RIP Dullahan

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So sad to hear of this news this morning.
RIP Dullahan: Ruptured Colon Claims Three-Time G1 Winner


  • Such a sad loss.
  • RIP Dullahan. Too young and too sad.
  • Barbara Livingston posted this. a baby Dullahan and him all grown up :'(

  • im devastated by this. i had the chance to go into dale romans barn last year before the BC and meet dully. got to take pictures of him and with him. right after my friend took my pic with him, he reached over and gave me a small bite, just a little nip but was cool to say i had gotten bit by words
  • R.I.P boy would've loved to see your foals.
  • My goodness this is an amazing photo!!
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    Last year, Dale Romans invited fans to a meet and greet featuring Shack, Little Mike and Dullahan
    Here's one of the photos I took
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    And from this year's Pacific Classic at Del Mar
    Image Hosted by

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    RIP Dullahan, you will be missed
  • This is a heartbreaker. He was just gorgeous and a champion. Deepest sympathy to all his connections and those who loved him.
  • Wow, I've been traveling all day and out of touch, only to find this when I arrived. This is just so unexpected and sad and shocking. RIP Dullahan He is such a beautiful horse. I'm so sorry for all his connections. Thank you for all the lovely pictures.
  • Multiple Grade I winner Dullahan dies due to ruptured colon
    Published October 20, 2013 Horse Racing Nation
    Donegal Racing’s multiple Grade I winner Dullahan, whose retirement from racing was announced a week ago, was euthanized early Sunday after suffering a ruptured colon, trainer Dale Romans confirmed Sunday morning.
  • Dale Romans ‏@Romansracing on Sunday Oct. 20 2012
    Dear All,
    Thank you so much for your thoughts of sympathy for Dullahan. He was an incredible horse - so full of personality and talent.
    It will take awhile for the realization to sink in that he has passed. He was such an important member of our stable. We will miss him soooo much ...
    We are also sending our deepest sympathy to Jerry Crawford and Donegal Racing for their loss.
    Love you, Dullahan - our thoughts and prayers are with you, buddy !!
    Romans Racing
  • What! NO!!!
  • I too echo all the condolences to Dullahan's connections. I could tell from Dale's interviews over the past couple of years how much he liked this horse, so especially gentle thoughts to Dale and the barn staff. So very sad.
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    At the clinic of Hagyard-Davidson-McGee the workup on Dullhan "determined he needed surgery," said Crawford. "The surgery revealed that his colon had burst and as a result of that there had been a significant contamination internally and there was really nothing they could do to save him."

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    Makes Rachel's survival all the more miraculous
  • Makes Rachel's survival all the more miraculous
    That's what I was thinking also.
  • R.I.P. Sweet Dullahan. Run with the other Horse Angels now. So Sad.
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    It really depends on how much fecal material had gotten into Rachel's abdominal cavity, but yes, it makes her survival that much more miraculous. Depending on where she ruptured, what type of content was spilled, etc. If her contamination was liquid as opposed to solid, it is more easily flushed (as Rachel was). Horses do NOT so well with peritonitis, because it requires an open incision and multiple flushings per day of antibiotics. Reading what BloodHorse wrote, the significant contamination, was fecal material, and there would be no way to flush that amount out of Dullahan's system. Horrible situation, but they did what was right for him by euthanizing him.
  • the Lord sure has gotten a few gorgeous horses these past few months :( RIP Dullahan
  • what causes it? he was at Winstar farm recovering from the tendon injury and while there he was available for inspection for people interested in him.
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    colic is just a general term for any type of stomach ailment in horses. So, gas, obstruction, impaction, sand, ulcers, any of these can cause colic. If there's an impaction or obstruction, excessive gas build up can cause the bowel to rupture. Weight of sand can cause the bowel to rupture, ulcers can perforate causing the bowel to rupture... get the picture? Not working at Hagyard, I can't speculate, but this is the reason that we HATE colic in veterinary medicine.
  • can changes in diet bring about colic?
  • If only all horses were as tough as Paynter... Though I doubt even he could survive a ruptured colon. Diet CAN cause something like this if it is switched suddenly or incorrectly.... That's why diet change is such a crucial time for horses entering stud.
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