Eclipse Awards: 2013

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With the breeder cup about a month away I thought it would be interesting to start talking about the Eclipse Awards. Which ones are a done deal and which ones are up for grabs. I think 3 year old filly got pretty interesting today. Princess of Sylmar beat older filly and mares plus the Champion Royal Delta. On the west coast Beholder took down the Zenyatta Stakes beating older horses. As of right now Princess of Sylmar is not going to the breeders cup. If Beholder goes and beats Royal Delta too she would make a good case for 3 year old filly but I think Princess of Sylmar has more graded stakes wins this year. It could be a good debate through if Beholder can pull it off in the Breeder cup distaff (lady's classic).

Wise Dan has male turf horse in the bag. Is Game On Dude training up to the classic? Haven't heard anything about him in awhile.


  • Wisa Dan, Game on Dude, and Princess of Sylmar are most likely the three choices for Horse of the Year. As much as I would like to see Princess entered in a Breeder's Cup Race, I feel Wise Dan has HOTY sewn up. :(
  • The JCGC threw things up in the air for me. Orb was flat. I'm on the Will Take Charge fanwagon right now. The BCC could be the decider this year, but I hate that! I hated all the "Blame wins because he won the Classic!" talk of 2010.
  • Throw Greydar into the BCC mix as well ;) he won his prep
  • Idk what is wrong with Orb, hes still 3 yet. He trained up to the JCGC, its not like him to be flat like that. Somethings wrong with him. If you look at what he did going up to the KY Derby, it seems hes wore out. First in the derby, 4th in the preakness, 3rd in the belmont. He hasnt won again since the derby :( he won alot of races coming into the Derby. I hope he bounces back.
  • "Todd said Cross Traffic came out of Gold Cup debacle in good order. Will still be pointed to Classic along with Palace Malice"
  • Wise Dan does not have Horse of the Year sewn up because he only ran on turf. We have Game On Dude that is undefeated this year on dirt and American love dirt more than turf. I love how everyone has dropped Royal Delta from any chance for Horse of the Year. If the owner has a change of heart and runs her in the Classic and she wins she is right back in it for Horse of the Year.

    Three year old Male is interesting also. Orb has to be in it for his Derby win but has not done anything since. Then you have Palice Malice you won the Belmont and Dwyers. There are a few more you could make cases for. If any award is up in the air right now it's this one.
  • how many times has he won on turf and synthetic last year but still got the same awards that John Henry got including HOY? HOY should not be determined based on what track type you win on. So far hes the only HOY who has gone on to keep on winning afterwards. Hes very deserving of that award in my book. Hes doing what the greats have done, to me he will go down in history. i love Wise Dan, i didnt start to become a fan of his until he started getting this good. i would like to see him try on dirt again, he came in second in his last try on dirt.
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    as for Royal Delta, i read a tweet that she came out of the race in good order and will point to BCC. the race is on.
  • My point was that Wise Dan does not have this in the bag. He could very well still win Horse of the Year but it's most likely going to come down to the classic and who wins it. I would be very happy if Wise Dan repeated as Horse of the Year. That fact of the matter is the people that vote for this have been know to vote for the Dirt runners more than the turf. Last year there was no one that really stood out on Dirt.
  • He doesnt but hes a special horse in that hes practically going the same route as last yr and winning those races again. Im quite amazed with him,plus hes carrying alot of weight while doing it too. He should try dirt again soon tho, just as a prep. I honestly dont like him on tuef this whole time and then BAM dirt when it counts the most. He could totally fail, i want the dirt prep.
  • That he is Rachel.
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