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Here's the latest from THE VAULT. For those who have wondered where I've been, the answer comes in the opening. THIS WAS THE TOUGHEST ARTICLE I'VE EVER TRIED TO WRITE! But I do hope you enjoy it -- this is the story of a VERY GREAT thoroughbred!

When I write I try to get under the surface of mere facts to weave a story. But as I delved into the extant


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    Wonderful article ....great pictures....and video.....Abigail are the best
  • Thanks so much Abigail, for that fascinating historical article on Battleship. there is nothing more enjoyable, at least to me, than to read about courageous TB's. In Battleship, the glory of Man O' War lived on. You know what I wish you would do - compile a book with historical data on little-known horses of the past. I never even heard of Battleship, but was so glad to make his acquaintance through your article. Thanks again!
  • I've heard of battleship before but never in so much detail
  • Just read tonight about another great, great horse. A british steeplechaser. His name was Desert Orchid. they called him Dessie. He was a gray, and very beautiful. A great horse, look him up everybody, you'll be glad you did. Abigail, you could do an article on him for everyone's enjoyment. It would be great!
  • i know Desert Orchid. have watched youtube videos on him
  • Carolinutah, lovehorses & rachel: Thank you so very much for the great comments & discussion! I love hearing from VAULT readers. Guess what? Dorothy Ours, who wrote the recent book on Man O' War contacted me after reading my bit about Battleship to say that Battleship is her next book!!! I was absolutely thrilled -- she's a fabulous writer and her book on Big Red was fascinating with tons of brand new research, including the fact that his one loss might have been a "thrown" race, since corruption in sport was huge at this time and Big Red's trainer & jockeys were constantly being bribed to make him lose. So Dorothy & I are now corresponding and, in fact, I shipped her photo sources for the pix in my article. Lovehorses: Dessie is a LOVE of mine! I have books & books in the house about him and will definitely be writing something on him this year! HUGS
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