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    Thanks. Many web sites make it easier by just putting a Top of Page at the bottom.
  • Simply wanted to add that I sincerely appreciate how you are trying to find ways to work with all of our comments and suggestions. Zenyatta's owners and the rest of the team have been so kind and generous to allow us to be part of her racing life and to continue to follow her new life, while most mares when retired are never heard from or about again. This is wonderful and I am grateful and the tech support you give us, Kyle, is fantastic. I feel like I am learning something new every day. Its doubtful that I'll ever figure out html, but I did learn to put my cat's photo by my name - yay! Thanks!!
  • Hi Klye, I saw a note on the blog form yesterday. Ashley is deaf and wanted to know what the video said. It would be very nice if you could add the information for the hearing impaired. I tried to fill Ashley in and a few others jumped in to help too. Not being able to hear must just be offal. Can you all please help? On the blog you will notice I am Sue FL CPRC Terry Crow gave me a new position so it will not say Jellybean on the blog if you go over there to look. Ashley's message is just a few entries down on the blog list. Thanks Sue
  • Under BIO, and the last paragraph of Honors is incomplete. It ends as "she is also". Alos what and where do you go to find the completition of the sentence?
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    ^ It seems that your browser is clipping the bottom half of the page. Can you tell me what computer, operating system, and browser you are using?
  • Great job tech support. Just curious if there is a way possible for the current posts to come up first and the older ones under it. When looking at the newer news you have to go to the last pages to see the most up to date posts.Thanks
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    It is normal forum behavior for new posts to be added to the end of a thread. This makes it easier for anyone to jump in and read the conversation from start to finish.

    Our forum should save your spot—when you click on a thread you have read previously, it will take to the page where you left off.
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    We have an interesting situation--2 Blogs are being used for Posting.
    First one, the Zenyatta 60 day. Second one, Ask the Experts 3
    Suggest that a Block be put on one of the Blogs to help direct traffic.
    This should be done each time a new Blog is released.
    Thanks, Keta
    Here is an example of the what is happening. It is my post from the Expert 3 Blog.
    We have parallel universes going--that is 2 blogs.
    Here is Lisag message on the 60 day blog
    July 10, 2012 at 12:38 pm
    OK, does anybody know or heard from Terry Crow? I have looked back and it has been way too long for him not to be seen here. HeadPoo, where are you?
    So, do we post here or do we post there or do we post both places?
    Knew that this would happen at some point.
    Keta (end of post msg)
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    Kylea, the Blog confusion continues
    Here are Marshall's comments on the 60 day Blog

    Marshall (NC broad)Permalink | Reply
    July 15, 2012 at 6:13 pm
    In Re: Parallel universes
    I thought that this successor to the Diary had become the “mother blog” site and that the Ask the Experts site was an off-shoot with a limited life span until the next new topic develops and starts another branch. Perhaps I am wrong, but I had considered this site to be home-base.
    I do agree that it is difficult to follow both sites successfully. This is beginning to resemble a scaled-down Forum situation. IMHO, we need a constant place to check into — I am not too adept at frequent change.
    I am sure things will sort themselves out, however.
    Goodnight to All!
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    Hi Keta and everyone,

    Let me attempt to clarify any confusion about the Blog:

    • "Ask The Experts" and "News" are simply categories within the Blog, as is "Z's Diary."

    • The main blog page (, accessed by clicking on BLOG in the main menu at the top of the site) always displays the ten most recent blog posts, sorted by post date. The most current blog post is always first.

    • You can browse past blog entries, including Z's Diary, by using the menu on the right hand side. You can look at all posts from a specific category by clicking on the category title, or you can jump backwards to posts from any given month.

    • Different categories do not represent different sites—they are simply labels assigned to our posts to signify the type of information they contain. We only have three categories at the moment, but we may add more in the future. This is not meant to cause confusion, but to allow us to feature different types of content in the blog.

    • We don't plan to close comments on older blog posts in order to force our readers to comment in the same place. We would like all posts to remain accessible to Zenyatta's fans world-wide, and we invite feedback on all information we share.

    • Blog comments are generally not the best place for ongoing conversations, especially about topics unrelated to the content of the post. We developed the Forum so that you would all be able to create an account, have the ability to contact other members, and have a constant place to check in.

    • Forum discussions have an advantage over blog comments as they can stay open and current indefinitely—as long as new comments are added, a discussion will remain at the top of the list. You can also bookmark any forum discussion and sign up to be notified when new comments are added. Bookmarked discussions are always accessible from the sidebar when you are logged into your account. **We have noticed that most forum members don't use the bookmark capability. It works well—just click on the grey star to the right of the discussion title. Give it a try!**
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    Kylea Thanks again
    Appreciate your reading & explaining.
  • Thank you. We all appreciate it more than we can say.
  • I wasn't sure where to put this comment side its not really about the forum. Could you maybe add a list of the offsprings of Z into the Bio or the Career section of the website? Maybe even add a new section to the web for Coz Zi and princess z? thanks.
  • Could you add a "go up" button to the pages in a thread?
    And it would be nice to be able to edit or delete a post within a certain amount of time.
  • Whoodler, You can edit your post. After you hit post, in the upper right corner of the box is a little gear symbol. Click on that and edit will come up and you click on it to edit your post.
  • THANKS! (And yes, I'm shouting!)
  • edited September 2014
    You're welcome! Sorry I can't help with the rest of the request.
  • Hate to be a downer, but I need a way to edit AFTER posting. For some reason my original post about the Hansen foals was posted when I hit "preview." Since it was a cut and paste from paulick, I needed to see where all the spaces were to eliminate them. But since it was posted, it still has them and they take up a TON on space. Thanks anyway!
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    You can edit a comment up to four hours after you post it.
  • Thanks. I think it was later than that when I got back here (to the forum.)
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    kylea, Is the change in the date display a temporary glitch, or are you really doing away with the date and putting only the month? This makes it harder to find certain posts, or to reference them. There's a big difference in a post made on Dec 3, versus Dec 30, but if only Dec is given, it makes it hard to find the right post. This is going to be a problem if we only get 4 hours to edit. We can't say, in my post of such and such a date, I accidentally wrote xyz when I should have written pqr. Also without the date, it's very hard to remember where you last read so it's harder and takes longer to find the right post for reading the new ones. This may cause us to miss important posts. Hope it can be fixed back to the way it was.
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    @VA_in_CA, this seems to be an issue with our forum software now that it's 2015, and it is indeed problematic. I'll keep an eye out for an update that includes a fix.
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    edited January 2015
    Thank you, kylea. I appreciate knowing what the problem is and hope you can find an update. In the meantime it seems to be working correctly going forward, which is some relief.

    Wow. You are working late tonight. I hope you had an nice Holiday.

  • Is there any way to allow each member to choose 5 or 6 topics as "favorites" and have them always appear first, at the top of the page, every time that member visits the forum? It would save having to wade through several pages of threads with yellow "new" notices for all the twitter messages and press releases every visit.
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    @whoodler You can bookmark any discussion by clicking the star to the right of the discussion title. All of your bookmarked discussions can be quickly accessed by clicking My Bookmarks in the menu on the right (four items below New Discussion). My Bookmarks shows up in the menu once you have bookmarked at least one discussion.
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