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  • Someone gave me Girl on a Train. Thanks for recommendations!
  • Someone gave me Girl on a Train. Thanks for recommendations!
    Another I recently read was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - good one.
  • Read that one a while ago. Good read.
  • A friend gave me a book she enjoyed, I read it and enjoyed but it was the middle book in a series, so went on eBay to find the rest (I'm anal about starting a book series from the beginning). Author is Virginia Lanier (the book I read was "Death In Bloodhound Red".) It's a mystery series about a woman in Georgia (Jo Beth Sidden) who raises bloodhound search/rescue dogs.
  • Right up my alley with animals and mystery series! Thanks bigherbie!
  • I will share horse and dectective series, which is very good, as soon as I find author. K
  • Lyndon Stacey, a British author, has some great crime novels related to horse racing: Murder in Mind, Deadfall, Cut Throat, Blindfold, Outside Chance.
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    I will share horse and dectective series, which is very good, as soon as I find author. K
    I didn't realize Bill Shoemaker had written horse-racing mysteries until I picked one up at our Cat Protection Society thrift store last week - I finished it last night - it was quite good - Dick Francis-like but with some humor. Three are listed in chronological order: Stalking Horse, Fire Horse and, the one I read, Dark Horse.

  • Is that the former jockey, bigherbie?
  • Yep.
  • My reading of choice before I recently retired were the Robert B. Parker "Spenser" books - not a lot of free time or energy to read much before being freed of employment. My first retired assignment was to amass all the "Spenser" books in chronological order and read them all. I finally had them all, devoured them, and saving them to read again. It was sad day for me when I read RBP died ... I loved those books. :-)
  • Have to add my voice to KayJay I think it was who mentioned the James Herriot books.

    They will make you laugh and make you cry. They are an absolutely fascinating look at animal husbandry and the attitude towards animal husbandry and veterinary medicine as it moved out of the 'dark ages' if you will and into a more modern era.

    The TV series is a faithful adaptation as well and wonderful to sit and enjoy. Again, it will make you laugh and make you cry but it's some of the most honest TV I can remember ever watching. No sex, violence, conspiracies or paranoia. It's a nice break from what fills the television hours these days.

    Fascinating tidbit I happened to notice when I was going for a re-watch recently. One of the greatest dangers that all the farmers and the vets lived in fear of was the dreaded Hoof and Mouth disease that affects cloven footed stock. The diagnosis was devastating to stock, farmers and vets back in the 1940s.

    So much of the medicine and treatments you'll read/watch in the series have come leaps and bounds in the past 75 years but that big boogeyman, "Hoof and Mouth" is still as much a threat, with close to the same prognosis and results now, 75 years later as it was back then.
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    Oh, Zenyen, I read them all years ago, and agree. For animal behavior, I like Temple Brandon's books. As an autistic person, she comes to animal behavior having a different take, with her insights. She thinks in images, probably like animals.
  • Me too, read them all ... thanks Zenyen for the chance to remember... :-)
  • Just finished "The Race" by Richard North Patterson. Good political thriller...
  • All of his novels are great reads!
  • Has anyone read "She Drove Without Stopping" by Jaimy Gordon, the author of "Lord of Misrule."
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    I will have to check that out. Loved Lord of Misrule!
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    I recommended that one in an earlier post. :)
  • I recommended that one in an earlier post. :)
    Did you read and enjoy it?

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    I will have to check that out. Loved Lord of Misrule!
  • Sue Grafton's "Kinsey Millhone" series... :-) Reading one
  • I just finished reading The Wind is Not A River by Brian Payton. This was an excellent book that I would highly recommend. Has anyone else read this book? I'm curious what you thought about it.
  • Back to horse books: try Dosha: Flight of the Russian Gypsies. An adult horse book, but NOT in the crude meaning of "adult"! A better summary than I could do:

    In 1956 Khrushchev s Thaw triggers the Hungarian Revolution and upheaval in the Soviet Empire. During Khrushchev s first state visit to Helsinki, Dosha, star rider of the Soviet Dressage Team and her horse defect with the help of local Gypsies. The novel follows the life of Dosha, a Gypsy in disguise. It offers unique insight into the tribal life of nomadic Gypsies, who under Stalin joined partisans fighting Nazi invaders, only to face entrapment during Khrushchev s Thaw. By then Dosha and her talented circus horse have been drafted into the dressage team in Leningrad. Navigating political intrigue, narrowly escaping discovery by the KGB, she enters a love forbidden to Gypsy women. One goal remains uppermost in her mind leading her tribe and her horse to freedom in the West.

    Author Sonia Meyer fled the Nazis with her parents when she was 2 years old to live in the woods of Germany and Poland with partisans and Gypsies. There her father taught her to throw hand grenades using a wooden darning egg. They lived in the woods, in abandoned houses, in fields, in isolated excursion inns and barns, always dodging the German and later Soviet armies who hunted them relentlessly. Shortly after the war Sonia and her family returned to Cologne Germany where she foraged for food with a band of Gypsy children camped nearby.
    Later Sonia was welcomed into a Gypsy encampment in southern France, when she broke the ice by quietly whispering a few words in Romani to horses grazing nearby. She lives in Vermont where she raised horses before retiring to write Dosha.
  • Thanks @oriflamme for the heads up on Dosha. It sounds like a good book. I enjoy reading historical fiction and the horse theme is a plus. I have added it to my wish list on Amazon. Unfortunately our very small local library doesn't have a copy.
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