Oxbow Retired and will stand at : Taylor Made Stallions

Just learned that Oxbow has been retired and will stand at stud for 2014 at Taylor Made Stallions. So glad they retired him and he was not run again. He should sire some gorgeous foals! Very Handsome Stallion.


  • his last race was in the Haskell stakes in july :/ he is only 3 years old. once again we have a young horse retiring to stud with an injury
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  • LCarol, that's a good question. I think a lot of people wonder what happens to them. We know they can't all be living in perfect conditions.
  • Some end up as sport horses, Three Chimneys does a great job at keeping track of their stallions offspring and getting word out on fb of those that need adopting with pics.
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    Lately I've been watching a lot of European and Australian racing, through an online betting site. It's incredible the amount of horses who are still sound and competitive at so-called "older" ages. Loads of races have horses aged 7 and older. Look at show jumping.. Grand Prix horses are considered in their prime in their late teens, (and "young" for the sport at age 12! lol) and they're just as athletic as racehorses, and they take just as much physically as far as I'm concerned.

    Injuries happen, and a horse must retire.. I get it, on an individual basis, but more often than not, N. American horses are retired before age 4.. Just when they've reached their full potential.

    Bah.. just thinking out loud. /end of rant!

  • i think racing is becoming more of a business than anything :/
  • @rachel i agree with you.
  • Horses should not run until age 3, at the earliest.
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