Horse Players (A Betting Game)



  • Sugar Swirl: #2 Merry Meadow
    Harlan's Holiday: #8 Liam's Map
    Starlet: #4 Feathered
  • I love Pants

  • sarinnesarinne Member
    edited December 2014
    Sugar Swirl: #2 Merry Meadow
    Harlan's Holiday: #2 Csaba (was #8 Liam's Map )
    Starlet: #4 Feathered

    Oops, I didn't notice you'd picked the same horses as me, Bigherbie in studying in picks. I'll go ahead and change them now @Rachel sorry if this is a problem.
  • Sugar Swirl: #3 Wildcat Lily (half sister of Wildcat Red they have the same sire)
    Harlans Holiday: #4 Pants on Fire
    Starlet: #2 Don't Blame Me (I always loved this name for a foal between Zenyatta and Blame but they are too closely related so that won't ever happen)
  • Sarinne, no, please leave what you picked. Heck, I may never have another win, I do it for fun.
  • It's not a problem. You choose whatever horse you want. There are no rules for choosing the same horse
  • You are both so sweet. Bigherbie, it took me so long to do my picks, you had already posted yours when I put mine up and I didn't even know. Csaba is a great horse, I don't mind changing him for variation, but I'll keep the two girls the same. ;-) Liam's Map does have a VERY nice pedigree though! His dam was a great sprinter in her day. I will keep my eye out for the rest of her foals.
  • What is timeline for entering?
  • Timeline is up until the horses enter the starting gate
  • RachelRachel Member
    edited December 2014
    There is a race on Sunday we are doing as well. Waiting for those entries to be posted.
  • When do you guys start each week?
  • We only do the weekend races. Usually races on Saturdays but will do Friday and Sunday if any are chosen for those days.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Sugar Swirl...#6...Ol Donyo
    Harlans Holiday....#3....Rose to Gold
    Starlet...#6....Take Charge Brandi...
  • Sugar Swirl: #4 R Free Roll
    Harlans Holiday: #4 Pants on Fire
    Starlet Stakes: #6 Take Charge Brandi

    King Glorious Stakes, Los Alamitos, Race 8, 7:00pm EST
    1. Kluszewski---R. Bejarano---117 Lbs---P. D'Amato
    2. Comanche Ruler---M. Pedroza---117 Lbs---A. Kitchingman
    3. Acceptance---E. Trujillo---121 Lbs---D. Warren
    4. Mischief Clem---K. Desormeaux---119 Lbs---R. Hess, Jr.
    5. P Club---F. Perez---115 Lbs---W. Solis
    6. Pulmarack---D. Van Dyke---117 Lbs---J. Hollendorfer

    **there is a coupled entry in the Remington Mile, Phenomenal Phoenix and Conbradulations. They are listed by entry# first--1 and 1A--with their post positions in parenthesis

    Remington Springboard Mile Stakes, Remington Park, Race 11, 7:30pm EST
    1. (PP 1) Phenomenal Phoenix---M. Berry---120 Lbs---D. Von Hemel-----12/1
    1A. (PP 9) Conbradulations---M. Berry---120 Lbs---W. Calhoun-----12/1
    2. Sky Full of Stars---J. Loveberry---120 Lbs---J. Caldwell-----20/1
    3. Bayerd---R. Santana, Jr.---120 Lbs---S. Asmussen-----5/2
    4. Hillbilly Style---J. Court---120 Lbs---D. Lukas-----15/1
    5. It'll Be Fine---C. Landeros---120 Lbs---K. McPeek-----20/1
    6. Super Stroke---D. Wood---120 Lbs---J. Caldwell-----30/1
    7. Runaway Bling---D. Williams---120 Lbs---D. Durham-----50/1
    8. Shotgun Kowboy---L. Quinonez---120 Lbs---C. Trout-----2/1
    9. (PP 10) Supermason---L. Wade---120 Lbs---W. Calhoun-----6/1
    10. (PP 11) High Noon Rider---J. Bravo---120 Lbs---G. Weaver-----3/1
  • Sugar Swirl: #3 Wildcat Lily
    Harlan's Holiday: #6 Schivarelli
    Starlet: #6 Take Charge Brandi
  • King Glorious #6 Pulmarak
    Springboard Mile #8 Shotgun Kowboy
  • Sugar Swirl: #5 Centrique
    Harlan's Holiday: #8 Liam's Map
    Starlet: #5 Majestic Presence
    King Glorious: #3 Acceptance
    Remington: #1A Conbradulations

  • Sugar Swirl: #2 Merry Meadow
    Harlan's Holiday: #2 Csaba
    Starlet: #4 Feathered
    King Glorious: #6 Pulmarack
    Springboard Mile: #9 Supermason
  • Sunday:

    King Glorious: #4 Mischief Clem
    Springboard Mile: #8 Shotgun Kowboy
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    King Glorious....#6...Pulmarack
    Remington Springboard....#10(PP11)...High Noon Rider
  • Sunday

    King Glorious: #3 Acceptance
    Remington Springboard: #8 Shotgun Kowboy
  • Results of the Sugar Swirl

    1) Merry Meadow 7.20 3.80 3.20= 14.20
    2) Wildcat Lily 12.40 9.80= 22.20
    3) Ol Donyo 4.60

    CC1121 22.20*****
    Bigherbie 14.20
    Sarinne 14.20
    Carol 4.60
    Horselover 4.60
  • Results of the Harlans Holiday

    1) Liams Map 4.20 2.80 2.20= 9.20
    2) Valid 4.20 2.40= 6.60
    3) Pants On Fire 2.20

    Me 2.20
    Bigherbie 9.20
    CC1121 2.20
    JanD 2.20
    Crdolce 9.20

    CC1121 24.40*****
    Bigherbie 23.24
    Sarinne 14.20
    Crdolce 9.20
    Carol 4.60
    Horselover 4.60
    JanD 2.20
    Me 2.20
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