Road To Greatness (Revised)

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Good afternoon everyone! RR12 here.
To start, after my ever-so-slight blow up here on the site: I took it upon myself to simply disappear and take a long break. Now I'm back! And have been sifting through the memory lanes of this site. Upon which I came across "Cozmic One vs. Jess's Dream" and it got me thinking......
For those of you who've been with this site practically since nearly its' conception, you MAY remember my story: "Road to Greatness". A harrowing tale I created of our favorite boys: Jess's Dream, and Cozmic One (though in this tale, they were "Prince" and "King Alexander" as they had yet to be named).
I looked it over, and found a good portion of the details, grammar, and punctuation absolutely ATROCIOUS. SO! As the true tale of these two begins, I feel it only proper that I give this story a fresh new vibe. Behold! The revised story of "Road To Greatness". And, as always, one installment per day. Enjoy!


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    First installment!

    Chapter 1: Beginning of the Trodden Path

    Cozmic One walked around the paddock, people cheered and waved as he passed them by. He was excited, for today was his first race! He wasn't used to so much enthusiasm or attention; never the less he straightened himself and perked his ears, strutting along the paddock. Cameras flashed and people yelled, but his mother had told him that these were simply other pets who marveled at and adored him.
    His mother, you ask? Why she is the incomparable Zenyatta. She had taught him well in the ways of the racehorse: and today was to be the first, true test of his knowledge.
    Cozmic One ran over his teachings in his head...... Teachings such as staying in the back until the proper moment, balancing his speed, and predicting his next move.
    Suddenly, Cozmic One's concentration was broken by a hushed "Hey!" He heard coming from the stall next to him. He looked to his side and saw a rich, bay colt calling to him "Hey!" He called again. Cozmic One cocked an ear back "What?", The colt smiled "You nervous?". "Nervous?" Cozmic One said in confusion, he had not thought on the question; but eventually answered "I don't know if I'm as nervous as I am excited." The colt, seemingly amused by his response, replied: " I could say the same, myself." He turned his head in attempt to nip the person who was tightening his girth, but his handler corrected him with a few stern yanks of his lead rope.
    Cozmic One studied the colt, he was a sizable colt, though not as large as he. Also, like Cozmic One, he had a star clear upon his forehead Yet unlike Cozmic One, he also had two bold socks on his hind feet. He had a substantial amount of muscle and was incredibly well balanced; whoever this colt was, Cozmic One knew he was going to be a fierce competitor. "So....What's your name?" Cozmic One asked, after finishing a little bickering with his handler, the colt looked up "Who? Me?" He asked, then answered "Jess's Dream at your service! But you can just call me 'JD' for short. What's yours?" It was now Cozmic One's turn to be amused by the proud colt. Nodding his head to his name, Cozmic One replied: "My name is 'Cozmic One'. But you can just call me 'Coz'". The colt stared in thought for a moment "Coz, huh?" He paused, "Mind if I call you 'Ozzy'?". Cozmic One perked his ears in quizzical fashion "I..... Guess it won't hu--","Awesome! Fancy meetin' you Ozzy.", Cozmic One smiled; "Nice to meet you too, JD."
    Once the two were mounted and tacked, the colts were led out to the starting gate; the large, dirt path before them seemed so intimidating that, Cozmic One started pawing in anxiousness. Behind him, Jess's Dream surveyed the scenery, seemingly shocked as well at the sheer SCALE of the path. Cozmic One was then quickly stuffed into a tiny enclosure with his jockey, laying before the metal gate in front of him was the ominous dirt path. Cozmic One remembered his mothers' words "Do not go for first until you feel in your heart that the time is right". The whole world seemed to slow, he looked around him, this was his first race, which in of itself is the most significant race of his career. He turned to Jess's Dream, who winked and whispered "I'll let you win, but only by a nose!" The Prince was a bit shocked at this curious young colts' generous offer; though he doubted it to be true.
