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Here is the link, and you can vote multiple times. She won a similar contest a while back and was on the official Breeders Cup Calendar as well as getting a "month" inside the calendar.


  • I did.
  • Hi - was just going to post this same message!!!!! She is winning so far, but
    Tiznow is close behind. October 19, 5:30p.m. EST on NBC is the documentary Breeder's Cup Special - best of Breeder's.
  • Just Voted for "Z" !
  • Just voted for the Queen!
  • 30-in-30: Top 10 Breeders' Cups, 1984-1993

    By Steve Haskin,

  • Just voted for our Queen. Her BC has commanding lead. It's 2-1 over nearest Tiznow's BC.
  • im kinda surprised that Blame wouldnt be in a bigger running than 4.5%, it was a very shocking win for all of us and a very powerful one at the same time. i wish that he would of come back the following year but nope, whisked away to retirement unceremoniously. i wont vote more than once, cuz i dont think that is a fair win really and might not even count.
  • rachel...that race showed the depth of Zenny's courage and talent. She won many of her most vocal critics over that day so I'm not surprised at the numbers.
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    rachel...that race showed the depth of Zenny's courage and talent. She won many of her most vocal critics over that day so I'm not surprised at the numbers.
    i know she did, im not bashing zenyatta. i dont hate Blame for what he did, in all honesty it was amazing what he was able to do. zenyatta came close to beating him and that in itself is something to be said of her. i voted for zenny, was just looking at everyone else too.

  • rachel...that race showed the depth of Zenny's courage and talent. She won many of her most vocal critics over that day so I'm not surprised at the numbers.

    i know she did, im not bashing zenyatta. i dont hate Blame for what he did, in all honesty it was amazing what he was able to do. zenyatta came close to beating him and that in itself is something to be said of her. i voted for zenny, was just looking at everyone else too.

    Like most people said if they ran the race 9 more times Zenyatta would have probably won all 9. I never hated Blame either and think it was stupid for people to hate a horse for doing what he was suppose to do, just like people hated Bernardini when Barbaro got hurt. It had nothing to do at ALL with the other horse. I think I cried for 3 days after the 2010 BCC. I think I would have rather her lost by lengths instead of inches. LOL The reason that race is not in the lead is because most people IMO look at that race, not as the race Blame won but the race that Zenny lost. I feel like that was one of her greatest races she ever ran.
  • I agree @AmandaF. The 2010 BCC was the greatest race Z ever lost. There is no Blame to go around. He is a great horse.
  • I voted for Zenyatta's 09 BCC. Just so happy and incredible. Voted only once, however. Did anyone check out Steve's '84 to '93? The Personal Ensign win is my choice, but Arazi's run in the Juvenile is truly extraordinary.
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    Voted for the Queen!! That race was so amazing I was crying because I thought she was going to lose since she was so far back and then WHAM she let it rip! I also actually used the youtube video of that race for a college writing class, we had to do a presentation on a language or jargon that not many people are familiar with and I chose to do horse racing. I taught the class some horse racing terms like furlong, and how a horse is measured in hands, how to read a drf quick sheet, and at the end of my presentation I showed the entire 2009 Breeder's Cup with Zenyatta. I told the whole class to keep an eye on her and it was really fantastic because everyone was kind of bored it seemed until she started moving up and people in the class actually started screaming go, go, go and then she won and everyone was yelling and jumping up and down. My favorite part of that race is when the announcer said "if she wins this she'll be a superhorse".
  • That must have been a wonderful experience, introducing a whole class full of people to Zenyatta and her amazing achievements, esp. the 2009 Breeder's Cup Classic Race. How exciting for them to see it for the first time.
  • Voted! She will win, no matter what. True Z fans will make that happen.
  • How long before voting ends? She is doing great!
  • Loved your post AriesChild! Likewise, there are a whole slew of 4th - 8th graders in a certain city in Michigan who are huge Zenyatta fans thanks to a Z
    fanatic teacher :)
  • It was really fun sharing the Queen with a class full of college people, even my professor was impressed with Zenyattas win. My heart still races when I watch her run she is just so amazing. That race is really special to me, anytime I am feeling overwhelmed or down about something I just watch that race and it lifts me up and makes me believe any thing is possible.

