Dumplings Care, Concern, and Prayer

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This was asked for by someone else on one of the threads. So I'm just leaping in head first and here you go!


  • Thanks Margaret for straring this discussion. You know how we love our furry friends!
    LaJanet- Thanks for the link to the whale video. I'm glad it was a happy ending.
  • Thank you Margaret--it was I! I'd like one for friends and families too. I'm just bouncing from one discussion to another. Have been busy with Equi-Army work, hubby in the hospital 4 times, and now into the Final Four.
  • barbarawood- Hope your husband is feeling better. 4 times in the hospital! Let's pray that he doesn't have to go back anytime soon. Take care of yourself & stay positive! It's easy to get run down when a loved one is not feeling well. Hope your team does well in the final four.
  • Uh Oh, I just started one entitled "Dumplings Care and Concern for Friends and Family". This is probably a duplication of your effort.
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    I am so glad there is a "Place" for all of us to give well wishes and prayers for those of us Dumplings who need it. I loved it on the Daily Diary's. The support this Z Family gives to those in need is Fabulous!!
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    Hi Margaret (and everyone else),
    I merged all care and concern threads so you have one central thread. Is the new title ok with everyone?
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    hi all.....would this be a good place to post the link to light candles???
  • I am so happy to be able to read everyone's posts and links to good information and care and concern for each other god Bless.
  • Hello all. I'm so impressed with all the new sections. You folks are incredible with your computer skills. I'm jumping around, but I still like to go back to the forum as it is like the "Old Diary". Blessings to all who are facing health challenges and other issues that life throws out at us.
    Take care,

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    For all the Z'sters going through rough patches, hope things improve. Hugs, JB

  • Dear carolinutah:

    Here's the link for Group Zenny's Candles. Hugs, JB

  • You bet it is!
    hi all.....would this be a good place to post the link to light candles???
  • @KellyM444--thanks for all the good wishes for hubby and our basketball girls. He's on antibiotics right now for one more week again. Praying this will do it. We've never had anything remotely like this before.
  • ALRIGHT! Another women's basketball fan! Hoofray! 'fess up! Who's your team?!

    Me? I'm rooting for Stanford but I think no ones gonna get by Baylor this year. Too bad for us but Baylor is having a great season.

    I don't know. I just had this awful empty feeling when Tennessee lost the other night. Pat Summitt is a FABULOUS coach. A woman I truly respect. To be diagnosed with early dementia--geez I wonder if any of those test drugs are available for her and if they'd work...

    People are saying this is her last year. I hope not. I'd just like for her to have one last winning season. I may be a Stanford fan but...heck you guys know what I mean.
    @KellyM444--thanks for all the good wishes for hubby and our basketball girls. He's on antibiotics right now for one more week again. Praying this will do it. We've never had anything remotely like this before.
  • Hi Margaret--oh noooo! I live in Waco and am a BU grad, so I'm green and gold all the way. I'm really queasy about the Sunday game. Scared to death of Stanford. The Ogwumike sisters were supposed to have come to Bu but then opted for Stanford. Can you imagine a team with them AND Griner? I do not think we are unbeatable. The long season is taking a toll in fatigue, and we can't always count on our outside game. We have already beaten Notre Dame and UConn this year, but not Stanford.
    Our coach Kim adores Pat S. and did not want to have to play her. They have been friends since 1980.
    We are all stunned at the resurgence sports at BU is having--Heisman, boys deep into the NCAA, and a possible championship for the girls. We used to be the bottom-feeders in the league.
  • Barbara--If our beloved Lady Vols had to lose, I am glad it was to a great team like Baylor. Kim was very gracious in the interview after the game. It did break my heart for us to lose. We all wanted it so very bad for Pat Summitt. I was bread and buttered here in Knoxville and we worship Pat Summit. I don't think any team can beat Baylor. I hope you win it all. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.
  • Thank you, Ashton! Your Moma and I talked various times about our "rivalry". Our Coach Kim adores Pat and did not want to have to play her. I was so glad to see that Pat was in Denver. I believe she (Kim) said to one of the Lady Vols as they shook hands after the game, "You take car of my coach!". Makes me teary to think of it. Love and Easter hugs.
  • @Kylea--thank you so much for this "space" where we can continue to love on one another and prop each other up!
  • Happy Easter to everyone in Zenyattaland!
  • @barbarawood--I was very teary. If we had to lose, I was very, very glad it was to Baylor. Your coach Kim is my second favorite coach. I sure you know all about Kim and Pat's past together. I have nothing but love and admiration for Kim. It was so inspirational the way both of them are marching straight through their serious medical issues. Maybe this loss will be just the thing to help give Pat an extra cause to fight this so she can return next year. I hope you and your husband are doing much better. I am keeping both of you and both of our wonderful coaches in my prayer.
    Love and Easter hugs to you.
  • Thank you so much, Ashton, for the prayers and everything else. If you ever need to get in touch with me, or if I don't see a post from you to me, feel free to e-mail me at moo@grandecom.net. I agree with you completely about the frustration of wanting to read everything and not being able to keep up.
    I think Debbie G. is right. If we had had 50 games to play, I think we would be 50-0! And I felt the same way about the KY men. I thought KS was good until I saw what KY did to them.
    Big hugs.
  • Thank you, Barbara, for your kind words about my Kentucky team. I am so proud of them. Your Baylor team had an incredible year also. Congratulations on your championship!
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    Easter is a time of rebirth, when hope can be seen in the wings of a butterfly —
    renewal, when the grey of winter comes alive with the newness of spring —
    and rejoicing, when all of nature seems to celebrate the wonder of life itself.
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter
    This lovely verse from American Greetings seemed to go well with all the mares & foals we have been watching This is such a special time of year.
    Happy Easter!
  • couldn't agree more Keta........Happy Easter every dumpling. I love you all and am grateful for every new day....Hugs Leslie
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