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I love the new STONESTREET website:

The stallion conformation photos are amazing, but the bio on each of the farm broodmares is beyond special.


  • Thanks for the recommendation, E_H. I'll have to check it out.
  • so Hot Dixie Chick foaled a filly by Smart Strike in March of this year. Woohoo, a filly for her since her first 2 foals were boys. Kinda like Zenyatta

    Stonestreet has a broodmare named Zenith. I mention it because some have suggested that name for Princess Z.

    Zenith’s first foal was the good winner Top of the Town (by Old Trieste), winner of $129,560. Her second foal put her on the map, the talented Great Hunter (2004 by Aptitude), winner of the G1 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity and G3 Robert B. Lewis Stakes. Her third foal was stakes-placed Glitzen Glory (2005 by Honour and Glory).

    The mare has a two-year-old colt by Distorted Humor named Assorted Humor, a yearling colt by Malibu Moon and produced a colt by The Factor this spring.
  • I noticed they don't have RA listed in their broodmare band.
  • I noticed they don't have RA listed in their broodmare band.
    Noticed that too :( Sad for RA, sad for Barbara, but the safe and sane choice.

    Barbara said in an article that most likely RA will never be bred again. Only two babies for RA. I sure hope the Bernardini filly can carry on for her mom and someday have more than a few fillies of her own to carry on the RA name on the bottom side of pedigrees. If all goes well, Taco should keep RA going on the top side of pedigrees.
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    She is there. She has a small box nestled in between Ragtime Hope and Majestically. But once a broodmare, always will have a distinguished identity of Broodmare despite retirement from Broodmare duties. She is still listed and might always will be, she is indeed retired from Broodmare duties though unfortunately.
  • Rachel it doesn't say she is retired from being a broodmare just being rested.
  • then why did i see an announcement saying she will not be bred again? it was from Barbara Banke. Everyone is talking about how Jess's Dream and 13RA are going to be her only foals.
  • this wasnt recent, it was announced months ago
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    and if she is to be bred agian next year or any year, why risk it? She almost died as a result of the last foal
  • im literally afraid for her to be bred again. She conceives and carries to term just fine but the actual labor is what hurts her and clearly it does not matter the size of the sire. I just cant see risking it
  • I remember seeing that to but it doesn't make sense not to say that on the website?
  • yea, it doesnt make sense. Now im all confused cuz i remember everyone being sad that JD and 13RA were to be her only foals, i think i also remember news people talking about that as well. Who knows, i guess after this year we wait and see what happens
  • Maybe she said that and then decided to let Rachel tell her what she wanted?
  • I know Barbara Banke said she would probably never have more foals. They probably kept it that way on their website just in case something changes in the future. I really don't think they will ever risk her life again. I agree, Rachel, I would hate to see her bred. She is just too loved by everyone to risk it, in my opinion; however, as we know, we don't have a lot of input about it one way or the other.
  • has there been any new pictures or updates of Rachels filly lately?
  • has there been any new pictures or updates of Rachels filly lately?
    Not that I know of?
  • I havent seen any lately, been looking on Stonestreet Twitter and there isnt anything
  • Wow. I didn't see that little photo at all! Sure enough, RA is there with Taco. Saying "she is being rested again this year" sure is different from what Barbara was quoted as saying earlier this year.
  • RA also has a big pic under racing stable-->Honor Roll.

    FWIW, RA didn't have a serious problem with Taco. She went to the hospital for pain management. Pain from nursing and/or uterine contractions isn't unusual for first-time moms. Barbara Banke just wanted her to be comfortable, and she admitted to being a little overprotective.
  • I LOVE the way their new website works! WOW on the broodmare band.
    It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for Rachel A; may the angels smile on her in any case.
  • WinStar Farm ‏@WinStarFarm 5h
    A classy daughter of More Than Ready, hip 660, goes to @StonestreetFarm for $425,000.
  • Brian Zipse ‏@Zipseatthetrack 1m
    @DerbyFan78 Match-up with Atreides could be one of the more intriguing of all the @BreedersCup preps. @StonestreetFarm
  • From Stonestreet Farms facebook: 2013 Rachel Alexandra filly, sired by Bernardini.
    Growing up fast at our yearling division, she is not yet named. She will head down to Ocala next month to begin the first stages of learning to be a racehorse.
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