    Suddenly: a bell rang, and the gates flew open! The horses galloped off and pure chaos ensued, all Cozmic One could hear was the tremendous sound of thundering hooves.... Dirt filled his lungs as the heavy afternoon sun beat down upon him.... He went around, one, two turns, his mother had told him...The time was now right. He felt the mighty sting of a whip on his thigh and he galloped faster, the jockey maneuvered him to the outside on the next turn. Cozmic One then saw a vast opening before him and went for it, galloping even faster.... And passing all the horses like a wild breeze. He could feel the wind in his mane and the earth under his feet, as he was passing all the other horses he felt a the crisp breath of pure freedom. The whole world seemed to disappear and all he wanted to do was run. He galloped even faster, not even taking notice of another horse, appearing within the stampede.
    He was first, and felt brilliant, He felt born to do what he was doing, he looked to his right and saw Jess's Dream galloping by his side. He too looked like he was having the time of his life, "Havin' fun yet?!" He called above the thundering noise to Cozmic One, Cozmic One laughed jubilantly. Jess's Dream looked ahead of himself and slowed down a notch, despite the clear protesting of his jockey. Then Cozmic One himself felt his reins tighten and he slowed down to a moderate canter.
    His handler hooked his lead rope on him and he headed to a circular area; all the pets Cozmic One had ever known, gathered around him and smiled joyfully. He saw many a flashing light, and stood as tall as he could, perking his ears to investigate the strange lights before him. He really didn't know what was going on "Did I win? Did I lose?" His jockey dismounted and removed his tack.
    When Cozmic One was taken to be given a bath; the cool, rippling water did wonders for his now aching muscles. The massive, dark colt bobbed his head in relaxation as water trickled down and steam rolled off of him. He then heard a loud "Hey!" Come from next to him. He shot his head up and looked next to him, Jess's Dream was also getting a bath "What did I tell you?" He asked triumphantly, Confused, Cozmic One asked "Tell me what?", King Alexander smiled " I'm a horse of my word. You won....By a nose".

    Little did these two champions know they would meet each other in other, bigger races, and with each race would form an even stronger bond of friendship. However, in each of those races, each time they raced together, The Prince always won......By a nose.

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  • Chapter 2: The Derby

    [1 year later]

    "Alright, Coz my man!" Heard Cozmic One from his groom as Cozmic One awoke from a beauty nap. He gazed up at his groom lazily, then slowly got up and shook himself clean of hay. He walked over to his handler, "Today is going to be a BIG day Coz!" Cozmic One could sense anxiety in the atmosphere. By now he had met world records and borken them all, won every race he was in..... So what was this.... Tension in the air? His groom went into his stall and put his polished leather halter on; which had a gold plaque read "Cozmic One" in bold, delicately carved letters. He walked out of his stall to be groomed and prepped for the day ahead, and before long: Cozmic One's dark chocolate coat was as slick as glass and glimmered like a clear mountain brook. He was then lead out of the barn and out for his morning exercise.
    He still could not ignore the unusual tension and anxiety.... And it made him uneasy. Cozmic One had thought something big was going to happen, as he had been training more rigorously and intensely than he'd ever done before. Later in the day, Cozmic One was led to his trailer but backed as soon as he got near it: hordes of flashing lights and pets gathered around him. Cozmic One reared, "What is going on?" He asked aloud. His groom calmed him down, petting him reassuringly, and so Cozmic One proceeded, if somewhat hesitently, into the trailer.
    He actually enjoyed being in the trailer, through the windows on the sides of the trailer he could watch the world fly by. Blurring scenery of green grass and towns passed like a dream, as he often did the horses and crowds at the races he participated in. Different scents filled his nose as well, the smell of lush fields and aromas drifting from pet eateries. He also enjoyed the excitement of never knowing which race he was going to next, and if his long time friend; Jess's Dream, would be there.
