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does anyone remember where in the diary Kari told her story? Going throught all the posts in the archives is not working. I just felt like revisiting her Thanks if you can help.....Hugs Leslie


  • Hey Kari yesterday at 2:06 pm Zenny's BFF Tasty Temptation finally had her bay colt. Were you watching or were you out in the paddock with 12 Z ? I bet you at leaste checked in on her to make sure all was well. We miss you with all these festivities going on.
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  • If anyone would know, it is Trina Nagele. She has a veritable archive that she uses for info for the poems. Also Cynthia H.
  • How I miss our Kari. She first introduced Zenny to me through her awesome videos.
    Surely she is smiling down on all of us ...she was so special.
  • does anyone remember where in the diary Kari told her story? Going throught all the posts in the archives is not working. I just felt like revisiting her Thanks if you can help.....Hugs Leslie
    Dear Leslie:

    Here are two posts by Kari B. One in Diary No.231 and the Other in Diary 430. She was an exceptional person and touched so many of our hearts. Miss her. Hugs, JB

    Kari BussellPermalink | Reply Diary No. 231
    April 22, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    @Robbie- You must have issues and a guilty conscience to take a very brief quote I left by Mr.Shirreffs and make it about you…YOU?—I was not in any form, shape or fashion referring to you….However I for one would greatly appreciate it if all people would keep their negative comments about Zenyatta or any member of team Z to themselves.
    Please hear me out and attempt to put yourself in my shoes….I am very terminally ill. I was told by all my doctors I would be dead almost 3 years ago…I had given up…My daughter was making poor decision after poor decision…I was trying to raise 3 Grandchildren ages 18 months ,two and a half and just four…( with a husband of 30 yrs who works 2 full-time jobs to support me the kids and my illness)….I had body parts sliced off of me that would give anyone nightmares and make your skin crawl…I had given up …I was hospitalized for attempted suicide because I was in so much pain and wanted to spare myself and my family a long death to where I would be a burden..I went from being very, pretty to looking like a walking corpse overnight. I looked ten years older than I am( 45 then-now 48)-….after being the belle of the ball so to speak my whole life….At this same time my daughter nearly died of undiagnosed type one diabetes, furthermore I was diagnosed with type one( in the middle of half my body being chopped of and chemo) as well as my husband with type two-D…nearly lost his foot and had to have a stint placed in his heart after suffering a heart attack-During the last 3 years he lost 2 cousin to diabetes and we both lost our Grand Mothers to the same dreaded disease. Then One afternoon my husband left the TV on the Sports South Channel that at that time carried 3 hours a day of horse racing…This was April of 2008…I saw Zenyatta and fell so madly, deeply in love with her essence the moment I laid eyes on her. She inspired me to continue to fight no matter how hard the battle…somehow out of love for her and her connections I came to realize that I am not a burden that my family needs me around as long as possible….She restored my faith in everything. Were It Not for her miraculous existence I would have ceased to exist…She has as P.Clark so beautifully wrote- been tonic for my soul..and very trans-formative…It is the sincere truth and that simple..Last week I walked out of a the hospital where they were basically waiting for me to die. Healing- surviving does not come from a hospital room with loved ones sobbing over you like you are dead already…so without permission I walked out..Healing comes from laughter and joy so please forgive me if I have finally had enough of you guys ripping Dottie, Mikey #3 & #4 and others to shreads I am not the only one who counts on this diary to help them feel the magic and joy of everything Zenyatta in their life so they might continue to exist…I was in no way trying to speak for any member of Team Z or cause anyone to “go away” (how childish- really!!)
    My point is that the only peace, joy, inspiration, and comfort in my world and many others is Zenyatta-sharing the joy of our mutual love – not nit-picking…and the intense love and admiration we have for ALL of Team-Z…So when you guys get so impossible to please and nit-pick the heck out of the way Dottie Decides to run Her Z- contest….Well like I said This is a place to share joy not be cranky and take issue with every little thing…I have held my tongue for months…but I will not be silent while any of you put any single member of team Z down…for those of you who don’t know Dottie is not some trophy wife with nothing to do with herself but this diary…she was named one of the most powerful women in horse racing last year and she manages All of Jerry and Ann Mosses zillion horses as well as Zenyatta. She is who recommended Mr. Shirreffs to the Mosses before they had ever dated. She is powerful and very busy in her own right and deserves your respect and appreciation for taking the time to do this diary at all. She is a very busy woman..she takes the time to do this for those of us who would cease to breath if Queen Zenyatta was completely removed from us….and even for you rude ones…I thank God she continues this diary ..Please show some respect, appreciation and class…thank you for everything Zenyatta and Team Z—I will always love you all!!

