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  • That is true.
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    The quote is good. I think I am protesting too much. I just think an amateur owner may get lucky and get the horse of a lifetime, who will take them to amazing places. The story does not have to be about the rider unleashing talents about the horse, but maybe an amazing horse performing for a good amateur rider. The horse, in this case, may show way and reveal talents. Denny has ridden at top in eventing for so many years, and takes on difficult horses who show talent. I think he is addressing his own experience and others he knows. Non difficult horses have similar levels of talent. Of course, my opinion! K
  • I recently read The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. One of my new favorites. Has anyone here read it?
  • Yes @Horselover24
    I really enjoyed The Scorpio Races.
    Great characters, horses plus a little bit of Celtic mythology. A very enjoyable read.
  • Would it be available in a public library?
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    Has anyone read "Rosanna Copper Mystery Horse"? It was one of my favorites. All books mentioned so far that had anything to do with horses were on my hit list as a young reader. I read book after book that had major horse or pony characters. It was great fun to read away the hours in the evening after doing homework or during summer vacations. I can remember the warm summer breezes blowing through my bedroom windows of our old Western Reserve farm house in Ohio, as I read through the afternoons and into the nights. The Black, Thunderhead, Little Bud, Misty and dozens of others galloped across the pages. Fun! Fun!
  • Would it be available in a public library?
    Yes it should be. I checked at my local library and they do have a copy. Maggie Stiefvater is quite a popular author in the young adult fiction category. And I will confess that I am not quite young anymore but I enjoy her writing.
  • The book that I was thinking of above was "The Lord of Misrule" which won a National Book Award a few years back. It follows the lives of race horses and people behind the scenes at a small campy racetrack in West Virginia, maybe. The horses and people from the backside have unique and somewhat eccentric personalities, as do the trainers and owners. I posted a review below.
  • And I forgot to mention, I loved and thought it was a great read! Very well written and animal and human characters are vividly portrayed, and grab your imagination.
  • I think the quote is right on. Many a rider rides with fear. A very dangerous proposition. Many a rider rides heavy. Not feeling the unique movement of the athletes underneath. A constant struggle for control. Some don't feel fear and ride reckless. Putting the horse in danger and others.
    All the best riders are described as above. They are a rare breed.
  • Oh...and the horse knows.
  • Sorry Tincup, but beg to disagree, at least for sport horses. Many are honest and kind, and a there are many horses that give their best and shine. Horses do not have to be difficult to be the best under amateur riders. I just think Denny is tooting his own horn. Granted, he is a world class rider. There is just a little of the elitest rider attitude there. Of course, my opinion, but have around eventing and following it for many years.
  • And I include OTTBs in that comment.
  • The good horse can take the rider to great heights; it does not have to be the rider unleashing the horse's talents. But of couse , a partnership, which is the baseline, commented above.
  • Denny takes on talented horses. No matter what. So do many of top eventers. Phillip Dutton, on the other hand, is known to take on horses, who are kind. ichabob Crane (sp.). Who is doing great. No ego with PD, I think. He does some kind of OTtB training and competition for OTTBs, with shows and website. Will look it up.
  • Back to good books...
    ...At the rock bottom end of the sport of kings, sits the ruthless and often violent world of cheap horse racing....
    Jaimy Gordon`s Lord of misrule.
    Thanks for the heads up kmm. Looks like a good read. I got to the site and was hoping for a free read. All good, I`ll find it tomorrow.
  • OK. Only my opinion. Many devotees are out there for Denny. I certainly, don't discount him at all. He is great rider and trainer and sought out by many.
  • Oh my gosh, I read it 2x in a couple of weeks. Lent it to a friend; she passed it on. I was not happy. It is not PC. There is sex, alcohol, and drugs for those who are shy! :),
  • Also look at Jane Smiley, some title which I will get wrong. Something about Heaven and Horses. She is a wonderful writer. Many teen books about horses. They are good. This is not one targeted to teens.
  • Horse Heaven.
  • Yes @Horselover24
    I really enjoyed The Scorpio Races.
    Great characters, horses plus a little bit of Celtic mythology. A very enjoyable read.
    Isn't it an amazing book?! Maggie Stiefvater grew up riding horses and it certainly shows in how she wrote about them in her book. It was refreshing to read a YA horsey book where the author actually knew what they were talking about.

    @VA_in_CA, I hope you read and enjoy it! It's at my library too, so it should be easy to find. Just a heads up that there is some swearing and a few slightly crude implications, but not enough to be offensive to me.

  • I love SCORPIO RACES. And it will be made into a movie soon. Anybody want to start a DREAM CAST list for the horse actors?
  • Anybody read Wild? Trek of woman of Pacific Trail? I have not, nor seen movie. She has new book out with inspirational quotes. Thoughts?
  • Yes, I read Wild this past summer and then watched the movie on DVD. The book, of course, was better, but the movie wasn't bad. The author is a very interesting woman. I loved the book, and actually read it twice, and googled her for more info.
  • I read Wild and enjoyed it. I passed it on and its still making the rounds months later and all seem to have enjoyed it. I also enjoyed The Girl On The Train and A Walk Through The Woods.
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