    He entered an unfamilier place, with familier smells, but unfamilier all the same. He exited the trailer and was met by a spectacular sight. Giant spires that seemed MILES high greeted him accross a field of flowers. Large crowds gathered around with signs and memorabilia bearing his silks, his name, his image; or all three. He assumed a photogenic pose as cameras flashed and news stations chattered away in front of live video cameras. He was led closer to this magnificent structure and brought inside to the racing stables, he was led to the 4th stall, in the 5th stall; he saw Jess's Dream. "Heey! How are you?" Cozmic One greeted his friend as if they'd never separated. Like Cozmic One, Jess's Dream had made a name for himself, beating everyone he faced except Jess's Dream himself; and, of course, that was always on purpose.
    "Some place, huh?" Jess's Dream remarked, Cozmic One snorted in agreement "I know, right? what is this place anyway?" Jess's Dream shook his head "I don't know, I DO know somethin' though: never in my life have I seen so many pets make kissy faces at me than today.", Jess's Dream curled his upper lip and stretched his neck in mock of the facial expressions he had witnessed. Cozmic One laughed "Seems like you're having as good a time as ever, say; haven't you noticed the odd tension in the pets around here?" Jess's Dream stopped mocking and breathed a deep sigh "Yeah.... My bet is somethin' big is about to go down." Cozmic One nodded in silent agreement "Well, better get some rest, whatever's up this week will need it." Cozmic One smiled friendly at Jess's Dream "You should too" He said, Jess's Dream smiled back "True, I am tryin' to give you a hard time after all".
    Both colts were given dinner and they both fell asleep.
    Almost a week later; they both woke up to breakfast of oats and grains, as had been routine in the past week. The Prince felt a substantial amount of tension now, today was something big, something historical.....

    Cozmic One was right, for today was the day of the Kentucky Derby; first of the Triple Crown series. His pets knew what this meant, and he could tell. While waiting in their stalls, Cozmic One and Jess's Dream delved into wonderful conversation: things like the best oats, past races, and fillies were just some of the topics they happily discussed together. As well as more sensitive topics like what lay ahead of them today, and what all the fuss and tension was about.
    "Guess this is an important race, and we thought that the Wood--something race was busy! I've never seen anything like this..." Cozmic One remarked, Jess's Dream nodded. Jess's Dream's groom arrived at his stall and opened the stall door, leading Jess's Dream out of his stall, Cozmic One's groom soon followed.
    Cozmic One and Jess's Dream soon found themselves within a large precession of horses: each horse surrounded by its' pets. Before them, a massive crowd roared as the ominous spires loomed over the entire scene..... Their boughs enhancing the roar of noise into a massive thunderclap of sound.
    "What on earth is THIS all about?" Cozmic One asked Jess's Dream, who was in front of him; "Lordy if I know, bro!" He yelled over the noise. Cozmic One had never seen or experienced such grandeur and attention in his life: what was going on? What was happening? This seemed like a race but on a much, MUCH larger scale.
    Cozmic One continued to ponder this as he, and Jess's Dream were led to the paddock to be prepped for the race. Even in the shade the afternoon sun was formidable, the heat filled every corner of every space: suffocating all on the track. Cozmic One imagined it to be like being inside the one of the pets' strange wheeled grumbling beasts. The tightened girth around his belly didn't make things any more comfortable for Cozmic One-- even less so when the Jockey got on him.
    Cozmic One was led by his groom out to the track. Cozmic One was awestruck, gargantuan crowds filled the massive bleachers of this grand track. Jess's Dream was in front of him, the massive scene was such that he startled! Jumping back a little bit. The Prince laughed, "You nervous?" He asked ironically. Jess's Dream glanced behind him, he cocked his ear back "Hah, you wish!" Cozmic One laughed. Even though he himself was actually nervous.
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    He was taken by a lead pony to the starting gate, for the first time, the question had crossed his mind "Will I actually, seriously lose?" As he stared, gawking, at the track before him. He loaded into the starting gate with the elegance and poise of a practiced pro, he glanced anxiously next to him at Jess's Dream, "Don't worry, you'll do fine." He assured him, Cozmic One laughed weakly... Then looked towards the track. He remembered all the maneuvers and queues he had learned over his star-studded career.