  • Diary No 430

    Kari Bussell/Tn.Permalink | Reply
    February 5, 2012 at 5:05 am

    My great big beautiful Dancing Queen of Our Hearts & Race Track. YOU are the Horse of My Lifetime. You are so very precious, dear and so greatly loved by so very many. I love You with every inch of my heart, fiber of my being and deepest depth of my soul. I have missed you and all our friends more than words can say. I Love all the new photos of you and Tasty that you have shared since Jan. 27. I must admit the one of you dancing made my heart dance with JOY. I am so grateful to be alive. My husband came home from work on the evening of Jan27 to find me unresponsive. I was rushed by ambulance to Fort Sanders where I was as close to death as it gets. It was non cancer related. I had pneumonia, a bleeding ulcer,hiatal hernia, was severely anemic(need 3 transfusions) and had a crazy thing going on with my electrolytes, as well as being severely dehydrated. All previously undetected. I could not tell them my name and was completely disoriented. I was not drinking or on any narcotic medication. They thought I was having a stroke. They were wrong. A Zen magic thing is that I was released Saturday and after a hour long reunion with Bonnie Blue and Clyde, along with a couple hours visit with family and friends, I got on my computer to find several emails from close Zen friends who had me on their mind in a intense way that very evening. One was from our dear friend Cynthia H telling me she would be st Santa Anita to watch our beloved Mr. Commons. After being in the hospital for 8 days , I had no idea what was going on. I was too happy to be going home. Her email reminded me of his race and I got logged on to Calracing.com about 30 seconds into Mr. Commons thrilling run today. How Zen magic is that ?…I was in ICU for 4 days before stabilizing and moved to spend 4 more days in a regular room. My daughter made me a poster with copies of many of my favorite photos of my awesome grandchildren, puppies, me and her when she was little girl, my beloved deceased Rambo(puppy dog), Ginger, ( my heart and horse). She also had each grandchild write their own get well on it. My Nicco wrote Nicco loves you Nana, too cute LOL! He drew a picture (red stick ) of the two of us eating ice cream, hint-hint.She also had three of YOUR photos. I could never have been more proud when each nurse all 37 total of them commented on how much they Love you, Zenyatta. I could feel my Zenyatta “warriors” lifting me up with prayer, love and positive thoughts. I no longer have a cell phone and was unable to read your wonderful diary the entire time. I did worry about you, Tasty and all the dumplings and missed ALL of you immensely. The past four plus years have been frustrating and a little confusing at times, but a time of extreme spiritual growth and maturity. I have been spared death and granted more time yet again. I am beyond grateful to be alive. I am grateful to YOU Zenny and to all your connections. I am grateful to have made so many beautiful friendships in your name. YOU are our gift from God. I am thus far beating the odds defying the doctors with cancer. I have survived the complications of the flu from the 2010 BC,ahorrible wreck and now this. At every juncture YOU have been my inspiration to never give up. With each surgery, treatment and seemingly endless hospital stay my room was surrounded with pictures of YOU and my treasures of you I have been blessed with. I had two very special framed photos of Your Dottie and John that my “great friend” took for me. They are some of mymost treasured possessions and my framed baby wipe. Yes , I said baby wipe. It was touched by YOU my Queen on a rainy day and has your mud on it. Terry Crow catch that- LOL!
    I am way behind on comments.
    RE: Diary #426- “Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our JOY and the dividing of our grief.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Dearest Mr. Commons, Dottie & Mr. Shirreffs, Ann & Jerry Moss, Mikey and my precious Frank Leal- A very heartfelt congratulations to you and your thrilling win! I love with you ALL with a passion!

    Our Beloved Kari B. passed on 2/17/12
  • Judy- thank you so much <3
  • Kari’s devotion to Zenyatta was a love affair in its purest form. From the first time she saw her, Zenyatta hung the moon, scattered the stars, and lit the sun in Kari’s world. She credited Zenyatta for keeping her alive throughout three years of besting the odds, defying the statistics, and dumbfounding the doctors time-after-time. Despite the fact that life dealt her more than a few bad hands from its bag of nasty tricks, I never once heard her use the word “unfair”; but I did hear her speak the word “JOY” at least a thousand times. Zenyatta was the wellspring of that joy. This was Kari. This is what she was and is. Her life story was all about immense courage, loyalty, kindness, forgiveness, and JOY. She overcame huge obstacles, the circumstances of which may forever go unwritten. It was the greatest privilege of my life to call her friend.

