TB community for sure!
  • Oh my god! RIP Unbridled's Song, you beautiful boy. Let your body return to the soil and nurture the life that grows above. And your Unbridled spirit ring through the ages.
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    “Unbridled’s Song was majestic from the beginning,” said Duncan Taylor.
    “He had it all–looks, pedigree, speed, and presence.”
    Condolences to Taylor Made Farm. Sad sad day!
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    Claire Novak The Blood-Horse tweet
    One of Unbridled's Song's leading contenders this year is grade I winner Graydar,
    currently training in Saratoga with Todd Pletcher

    When Graydar won the Donn, Unbridled's Song hit 100 stakes winners as a sire–
    only 26 other stallions in North America have ever accomplished

  • Now mother nature, don't you DARE take St. Nicholas Abbey from us!!
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    speaking of his progeny, Unbridled Express had his first winner

    Unbridled Express was represented by his initial winner when his first starter, Express Model, posted an impressive maiden victory in her second start July 24 in the fourth race at Indiana Downs (VIDEO).

  • RIP Unbridled Song. Thanks for gracing us all with your time here.
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    The rare horse who made headlines in the sales ring, on the track, and as a stallion, Unbridled's Song died July 26 in Lexington at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital.

    Unbridled's Song, 20, had completed his 17th season at Taylor Made Stallions in Nicholasville, Ky. where he stood for $60,000. Like him, many of his progeny have made headlines in the sales ring, on the track, and as stallions or broodmares.

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    LOOK WHAT I FOUND! mr zayat with Unbridled's Song earlier this year ^.^ drf twitter news feed is where its at

  • RIP beautiful Unbridled Song. This is for you.

    Somewhere in time's immortal space
    there must be some sweet-pastured place
    where creeks rush on, and tall trees grow
    a peaceful place where horses go.
    For sure as the love that guides my pen,
    I know great horses live again.

    We'll remember you; for your exquisite beauty, your intelligence, and your marvelous children.
  • We have two mares in foal to unbridled express. Big pretty horse with a biting attitude. Cheyenne is hos caretaker at the farm.
  • RIP Unbridled Song ! Thoughts are with the owners that loved him! Hope his colt's and filly's that are born 2014 make wonderful race horses and breeders.
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    heres the video of Unbridled's Song running against Cigar at Arlington Park

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    i posted this cuz i thought it was amazing these two were in the same race together
  • So sad and shocked by the sudden departure of a great horse. My favorite all-time male horse is Unbridled, so U. Song has a special place in my heart too. Thank God they have given us such a wonderful talented bloodline to keep their name going. Unbridled was only 14 when he passed. Now they are riding with the angels.
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    RIP Unbridled's Song. One of the most beautiful stallions I have ever seen. Such sad news. A sad week in horse racing for sure.
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