    His heart pace quickened.... And in a split second the bell rang and the gates flew open! The other horses were faster then he had anticipated, he galloped off after them and caught up in a matter of seconds. As he ran, he thought to himself: "These horses were in a different legue!" They were faster, stronger, and had more stamina than the previous horses he had faced. The sun beat down like the galloping hooves of the horses, the crowd roared as he passed them by, he had never had to work this hard to keep up with a group.
    He went around one, two, three turns, but he did not stop. His Jockey had not given him the "go" yet; but never the less he knew he had to win. He galloped and galloped and his feet began to ache, his muscles to sting, and his heart to pound heavily. Dust irritated his eyes and filled his nose, he started coughing "You okay?" He heard from behind him. He had been focusing so much on getting to the finish point that he hadn't noticed that he was now in first place! Jess's Dream appeared next to him "Are you okay?" He yelled. Cozmic One coughed one more time "I'm fine.", Jess's Dream laughed, obviously having the time of his life, "Just do this like usual." he said. He fell back by a nose and finally Cozmic One felt the tug of his reins, he slowed down and the crowd roared and cheered as his Jockey gave him a firm pat on the neck.
    He coughed up some of the dirt he had inhaled into his lungs and looked back behind himself. One of the horses had gotten hurt, his leg had broken and he was panicking frantically. "Sad deal right there." He heard Jess's Dream say as he approached him "Better hope that never happens to us.", Cozmic One nodded. " Now was that was some race, or what?!" Cozmic One exclaimed, Jess's Dream snorted "Easy for you t'say, you won!".
    Cozmic One stopped for a moment; he had forgotten everything. Suddenly he remembered that he was in a race, that he wanted to win; and he had.
    His groom led him to the winners circle; where a giant garland of tasty flowers was wrapped around his neck. Cozmic One could feel the TRUE enthusiasm of the crowd he stood tall and proud for a picture to be taken. His pets were given some trophies and they spoke about something. Their voices radiating through the entire place, just like the love of Cozmic One was radiating everywhere. Once he was finished in the winners circle, he was led off by his ever-tending groom, who patted and talked to him in a complimentary fashion.
    He was given a bath upon his return to his barn, and in the hot sun this felt like a dream. Jess's Dream came up to him, "Good job Ozzy!" He complimented, "Same to you, JD!" Cozmic One replied.
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    Chapter 2: Belmont [caution: contains sensitive material]

    Cozmic One stood silent in his trainer, but he did not gaze outside to simply see the world pass by. No, he was reflecting on his last race, the derby went fine.... But this time, he had quite a bit of a stumble at the starting gate but he still managed to win by a nose. He thought about it over and over, trying to find the reason he tripped; he finally came to the conclusion that he didn't take a long enough stride. He took note of this as he headed to his next race, waiting with anticipation about what was too come. He gazed out the window in deep thought, for some reason he felt today would be the last of the difficult races. If it was to be the last of these very long, difficult, challenging races he knew he needed to step up his game.
    His anxiousness rose as the setting sun lowered itself into the purple horizon. From the way he figured, the only way he could truly prepare for his upcoming race, was to have raced in the previous races. He breathed a deep sigh as he was driven off to his next race, and wondered how Jess's Dream felt on the matter, for he was undoubtedly going to be there as well.
    It was late evening when he arrived at his next race; he could see not but the massive sillhouette of a building before him. He was led to the racing stalls where he met the dozing Jess's Dream. Cozmic One tried to make himself as quiet as possible, then stuck his head outside his stall and yelled "HEY!!".
