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Anyone know how Lentenor did in his race Saturday? Can't find any information about it.


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    Colonial Downs Race 5 June 16
    Da Hoss Stakes
    Lentenor was 5th
  • I was at Colonial yesterday (mostly because of Lentenor.) I have to say he is sensational looking. He'll get em next time.
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    @RoxanneLynn. Thank you for this information. Lentenor will do better next time. Glad to hear that he was looking well. We will have to keep track of him as a son of Big D. I love Big D.
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    Brother Margano was 4th in his race....also a very good looking boy
  • Thanks, all, for the info. I have been trying to follow all the "Barbaro brothers", but sometimes info is hard to find. All of them are just beautiful, but I did read somewhere this week-end, that Nicanor seems to have lost interest in racing. Don't know if that is true, but maybe he will be retired to stud if that is the case. The Jacksons have seemed to have given him every chance for a great racing career. Just shows again, that you may only have one "Barbaro" in a lifetime, and mightly lucky if you have had even "one".
  • Connie, if you want to follow the Brothers or any other horse, go to Equibase and set up a Virtual Stable. It's free. You can follow horses, jockeys, and/or trainers. You get workout results (for horses), entries, race day notifications, and race results.
  • Not sure how I'd feel about Nicanor being retired to stud. Generally speaking, I think stallions should be better race horses than he's been. He'd be a regional sire at best, at least to start. OTOH, I suppose he could turn out to be a Freud or even a Malibu Moon.
  • On Blogger.com Greg Jones writes a blog about the Family of Barbaro and he usually has updates on the races on how they're training, upcoming races, results and the best part - lots of photos. He's a dedicated FOB and the blog is a good way to keep up with Nicanor, Lentenor and Margano. I tried to copy/paste a link but my computer skills are sadly lacking. Hope that helps.
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    You can also go to Alex Brown Racing where there are on going posters about the Barbaro brothers. Also referred to as ABR. Greg also posts there.
  • lauraj_cincinnati is right, I get my Barbaro brother updates from Equibase so I know when they're running and how they did - best way to keep track (so to speak...).
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    I just signed up for virtual stable...very easy...going to add as I go...
    thank you for the suggestion...did not take long for me to figure out...
    and i am electronically challenged
  • Thanks for the suggestios, guys. I did sign up for the Virtual Stable, and I already belong to Alex Browns Racing blog. Maybe now I can keep up better.
  • Greg Jones has a great family of barbaro blogspot with great pictures and Mill Ridge Farm has a lot on Barbaro's family with pictures as well. All the boys are stunning to look at. Mill Ridge also has photos of the newest brother who hasn't been named yet. Also, if anyone is interested and can do anything, a great rescue called Heart of Tucson rescued a son of Dynaformer a while back (sure ya'll have heard) named DynaKing and they always need help for him and all their rescues. Dynaking has really been fighting laminitis and just had stem cell therapy and is having ups and downs. I was happy to hear that Three Chimney's has even been helping with some auctions for him because of Dynaformer. So, if anyone can do anything, no matter how small, it would help. Thanks everyone!
  • Re: Heart of Tucson, Here Comes Frazier was just retired there. Here Comes Frazier suffered a bad spill last October at Keeneland, sending him and his jockey (Julien L) over the rail. Anyway, you can go to Heart of Tucson website and see him. He looks good. The rescue has a FB page also. Seems like a good place and Michael Blowen (Old Friends) is a "member", according to the website. I donated, not for HCF as I'm sure his owner provides for him, but for the others that are really "rescues". It seems they do good work.
  • I just saw one little comment on Lentenor's facebook that he was retired. I know Nicanor was retired, but does anyone know if Lentenor was retired, too?
  • Say whaaaaaaat?!?!
  • Say whaaaaaaat?!?!
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    i looked for any word on this and could not find it...Lentenor is part of my "stable" and i think he had a recent work...so will wait to see...
  • Huh? It wouldn't surprise me if Nicanor and or/Lentenor are retired, but I haven't seen any official notices that I can think of. Instead of going off to stud, I would love to see them head for new careers as show horses - jumpers or dressage - but I guess the big money is in the breeding whether or not they have shown talent at racing. It is sad these guys never performed to the level of Barbaro, but he was definitely one of a kind, a true champion.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    i heard Nicanor is in Florida somewhere.....Lentenor won at end of july and finished fourth in a race after that....i believe he is 5yr now...
  • It all makes me sad, though I know the brothers have good owners, but they kept changing trainers all the time and it feels like nobody really worked with them enough. Of course, we don't know the inside story. Perhaps they had big D's personality to a fault, but they are sure beautiful boys. I also saw Margano had been out recently with an injury. Wish we could hear more soon!
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    margano is only 3yr ...so he will probably be back...Dynaformer's are usually late bloomers....then there is the 1yr old....possibly named Sereno...
  • Thanks Carol, we can hopefully look forward to these two! I realize it's not realistic to expect another Barbaro, but I still look forward to seeing what they do.
  • Here is an news report confirming Lentenor has been retired due to a tendon injury. http://www.kentucky.com/2012/10/09/2365756/lentenor-barbaros-full-brother.html
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