    ♥ Zenyatta, Not a day of my life goes by that I don’t think of you and wonder what kind of day you are having…and it has been that way since I first became aware that God had blessed us with a Angel named Zenyatta. You brought beauty into my life when there was despair, you inspired me to get up and face the day no matter how bad I felt or how hopeless things seemed, you brought friends and people with stories of how you helped them into my world which brought understanding into my life… to watch you dance always made me fill up with awe, joy and laughter… to watch you race brought tears of wonder to my eyes and chills each and every time as the years past and I watched each race over and over again…as my body fails me and pain, doubt and fear try to creep into my mind I need only to look at a mere photo of you and peace, joy and trust in the Lord washes in my veins and fills my soul. I love you…and all your connections with a love that has no end. If I lose my fight I want your people to know I will watch over you and someday if for no apparent reason you start doing your dance under the stars it will be me whispering I love you Zenyatta you beautiful, wonderful girl…dance… run…frolic …and play with joy and laughter in your heart always… ♥

  • Judy- thank you so much <3</p>
    Dear SusanTN and Cynthia H.:

    We will keep Kari with us with her words in Z's Diary. What a truly beautiful soul. Hugs, JB
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    Anyone needing Inspiration can find it Here. Lots of love, joy and fun. Kari sincerely found solace and joy from Zenyatta, her team and all of us Zsters. Let the beat go on................
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    Lot's of tears right now!
  • Oh these are wonderful posts from all of you and of course Kari herself. I always read her posts and wondered at the courage and spirit she had. She was pretty much amazing. The fact that Zenyatta added so much to her life made me very happy. It is a testament to Zenyatta that she was so inspirational to people with all kinds of challenges. She made every life better that she touched, and Kari made our lives better by just being the brave woman she was and talking about her life and how Zenyatta helped her.
  • JB thank you for this. I miss Kari so much and lately for some unknown reason she has filled my mind. Life is hard for me right now and I just knew the words of our dear friend would undoubtedly lift my spirits. Zenny is a true gift from God and if anyone didn't believe in God before Zen I certainly can't imagine them not now. Sure she was by far the greatest Mare of our lifetime on the track but even more than that she brought hope to the hopeless. She brought people who didn't even know each other into being the closest of friends. She is true magic !!!!!!! I didn't post too often in the diary but there wasn't one that I didn't read. Kari was one of the greatest inspirations of my life. I'm a retired nurse so I know what this true angel went through and to know that a horse named Zenyatta spurred her on to keep going is truly amazing and quite awesome. When I find myself feeling sorry for my situation all I have to do is reach out to Kari and the legacy she left all of us and somehow I manage to carry on. Zenyatta has meant the world to many and still does. I miss you dear friend but I believe you know the mark you left on this earth. Zenyatta there are no words to convey my deepest love for you and ALL your connections. You are the reason so many choose to push forward in life. Thank You sweet love for being all you are to so many. I can't help but to think that a humble sweet lady whos heart you captured made a world of difference in the toughest times she ever endured. Zenny most people can't achieve this but you as a wonder horse did........RIP sweet Kari. I know you spend most of your time at LE watching Zen be the Momma she is..........Hugs Leslie
  • I met Kari thru her videos of The Queen on You-tube, she made some of the most beautiful collages set to inspiring/dynamic music that I had ever seen or heard. I e-mailed her one day asking her if she would burn me a copy, and that I was willing to pay for it. But she said no, that there would be no charge for it and that she would be glad to make me a copy! But if I wanted it faster, that I could download the videos from you tube. But me being a novice at that time of downloading vids and pic, finally learned how to do so. Everytime I look at a video or pic of Zenyatta, I will always think of Kari! I will always remember her and The Twelfth of Never, she's a 'Shining Star' now, watching over us and her beautiful 'Dancing Queen'! She may have been terminally ill in her body, but never not ever in her heart and spirit! She is probably saying, you guys are making me sound like a saint, which I most definitely am not. What brought us all together is our love of a beautiful champion named Zenyatta and her gracious team who shared her with the world!
  • Kari will be remembered as long as I am alive. I don't usually post on the forum, but when I saw this topic listed I felt compelled to comment.
  • Precious words from Kari written in Zenyatta's Diary. The Derby of which she speaks was Giacomo's, in 2005.