    Jess's Dream REARED and yelled in surprise! He then looked at Cozmic One, "Ozzy! You tryin' t'give me a heart attack?!" Cozmic One laughed maniacally at disturbing his best friends' goo rest. Then Jess's Dream laughed too "You jerk." He teased and gave Cozmic One a playful nip on the neck. When they stopped laughing, Cozmic One asked Jess's Dream about the upcoming race "You think this will be the last big race?" Suddenly, Jess's Dreams' mood darkened at this query.
    Cozmic One had never seen Jess's Dream so suddenly saddened by a simple question; Jess's Dream was generally one of those horses you could never keep down.... Something wasn't right. After a long pause, Cozmic One spoke "Hey, what's wrong, JD?". He seemed to break Jess's Dreams' train of thought, he gazed up at Cozmic One "It's nothin' bro.... Anyway. You had a pretty bad stumble in the last race, sure you can handle this one?" He smiled. Cozmic One smiled back "Doubting my skills now? Well we'll just see about that..." Jess's Dream let out an apathetic "Nah...." But trailed off. Cozmic One then added, "Hey, whatever happens. It'll all be fine in the end." Jess's Dream smiled hollowly and went back into his stall too sleep.
    Cozmic One found this unusual, when he asked about the upcoming race, Jess's Dream seemed to simply clam up. And there was an unusually dark, solemn air to his usually zesty, witty, light attitude. Cozmic One didn't ask him about it though, however; if there was anything he knew about Jess's Dream, he knew he didn't like to dwell much on depressing topics. But he knew that something was up..... But also knew that Jess's Dream probably would feel better with some more rest. Cozmic One went back in his stall and fell asleep as well, dreaming of the race that would await him in the future.
  • Great read RR12! By the way, I wonder if the "ever attending groom" is Mario as you didn't mention his name earlier. I hope it's Mario! I like how you refer to the humans as "pets". LOL! Also...I hope nothing is wrong with JD.

    I will just shut my mouth right now...I might spoil your plot. :o(
  • He woke up the next day and ate his breakfast, and saw within it: a treat! Two plump red apples lay in his bucket. Cozmic One quickly took one and stuck his head outside his stall too greet Jess's Dream.....Who wasn't there. Cozmic One KNEW that something was wrong now, Jess's Dream loved food more than he loved the thrill of the race; and always woke up early before breakfast. Cozmic One called into his stall "Hey...JD...JD!" He then heard some rustling of hay within the stall and a very disoriented Jess's Dream poked his head outside, covered in hay.
    "Hmm? What? What'd I miss?" He asked, Cozmic One looked around, it was a bright, sunny day "Other than breakfast, nothing really." He said; tossing the apple in his mouth to Jess's Dream, who promptly caught it. Jess's Dream shook the hay off himself and put his head back in his stall too eat. Once he was done eating, he finally began talking to Cozmic One "Y'know, you should be at the races I'm in more often, always gets so dang boring without you.".
    Cozmic One cocked an ear back "Really? How so?", Jess's Dream looked up at him in utter disbelief "What do you mean 'how so?'? You's the only horse out there who's able to give me a challenge!" Cozmic One smiled, glad too see that Jess's Dream was apparently back to being his normal self "Aw, come on, I'm sure there's some horse out there who's better", Jess's Dream chuckled "Perhaps, if there is we'll probably see them on the track.".
    As the week drew on, however, Cozmic One noticed more and more a negative change in his friend: he was groggier, less energetic.... Even cranky and snappy towards Cozmic One. And as race day drew near, Jess's Dream got worse.
    When race day finally arrived: Jess's Dream and Cozmic One were led out in a long precession into the paddocks and, once again, massive crowds greeted him as in the previous two races they'd participated in. He assumed a photogenic posture and walked along the paddock too be tacked up, Jess's Dream followed in silence. As he and Jess's Dream got tacked up, he once again asked Jess's Dream about the race, this time King Alexander answered with a sharp "Mind y'own dang business!".
    Cozmic One backed from him a bit "I was just asking a question. Jeez."
    Jess's Dream glared at him, then shrewdly replied "I'm sure it'll all be fine." Though, seemingly, unconvinced himself.