    Jennifer- What city in Michigan? If you don't mind sharing. I'm originally from Traverse City and a majority of my family still lives there. I love Michigan and miss it so much that I wear a Petoskey stone necklace carved in the shape of Michigan everyday to remind me of home.
  • I received my Fashion at the Races calendar today with our Queen and her red Prince on the cover. Oh My! She is as stunning as ever and our Prince so well put together for a youngster. He posed like mom so apparently he was told by Z what the camera thing is all about!
  • AriesChild - Dearborn - opposite side of the mitten! Traverse City is gorgeous. I was in Manistee this summer - also lovely. I shared Petosky stones today with my class - that I've found "Up North." I attended CMU. Fire up chips! We no longer have a thoroughbred track in MI. A new one was built by Metro airport a few years ago - so much fun, but it didn't last. I enjoy following the trainers and jockeys that were here at other tracks now. Zenyatta is truly inspiring. Her races capture horse fans and non-racing fans alike! I think she is definitely the greatest racehorse ever! J
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    I personally think her greatest race was the 2010 Classic. In spite of Blame's name next to the 2010 on the list, it will always be known as Zenyatta's second Classic. That is just a fact. 10 years, 20 years from now, that is how it will be referred to. Blame did nothing spectacular -- and I mean no disrespect at all, just my observations -- he had a perfect trip on his home track. She on the other hand overcame the worst of trips....yet, she still came within a an eyelash of beating him. For Blame to get credit for that race -- by that I mean for it to be "his" race -- he needed to have beaten her by lengths, not a half a head. For whatever reason, there will always be Zenyatta naysayers. Just human nature. Other than Seattle Slew's nose loss to Exceller in 1978 JCGC, for my money, there's never been a greater display of courage in a losing race. To see her gather herself up, get back into the race, and literally glide past each of those horses -- one by one -- and then to float into place next to Blame and give it her all like she did. It was breathtaking, and yes, heartbreaking, because, like Slew, she tried so hard. Zenyatta's 2010 Classic has been often compared to Slew's JCGC of 1978. Not comparing the two horses, but the matter of their defining races of their careers, they both lost in heroic fashion.

    If you haven't read the description of the 1978 Jockey Club Gold Cup, it is one of the greatest stretch duels in history, and I honestly think reading the description is better than the video replay, because they describe all of the nuances, the drama that took place, the changing of the race from a speed-duel between two Triple Crown Winners to that of a spent Slew against a closer who pounced on an opportunity that opened up when Affirmed's saddle slipped and he was essentially out of the race. Eighteen lengths back was a rested Exceller with Bill Shoemaker on his back. In addition, Affirmed's trainer had put in a rabbit, Life's Hope, to tire Slew in the initial going so he didn't get an easy pace like he had to beat Affirmed in the Marlboro Cup a few weeks earlier. Slew, however, had other ideas, and he had set a blistering pace, with Affirmed and Life's Hope in hot pursuit. So, the stage was set! The following is from Wikipedia's Seattle Slew page:

    "In October, Seattle Slew and Affirmed met again in the 1½-mile Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont, which was televised nationally on the CBS network. Affirmed's trainer, Laz Barrera, did not want Seattle Slew to get an easy lead and dictate the pace as he did in the Marlboro Cup, so Barrera also entered a "rabbit" (Life's Hope) in an attempt to tire the horse. Barrera's plan was compromised; Seattle Slew set a blistering pace, chased by Affirmed and Life's Hope. "Slew" drew away; Affirmed's saddle then slipped, eliminating him from contention (he finished 5th). Seattle Slew ran in fractions of 22.60 for the first quarter, 45.20 for the half and 1:09.40 for three-quarters – very fast early times for a long race.

    "Sitting far back, Willie Shoemaker, on Exceller, took advantage of the fast pace. Exceller made a strong move on the far turn and saved ground by moving inside Seattle Slew as the tiring horse bore out turning for home. Exceller took the lead at the top of the stretch, but Seattle Slew fought back and lost by a nose in a photo finish.

    "This stretch run is still remembered as among the all-time best, ranking with Sunday Silence and Easy Goer's Preakness in 1989 and the battles between Affirmed and Alydar. Despite the defeat, many analysts considered this to be Seattle Slew's greatest performance. Andrew Beyer (a Seattle Slew skeptic when the horse was a three-year-old) wrote for his lead, "Exceller won Saturday's Jockey Club Gold Cup. Seattle Slew was its hero."

    In other recounts of this race, Karen Taylor, Slew's owner, exclaimed after the race: "I cried not because he lost, but because he tried so hard!"

    It is even more astonishing when you realize that earlier that year, after winning the Triple Crown the previous year, Seattle Slew nearly died from an illness. In terms of what would happen today, it is truly remarkable that they not only brought him back, but he had an amazing year, winding up the Eclipse winner for Older Horse!

    Read Seattle Slew at Wikipedia, 1978:

    And, the race, 1978 Jockey Club Gold Cup:

  • Wow. That was REALLY a close finish. Thanks for posting.
  • In these moments I'm so glad we have You Tube so we can re-live these historic races.
  • Wow - great race AnnMaree. Thanks for the video. I had never seen it. Seattle Slew was all heart.
  • I totally agree with you Ann_Maree the 2010 Classic was Zenyatta greatest race. It was supposed to be the race where she was going to lose by lengths by her nay sayers because she couldn't run on dirt they said. It's not her home track they said. It was the race that put the nay sayers to rest finally and won them over. Zenyatta did what she always did came flying at the end. She basically held her head up and said throw me on a dirt track. Fine because I'm going to come flying at the end like always. It's in my opinion what finally won her the Horse of the Year Honors. They finally realized it didn't matter the time of day or the surface she was going to win the race 99.9% of the time.
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