    March 30, 2011 at 5:20 pm
    I remember that Derby like it was yesterday.The look on the “experts” face was priceless. Mr. Shirreffs beaming face. It was my first introduction to your “Dear John” He was so likeable I honestly knew I would support him in future races. Little did I know I would fall so in love with a beautiful bay girl with the name Zenyatta, his wonderful wife…and your partner in this diary Dottie~ when I had the chance to speak to her (Dottie) I was not capable of speech at the fence the day after the Breeder’s Cup Classic.I was so overwhelmed to be in your presence ~Jerry & Ann Moss~ Mario~Carmen~ Steve~ Junior~Cheves~ Frank Leal, the one who made my dream come true when he moved you so I could touch you.~ I love each and every one of you with all my heart.~
    Zenyatta- thank you for sharing all your wonderful prized treasures with us…and Dottie,Thank you…such class and grace~ I am sending you all my prayers, love, hugs, kisses and best of luck wishes…always~

    We are sending all of our prayers, love, hugs and kisses to you too, treasured great friend...always~ 12th♥
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    I am so glad to have a thread in this Forum to read Kari's words and to share with others who were touched by this wonderful, dear, sweet lady. I will come back later and share more about my encounters with Kari, but, reading Kari's words and the words of many others here who not only have been touched by Zenyatta, but by Kari herself, I thought you would appreciate a link to a column Steve Haskin wrote in November 2010. As was usual for all of Steve's columns that featured Zenyatta, he got hundreds of comments, literally. This particular column drew 373 comments. The grandaddy of them all, though was his "I Lied" column that drew 551! This particular column, though, the one I mentioned that has 373 comments is entitled: "Zenyatta Stirred the Emotions". It ran on November 11, right after the Breeders' Cup, and in it he tells the individual stories of many who have been touched by Zen. Kari's story is mentioned about 12-14 paragraphs down, and the paragraph begins with her name, so you will easily be able to find it.

    I thought it fitting that this be included in this thread about Kari: http://cs.bloodhorse.com/blogs/horse-racing-steve-haskin/archive/2010/11/11/zenyatta-stirred-the-emotions.aspx

    At the bottom of the column are several pictures of the crowd that had gathered the next day after the race, in Z's little patch of drought-parched grass where she held her "meet and greets". 12th Kari.
  • Happy birthday greetings to the Queen of Racing, from Zenyatta's Video Queen, Kari B., taken from the Diary:

    March 31, 2011 at 5:29 pm
    My Queen~
    Tomorrow is your big day. I hope you have a great party and get everything your heart desires. I think your Birthday should be declared a national holiday…for Zenyatta Nation it is!
    I love you Zenyatta~

    We love you, too, Kari. 12th♥
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    Kari will always be remembered and loved...she was an inspiration to us all...when thinking about her i remember a line from a movie about a chicago football player who died young of cancer...james caan played him in the movie...its goes something like..
  • ♥ Brian Piccolo, of the Chicago Bears. 1943-1970. The movie was "Brian's Song."
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    My love for Kari and for Zenyatta are one and the same.
    Dance and blow out the candles together!
    You are symbols of all that is GOOD in this world.

    12 <3 forever!
  • What an appropriate place for some of Kari's words from her heart to ours. They need to have a permanent place here so that we don't forget...not that we ever could!
  • What an appropriate place for some of Kari's words from her heart to ours. They need to have a permanent place here so that we don't forget...not that we ever could!
    Barbara I felt the same way so that is why I started this thread. I will never forget such a sweet soul and to read her words again just makes my heart swell with love...Hugs Leslie
  • thank you Ann Maree for sharing Steve's article. Like many nights I am having trouble sleeping so I come to my computer and get alittle Zen. Steve H never disappoints. I have tears rolling down my face and well hang on got to go get a kleenex.........K I'm back. Thanks again for the great read and as always Hugs to you all Z sters Leslie

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    It just would not be the same without Our Kari being here. It still hurts like it was today. I miss you, Kari. I do know that you are watching over us as well as Zenyatta and #12Zenyatta, The Lil Prince. I miss you.
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