    As he was taken by his lead pony out onto the track, he was greeted by the largest racetrack he had seen yet: It seemed to stretch forever down from where he stood! Cozmic One gawked as he was being led to the starting gate. Upon arrival, he loaded into the starting gate.... Preparing himself as much as he could for the interminable track before him.
    He looked to his side at Jess's Dream, who didn't look back-- he seemed daunted by the massive track as well. Cozmic One then faced forward, the whole world seemed to stop, all he could hear was his own breath, this could be the race that would determine the winner.....

    He felt a sudden change of tension in the air, he poised himself for the race....The bell rang! The gates flew open and Cozmic One LUNGED himself out of the gate, he ran and ran and the only thing he could think of was getting to first and staying in first. All sense of tactic and direction went out the window; he ran and ran and ran past the horses and the crowd cheered him onward. His jockey tried to slow him down.... But all he could think about, all he wanted to do was win. He then heard his Jockey try to calm him down.... But he didn't listen.
    A sudden, terrible gasp emitted from the crowd and rippled throughout the track. But Cozmic One simply ran, all he could do was run, his muscles burned, sweat poured down his body, his lungs and throat sore with exhaustion, the afternoon sun cooking him like an oven....But he had to run, he had too win; he didn't know why but he had too; but that he had too. The wind was sharp in his eyes and whipped his mane furiously, his legs burned and his hooves stung.....Run.
  • This was all Cozmic One could think: run. Suddenly, his reins tightened and he slowed down; he wheezed as he tried to take catch his breath. He looked around, the crowd was hushed and tense... This was unusual, for he was usually greeted by the large amount of cheers. Cozmic One noticed everyone was looking in one direction..... He faced towards it.
    His blood froze. Jess's Dream was still on the track; but he was frantic and favoring a bloodied front left leg, his Jockey was on the ground, trying to calm him down; Cozmic One didn't think another moment. "JESS!!!" He screamed, rearing, his jockey was THROWN off and he galloped as fast as he could to his best friends' side. Jess's Dream's Jockey leaped out of the way of the stampeding colt, Cozmic One went up to Jess's Dream "JD? JD, what's wrong?" Jess's Dream struggled to talk, "My leg..... I busted my leg..." He heaved in painful breaths. Cozmic One took a look at his friends' leg, and his stomach turned. It was covered in blood, and bones stuck out from his ankle that dangled tenderly from his leg. He didn't know what to do, Jess's Dream screamed in pain, having trouble standing. Then, Cozmic One did something that would be marked in the history books forever: he went too Jess's Dreams' side "Hook your neck around mine and lean on me!" He told him. Jess's Dream looked at him skeptically "Just do as I say! I know what I'm doing...", Jess's Dream then tentatively hooked his neck around Cozmic Ones'.
    He leaned on his friend, who helped him balance the weight he'd otherwise have on his front foot. The crowd cheered louder than Jess's Dream had ever heard them cheer before. He heard Jess's Dream say something, "What?" Cozmic One asked, Jess's Dream repeated himself as boldly as he could "I hope I don't end up like Barbaro." He said. Cozmic One was puzzled, and wondered if Jess's Dream was losing too much blood, "Who are they?" He asked, Jess's Dream took in a deep, struggling breath "The..... Pets said he.... Died of a broken leg...." .
    Cozmic One was shocked in horror at his comment "Don't say that! You're my best friend.....And you're strong! You won't go down so easily. Just stay with me Jess, you have too." Cozmic One paused, then a sudden thought occurred too him "JD....You can understand the pets' language?" Jess's Dream laughed weakly "Surprise" he exclaimed quietly.
    A moving box with a red cross arrived, and a whole bunch of men opened its' doors, they walked over to Jess's Dream and put some sort of thing on his leg. Cozmic One helped him over to the trailer, but Jess's Dream could not get in it. He tried and tried again but he couldn't get inside.
