RIP Simone Montgomerie

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  • Omg! My heart goes out to her family and children. This is just tragic.... She was far too young to leave this earth.
  • RIP Simone Montgomerie. So tragic and so sad. 502 jockey deaths on Australian tracks? Is that excessive? Do we know how many there are on the US tracks?
  • Slewpy, I'm sitting here watching ANOTHER shooting at a mall in New Jersey. It's in Garden State Plaza. Is that close to you?
  • Oh wow
  • @louisecastello The story broke on Twitter and I started to follow it live on Fox. The mall is about 1/2 hour away from me but I know a lot of people in the area. Good news is that there are, as of yet, no confirmed reports of injuries. Bad news is that the gunman appears to be still at large. Thank you for your concern.
  • I'm sure everyone agrees, but really and truly, I am so sick of these shootings and they seem to happen more and more. I'm glad this one seems to be over, with no injuries, but I hope someone catches the guy before he does it again and DOES hurt someone. I sure wish I knew what the answer is to these things, but I'm glad you're okay Slewpy!
  • The gunman ultimately committed suicide and claimed in a note found by his brother that he didn't want to hurt anyone. Very bizarre. According to neighbors, the local young man was a nice guy and they were shocked by his behavior. According to police, he had a history of drug abuse. Guess we'll know more each day.

    Seems no one is safe anywhere anymore. Very scary. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning and you're the news.
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