New Stallions For 2014.

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So I know this is a bit early to start this discussion but does anyone know of any knew horses we can expect to stand at stud in 2014? I know Violence will stand at Hill N Dale and Take Charge Indy will stand at WinStar.


  • kurtkurt Member
    shanghai bobby is going to coolmore
  • kurtkurt Member
    animal kingdom will be at darley
  • shanghai bobby is going to coolmore
    @kurt it isn't official that Shanghai Bobby will be retired for 2014?
  • kurtkurt Member
    i thought it was announced way early in the season?..wouldnt be the first time i was wrong though ,lol
  • I think it was talked about but not certain if he will or not. Espically with him now back in training.
  • ad these two guys, alternation is going to pin oak(home of sky classic, broken vow etc)
    and data link is going to claiborne to stad along side his sire war front.
    we also know now that street sense is BACK at darley
    this is what i have so far for 2014
    animal kingdom-darley
    shanghai bobby-coolmore
    take charge indy-winstar
    jimmy creed-spendthrift
    street sense-darley(returning)
    alternation-pin oak
    data link-claiborne
  • Shanghai Bobby is injured and retired. There was an article about it, he will go to Coolmore

  • Make Music for me and World Renowned will stand at Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms in California for 2014.
  • nice..hemet is 30 minutes from me and ive never been to that farm..might have to make a run out there :o)
  • Claiborne Farm stallion War Front’s stud fee goes to $150K for 2014
    Posted on October 9, 2013 by Jennie Rees
    A press release on behalf of Claiborne Farm. The big news is that War Front, their red-hot stallion, goes from $80,000 to $150,000:
    Claiborne Farm has announced their stud fees for next year. New to the roster is DATA LINK, a Grade 1 stakes winner by top Claiborne stallion War Front.
    The 2014 fees are as follows:
    Algorithms • $7,500
    Arch • $40,000
    Blame • $30,000
    Data Link • $7,500
    First Samurai • $15,000
    Flatter • $20,000
    Horse Greeley • $2,500
    Parading • $3,500
    Stroll • $5,000
    Trappe Shot • $10,000
    War Front • $150,000
    All fees are stands and nurses.
  • wow, that makes him the highest in the land along with berni and mdo..seems like a bit of an excessive hike
  • They think that's what the market will bear. If they fill his book at that price, then they were correct. If they can't fill his book, then they'll offer incentives or reduce the price in 2015. That said, I tend to agree that it's a bit steep.
  • yea, considering how much the other stallions cost lol
  • Someone on another forum said, "when they were at Claiborne a couple of weeks ago, the staff there showed them War Front and spoke about his stud fee going up to over 100k. They also said that he might be going into the top stall at Claiborne which is empty now and was Bold Ruler's, Secretariat's and Easy Goer's stall." So Claiborne thinks very highly of him if they are even thinking about doing that. I didn't even know who he was really until it was announced that Zenyatta was being bred to him. He has had great success so far and I think it will only get better. I hope so anyway.
  • Oxbow to taylor made for 2014, stud fee 20K..todays bloodhorse...i imagine after the BC next week, we'll see alot more 2014 ky trip is starting to look good for new horses
  • @kurt will you be able to take pictures on that trip? I and many others would love to see them.
  • RACH-DEFINITELY!!!.. last year i did a blog on this site called :my ky trip" where i wrote about each day that people that read it seemed to really like, then a few days later i posted pics..same plan for this year except i'll probably post..atleast some.. pics directly into the blog,same day, since i know how to do that now
  • U meant QueenZFan20 lol
  • my bad
  • lol its alright
  • not exactly new for 2014, but relocations. adena springs announced that ALPHABET SOUP AND TOUCH GOLD are returning to ky from there new york farm..
  • Brutal comments on DRF re: Verrazano; can't say I totally disagree...kinda ugly, however.
  • Brutal comments on DRF re: Verrazano; can't say I totally disagree...kinda ugly, however.
    Yup, i saw that. Nothing but disagreement with this news. I would have to agree. Technically hes retiring sound tho, his hock injury was a scrape or cut, so that is good.

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