    "I can't..... I can't get in it..." Jess's Dream moaned, Cozmic One, who'd been separated from him.... Came to Jess's Dream's side. "What do you mean 'can't get in'?" He said, worried. Jess's Dream heaved painfully; "I can't. It hurts too much.....", Cozmic One looked at him sternly: "You are GOING to get in there!" He said commandingly. Jess's Dream looked at him pitifully, "I can't. I can't get in the van.".
    Cozmic One glared: "Yes. You. ARE." And went to Jess's Dreams' side..... He had Jess's Dream hook his neck around his and, using every ounce of strength he had left.... Lifted himself up on the trailer and lifted Jess's Dreams' front body into the box with him. "Thanks..... Ozzy, I think I can.... Take it from here" Jess's Dream told him, he was helped by the pets to get his haunches into the box. The doors closed, and that would turn out to be the last time Cozmic One saw the great Jess's Dream.
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    His Jockey walked over to him as he watched the box move away into the distance, its' siren whining sorrowfully as painfully as Cozmic One felt. His Jockey petted him gently and kept telling him about something.... But he couldn't understand him. He walked into the winner's circle for a picture, and received a garland of flowers once more..... As in the previous two races he had won with Jess's Dream by his side. He felt empty, cold..... He couldn't believe what had just happened. He turned and looked at the flowers: but felt no joy from them. The crowd cheered..... But he felt no life from their voices. He went back to the barn to get bathed, where his groom washed off the blood of Jess's Dream from his side: the blood of a champion.... The blood of a friend.
    All Cozmic One could do was gaze at the empty spot next too him....Where there should have been a proud, rich chocolate colt looking back.
  • Well that took a tragic turn for the worse
  • [3 years later]

    Cozmic woke up in his large, comfortable stall after dreaming of the days of the Triple Crown. He was the first Triple Crown winner in many years, and his pets were very proud of it.... But he would remember it differently. After his Triple Crown win and a few more years of racing, he was retired. He never once forgot his dear friend he lost that day-- in fact, having nothing to made him remember it all the more. His mood had changed as well, he became more solemn and silent. Outside his stall, many awards decorated his door, including the garland of flowers he received the day Jess's Dream disappeared. A gold plaque read "Cozmic One: Bernardini x Zenyatta" Carved in fine letters on his stall door.
    He got up and shook the hay off his body and poked his head out the stall to be fed. He was greeted, however, not by food.... But the clopping of hooves. And not just any hooves: strong, confident steps with a more uneven beat than they had before.
    He saw a stallion walking into the barn: he was a sizable stallion, though not as sizable as he. He had a gleaming, rich-chocolate coat, with star boldly upon his forehead, and two bold white socks on his hind feet.
    He was conformationally perfect, and had a confident, sassy, yet light air about him....
    Cozmic One yelled, "JESS!!!" He called too him. The stallion looked up and started to do what Cozmic One assumed was a form of a crippled trot over to him. "Ozzy!" He heard him call back. Once Jess's Dream got to Cozmic Ones' stall, the nuzzled each other, overjoyed and nickering to see each other after what felt like an eternity. "JD! I thought you were dead!" Cozmic One exclaimed, Jess's Dream laughed "I'm a live and kickin' bro!!", they both laughed some more; playfully nickering.
    "I see that leg never fully healed..." Cozmic One said, looking at Jess's Dream's leg, Jess's Dream sighed "I can deal. Besides, I am now a stud muffin, don't need to be sound too be a sexy beast." He remarked, standing straight and tall as he could, trying too impress. Cozmic One laughed in amusement "Same here, Jess.".
    Jess's Dream stopped posing as he was being put in the stall next to Cozmic One; once inside, he stuck his head out: "So did you end up winning that race, back then?", Cozmic One gazed thoughtfully at the ceiling, "Yeah, I did, it really didn't feel like a win though... I mean.... With you all bloody and battered and all...." Jess's Dream smiled "I understand. Tends to put a damper on things: that.".
