Rehomed racehorses

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My friend, Stephanie, claimed a horse with the help of Carl O Callaghan. Hedger, a 4 yo colt, was a lightly raced, low claiming ranks horse that we met when we celebrated Kinsale King's 8th birthday. Stephanie and Hedger bonded that day, and it took some time, (and having Hedger claimed from him) but Carl and Stephanie got Hedger back (after he won for the first time in his last race). He's been off the track for a month now, and Stephanie got him home to his new home in Poway, CA. Here's a photo essay of his first couple days at home. I hope to get down there about once a month to chronicle their new adventure.


  • Nice story. I like his head and face. He looks like quite a handful.
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    He's actually a sweet boy, but he's young and still learning about his new surroundings. He already knows his mom's car, and her, so it's all good!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the continuation of Hedger's story!! I love all of the photos - just wow! I am so happy for Hedger and your friend, Stephanie. Awesome.
  • He's home, and it looks like he's happy to be there.
  • He is beautiful!! What are his new owners plans for him? Just looking at him I think he would be a fabulous dressage, hunter, or show jumper prospect.
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    Hedger is in dressage training right now, just to give him some good basics. We'll see what he wants to do. His trainer is thrilled with his mind and willingness to try and do new things. He's a happy boy
  • From the pictures you can see that he is one happy horse!
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    Hey, this is sad and exciting news. Secretariat had a surviving son at stud. He was in need of rescuing at age 27 last year and he was rescued. He just died recently at age 28. Its nice to know he atleast lived out his last year of life knowing nothing but love, appreciation, relaxation, and possibly treats. His story is a sad one :(

    Go through the photos, they give u an idea of what his life was like (be sure to closely read the photo captions on bottom). Poor boy :(
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