Hope for Filly in Derby

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Finally, a filly looks to follow the route to the Derby racing against the males. It's about time.



  • im really excited about this, its been 6 years.
  • Ria Antonia is a great filly, but I hope she gets to develop a bit more before she tackles the Kentucky Derby. There are prep races to go first before she competes at that level. I think she's a talented filly, and I think she could do it if she's allowed to develop her full potential. There are lots of other really good fillies and mares to compete against in the meantime. Nothing wrong with that. Zenyatta did that 18 times before she tackled those guys in the Breeder's Cup. I love a big strong filly. Reminds me of Zenny.
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    Shes going to go in the prep races for the derby, her trainer has confidence in her. In order for her to get points for the derby she has to compete against the boys.
  • Actually the 2009 Breeders' Cup was Zenyatta's 14th race.
  • European fillies are not coddled when it comes to racing against the males. They do it all the time. A talented big horse, be it a filly or a colt, belongs in the best class of competition. A filly can develop and realize her potential by running against males the same way the colts do. Pletcher, when asked about his filly in the Belmont, refused to distinguish her by gender. He said, "may the best horse win". And she did.

    I didn't like the point system at all because it served to keep fillies out of the Derby or force them to race against the males early on. But I'm rethinking that now. Maybe it will have the reverse effect. Maybe it will force the fillies to compete against the males early on.
  • That's a great way to put it. I do not understand why fillies in this country are so cloistered; they regularly run against males in other parts of the world, they win on a regular basis. It's not unusual overseas. Why here?
  • Maybe the macho male trainers don't want to see their macho male horses being constantly defeated by speedier horses who happen to be female. Shocking to their egos. lol Just kidding, but it could be a subconscious bias. Some male humans do think males are superior to females, generally.
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    i just read a little on Gallorette...also, The Vault article on Imp....these ladies of the past and lots of others....always ran against the males....just when did the sexes get separated...does anyone know
  • It's obvious that her connections have high hopes for her since her first race was a non-graded stakes race. She beat the boys for her first win and ran 4th against the boys in another race (Woodbine - ALW track - sprints). The fillies are physically more mature at an earlier age than the boys, but it doesn't take the boys that long to catch up and surpass them. That's why Zenny, Rachel Alexandra, Genuine Risk, Rags To Riches, Winning Colors, Lady's Secret, etc, are held in high esteem. Maybe it takes a certain attitude, talent, physicality for the fillies that are bred here to win, or maybe all it needs is a change in thinking. Perhaps we need to have more European influence (broodmares and stallions) imported over here. Only a thought. I wish only the best for her.
  • I always liked the write up on Regret here:


    I'm pretty sure she, with few exceptions, only ran against the boys!
  • Are more of the European "boys" gelded than in the US?
  • Well, there are exceptions too. Fillies don't have to be big to beat the males. They just have to be better. Goldi is not a big filly. And the European fillies weren't all that big like Ouija Board and Pebbles. But they regularly ran against and beat the boys. Genuine Risk was very dainty while Winning Colors was very powerful. But the big fillies here are the ones most likely to face the males and Ria Antonia is a big filly.
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    Genny is the only one I know of that ran all 3 of the TC races.....won the derby ....the Preakness was hers too until that "person" on Codex smacked her across the face with his whip to keep her from going past...(my opinion)....she was second in Belmont but a good 8 lengths in front of Codex and his "hall of shame" rider...her boy Genuine Reward still stands in Wyoming ...her only other live foal was gelded and became a show horse....I think ...but my memory is a little shaky on this
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    I still love to watch how after 11 years of failed breeding attempts...Genuine Risk finally foaled her first foal (Genuine Reward) by Rahy! She looked so proud and happy as she paraded her baby around!

    It's too bad she couldn't pass her outstanding abilities to her 2 colts...I only wish she had a chance to foal a filly...that might have made a difference...imho
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    I had gone riding with a group of friends the day of GR's Derby. Although we reserved horses, we were late getting on the trail. The plan was to go back to someone's house to have a Derby party after the ride. We were late getting on the trail so afterwards we rushed to the nearest mall and parked ourselves in front of the TV display at Sears. The sales people thought we were nuts and we smelled like horses. Then we were loudly cheering when the filly won. It was our dream come true.

    When I went to Three Chimneys Farm in 1990 to meet Seattle Slew, I saw Rahy's stall but didn't get to meet him. I did meet Slew O' Gold and got to see Chief's Crown.

    That's such a beautiful video of GR with her foal. Little GR is precious.
  • Were you parked in front of the TV display on horseback?
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    I can only wish. What a way to watch a Derby. We finished the ride, hopped into our cars, and headed for the nearest TV. We just made it to Sears. Our clothes smelled from the horses and we looked like a bunch of vagrants. But no one kicked us out. It was funny but we were serious Derby watchers so I think that's why no one dared to interfere with us. They also knew we weren't there to buy TVs.
  • A sears playing the derby on tv....doesnt happen here LOL
  • Well, most TVs on display at that time were tuned into sports. So at least one TV had the Derby. We had 2-3 gals in front of each TV and switched all the channels to the Derby.

    Today, with hi def and 3D, most TVs on display are tuned to movies or special effects demos. You can't change the channels because the display TVs have closed circuit programming and they all show pretty much the same thing on demos.

    This was before your time Rachel. :)
  • Ill say LOL how cool it would be to see the derby on a 50" high def tv!
  • Ria Antonia to start her trek to the Derby by running in the Risen Star:

  • Good luck to her on the road to the Derby. And as the males mature, so will she. There is no reason at all for the fillies not to run against the colts.
  • I really hope she makes it to the Derby! She could give them a good lesson in girl power. :)
  • DRF Derby ‏@DRFDerby ‏tweet Monday Jan. 27 2014
    #BC13 JFillies winner RIA ANTONIA faces fillies in Rachel Alexandra, 2/22;
    trying colts eventually "still on radar," per connections' tweets
  • We need more fillies to take on the boys and it has to start with one. Would love it if more than one filly went to the Derby. Here's hoping Ria Antonia does. Just realized, she's also RA.
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