    Cozmic One paused, and picked up by his mouth, the garland of flowers he won on the day Jess's Dream broke his leg. He then tossed it over Jess's Dreams' shoulders, "I think this belongs to you." He said. Jess's Dream looked at him in shock: "You're giving this to me? Dude. I don't even know what t'say.....", Cozmic One smiled, and remarked, "Well THAT'S a first.".
    "But you, my friend, have won the greatest triumph of us all."
  • A Snippet I made after the story:

    Whispers of excitement rippled through the eager crowd outside the barn. Cozmic One watched as Jess's Dreams' handler took him out of his stall, Cozmic One smiled "Let the show begin..." he murmured. Jess's Dream stood before the crowd, who "Ooed" and "Aahhed", and snapped pictures of the mighty Jess's Dream. Jess's Dream didn't particularly care for the frequent visits of crowds to rob him of his precious snack time, AND he found it quite dull.... However, King Alexander had made quite a sport of the spectacle. He strutted around limply: "Oh yes, look at me, I'm so pretty, so very handsome" He mocked sarcastically as the very same words emitted from the pets' very mouths. He would strut and perk his ears and try too look as impressive as possible, he would show off his shiny coat and bold socks. The only reason he did this was he found it invaluable for practice with impressing the "ladies" and found it amusing how the pets reacted to his posing and strutting. Cozmic One laughed, "I don't think you're showing off enough!" He teased; Jess's Dream looked behind him with a smirk "Oh really?" He replied, as if this was a challenge. Jess's Dream stood as straight as he could, perked up his ears; and let out a mighty whinny! The pets stared in awe, than clapped at the majestic spectacle before them, Cozmic One thought to himself "What a ham...." As he shook his head in amused disbelief.
    Jess's Dream was led back to his stall, once inside he poked his head out to talk with Cozmic One "Well? How'd I do?" He asked enthusiastically. With a chuckling sigh, and a slight pause, Cozmic One answered "You did fine." Jess's Dream cheered a silent "Yeeeeeh!" And pawed the ground triumphantly.
    It was now Cozmic One's turn to be led before the awestruck crowd of people; once again, they "Ooed" and "Ahhed" and took his picture. A small girl walked up to him, he leaned his head down to sniff her and..... She kissed him on the nose! His head shot up and the girl backed up a little bit, he rubbed the spot where she had kissed him on his handler "Ew! Gross! It's wet, cold, and slimy!" Cozmic One could hear Jess's Dream burst out laughing behind him, while his handler jerked his head away from him. The whole crowd laughed as he was led back too his stall, once he was in his stall; Jess's Dream remarked "I believe you did a better job than me good Sir." The two laughed, there was something contagious about Jess's Dreams' laughter that could make even the most hardened of horses crack a smile.
    "JD." Cozmic One began, now serious, Jess's Dream stopped laughing "Yo." He responded bluntly. Cozmic One put his head back in his stall and poked his head back out his stall with a shinning, big red apple. "Hey! You saved one for me!", Cozmic One tossed it out of his mouth over to Jess's Dream, who promptly caught it within his. Cozmic One pulled out another apple from his stall "Hereth to a healphy, haphy liph" He said, "And beauthiful mareth." Added Jess's Dream jokingly, Cozmic One scoffed "And beauthiful mareth."
    They both then threw their apples in the air in unison, and chomped down on them as soon as they entered their mouths.
  • Thank you everyone for reading my story! And for you new readers out there: I hope you enjoyed it!
  • Thanks RR12! That was great! I really thought JD died in your story, and boy was I glad to see him back. :)
  • Love the story! :-)
  • Love the story and I might have missed it but where is the story about the Preakness?
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    awesome story, RR12! LOVED it!
  • Love the story and I might have missed it but where is the story about the Preakness?
    I never wrote one about the Preakness. This was simply a revision, not a rewrite, so in keeping with the story I did not add an extra chapter =)
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