Zenyatta's Waiting Room 2014

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Okay folks this is the place to come and let's start making noise about next April! I'll keep posting here to try to keep it bumped up but please feel free to join in!


  • Good idea, Margaret! I'm going to go against the trend and hope for another boy! Would love to see a nice mahogany bay like Declaration of War. Very excited to see what Zenyatta is cooking up for us next year!
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    I'm hoping for a filly. And after seeing all War Front's babies run in the BC I hope for a LOT of flash! I just hope the foal doesn't get his head. Can you imagine War Front's head with Zenyatta's ears?
  • I am on the colt bandwagon. If she were back in foal to Bernie or Tapit I'd be wishing for a filly this time, but just in case this is the only time she goes to War Front, I just have this strong desire for Danzig to be a grandsire to a Zenaytta colt.
  • I would love a filly but will be thrilled with whatever our Zenny gifts us with.
  • The War Front colt out of Treasure Trail (Vertigineux) in the keeneland sale yesterday gives us a good idea
  • @rachel can you post a pic of him? i would love to see him.
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    Course, i can see a different appearance coming from zenyatta for the foal than that. He/she will have a bigger butt lol and thicker legs
  • I cannot wait for this foal..... And I'm hoping it's a filly!! This foal will be one of the prettiest bays on the block.
  • WooHoo!! Exciting. I'm also hoping for a filly, but I know we will all be happy no matter what. I can't wait.
  • Speaking of Treasure Trail does anyone know where she lives?
  • And so it begins. Were all waiting in the waiting room and its not even 2014 yet. I think Zenyatta going to surpise us this year with a filly. I could care less if it's a colt or filly as long as Zenyatta and the foal are healty.
  • No, No. It's too early for this. I'm not ready for it. 5 months, people.
  • Never too early to discuss Zenny's new baby. Hoping for a filly. Maybe she'll be a bay.
  • The War Front colt is a looker!
  • April is right around the corner. Time goes so fast! Has anyone heard how Coz is doing with his studies?
  • The mosses are in ocala...or were. They visited him today, posted a pic of a sign there on fb
  • Isn't it great how they care about their horses? I'm glad "family" went to visit him at school. Thanks for letting me know. Wish I could visit him. I miss seeing him on the blog. It was fun getting pics of him while he lived at LE.
  • Sometimes, because we've all been with him since his birth, I feel like he belongs to us.
  • I really want a War Front colt. His colts seem to do better than his fillys but either way as long as Z and the baby are fine I don't care what it is. I do hope it's really flashy!
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    Harris Auerbach is visiting Claiborne Farm today
    & took this Photo on Thurs. Nov. 7 2013
    The amazing War Front

  • War Front had the top weanlings sold on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Keeneland Nov sale. Both where bought by Coolmore. On Day 1 $800,000 colt o/o Treasure Trail(1/2 to Zenyatta) and Day 2 $750,000 colt o/o City Sister.
  • His conformation picture does him a serious injustice, he's gorgeous!
  • When initial pictures of War Front were posted here in the Blog, several comments were made about the strange look to his head. I believe now, after seeing several subsequent pictures of him, that it was an optical illusion caused by his blaze running off to the side. He really is a nice looking guy and obviously passes some good quality to his kids. Here's hoping 'Mr. Front' and Zenny click!
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